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I made a really, really undignified noise just now, scrolling down my friendspage to read this on [ profile] crack_van: Pairing: Dick Winters/Lewis Nixon.

Speaking of things that give me glee and Winters/Nixon, I want to reccomend After Rain, a Band of Brothers vid which is just *beautiful*. [ profile] thefourthvine recced it as part of her happy-making post, and it is. I've watched it a few times now and each time, by the end, I'm just sitting there smiling. Even the song (which is wonderful) makes me smile. Go, request the password and *see it*.

Also, my torrent of Much Ado About Nothing finished downloading; it is still hilarious and remains my favourite of the Shakespeare Re-Told stories. It's also my favourite play of the one's down, but that's neither here nor there. Macbeth is really the best executed of the four, but I don't know. There's just something so *appealing* about Much Ado.... It doesn't hurt that Sarah Parish, Damian Lewis and Billie Piper are all made from awesome and pretty.

And now, I am going to go pack some more and maybe panic about my finacial state just for a change!
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So, screw this, I am going back to Stargate: Atlantis and due South, I need fandoms which can grant me happy endings, dammit, because while As You Walk Away may be the best stories I've read in a while, the ending leaves me all achey and emo. I believe I have spoken - and probably at length - about my issues with things ending. Band of Brothers itself does this to me; I'm happy the war ended, but then they all split up! And go home alone! And it makes me sad! And When You Walk Away does much the same, even as it is gorgeous and hot and very, very Nix and Dick (Nix is so *broken*) as they try to figure out what there is between them.

And it's long, hurra!

(and now, seriously - due South)

In other news, my period came today, and for once there was much rejoicing, as this means I will not be on my period on the 16th. The world clearly loves me, also evidenced by the awesome evening I had last night hanging out with friends from the ex-pat community my family were a part of in England. Including Lisa, who I hadn't spoken to in, oh, seven years, maybe? It's weird, but we still had lots to talk about - even beyond the obvious reminicises. I approve highly! (Even though I had to drive my family home and I really don't like driving with others in the car that much. Or driving when there's next to no traffic - I like having people to follow!)

Apart from that, four days until I see Gemma and I'm getting nervous. Excited, of course, I can't wait, it feels like I've forgotten everything, the way she sounds, the way she looks, the way she tastes and all I'm left with is this ache of missing her and missing the knowledge of her - but also nervous. I can't explain it, it just is.

Still. Four days - and I'm back in England, too, I've missed just *being* in Leicester.
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I am currently reading Thanks for the Memories: Sex, Love and World War II, which among other things has this quote:

The well-regulated, clean Honlulu brothel distric was[...]"the best little red-light district in the U.S."

Aw, Honolulu: the little red-light district that could!

In other news, Sofie remains as awesome as ever; we watched and cried our way through the rest of Band of Brothers yesterday, watched a lot of the extra material (Ron Livingston is surprisingly funny; Ross McCall is surprisingly British; Damian Lewis is *also* surprisingly competent; guy-who-plays-Buck-Compton is hilarious; Tom Hanks is made from WIN!) and finally concluded the following: Ron Livingston is hot. Damian Lewis is very, very purdy. It is true. This made Sofie and I crack up repeatedly yesterday. In public. And then we had inappropriate conversations. In public. There is no bad here! (These conversations may have included discussions of "Jesus Will Fill Every Hole!" teeshirts and kinky Mounties threesomes. Sofie is awesome.)

We also watched Eddie. Hilda, Hilda, get me a map of everything!

sooper-sekrit message for Sofie: the fic is Leave-Taking - makes Crossroads *better*, I promise!
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So, yesterday I went to see the always lovely and brilliant (as well as pointy and perfect!)[ profile] lattara and, being a giving and sharing type person, I introduced her to the brilliance that is Band of Brothers (apparently her brother's been trying to get her interested in the show for a while now. Clearly, I know how to sell things!) and she was naturally hooked. As I've said before, the show is *excellent* - it is possibly the best depiction of the Second World War in any media (okay, except for The Book Thief, but that's *different*); it's well acted, the cinematography is brilliant and you can't *help* love these men. Particularly because it's ten hours long and best watched in bulk.

Anyway, there is a natural consequence of this, which is that she's craving fic. And what kind of friend would I be if I didn't provide?

First, a few general fandom things:
The 'Band of Brothers' overveiw at the crack_van - probably the best way to get a grasp of who's who in BoB, 'cause god knows the show itself isn't much help in that direction. Spoilers up to The Last Patrol

[ profile] likethesun2 also has a pic-spam up here which highlights the interpersonal relationships of the men and is also hilarious. Contains spoilers for all the episodes.

[ profile] skyearth85 has a giant list of all fic written in the fandom, spanning three LJ-entries here. If you have a day or two, go for it!

Apart from that, [ profile] crack_van has 13 recs for Band of Brothers with more incoming this month.

And [ profile] garnettrees explains the relationships of Easy in Easy Company Woke Up Gay!

(She also has a Illustrated BoB Story Book: Dick Winters Buys a Clue)

However, I have my own favourites (all Winters/Nixon, because I am a girl with an OTP), and since this is my LJ, I figure I'd rec 'em. Don't say I never do anything for you, Sofie!

Quit looking at me like that! )

Hope that hit the spot, Sofie! ♥ Have I mentioned that I love this fandom recently?
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I'm back! *cancans* China was hot, stuffy and awesome - I was particularly fond of Shanghai, though it's way too big (22 million people is not a city, it's a frickin' country.); compared to Beijing it's incredibly open and fun to wander around. Beijing is kind of sterile and far, far too touristy for my taste and also has really creepy government buildings (I mean that the buildings are creepy. The government dealings which go on inside the buildings might be creepy. And speaking of creepy: 1984 is now one of my favourite books and The Assualt on Reason is brilliant. Al Gore = such a geek). Shanghai also has a a street which is called The City of Book: a gorgeous, lovely street which includes a seven-storey Foreign Language Bookstore where I bought 9 books for just under 200 kr. YAY!

But the real place of awesome was Yangzhou, a scenic little backpacking town buried among mountains - we took a river boat to get there from Guilin, which is the biggest city near by. So fabulous, with lots of really cheap bars where I could sit and have a drink and read or write and just *relax* - something that was distinctly lacking in Beijing and Shanghai.

Anyway, for those interested, I have photos up here.

(is it obvious I'd run out of photos by the time we hit Shanghai?)

Meanwhile, I am now back! And have spent most of today raiding the internet for Band of Brothers fic (I went two weeks without, I think I'm entitled to a day of getting back in touch with my inner slasher) and feeling a little bit ill - post-trip exhaustion is a joy for all. But the Band of Brothers fic is helping. A lot. I may even crack out a rec post, though it probably won't be necessary since - praise the slash-gods - for once my timing is *perfect* and August on the [ profile] crack_van sees BOB as a small fandom. Again. YAY, 12 more recs with any luck.

man, August is going to be good. First Sofie in two days (SOFIE!) and then Gemma in 11 days (I HAVEN'T SEEN HER FOR OVER A MONTH. HELP. Seriously. Why does it keep getting worse?) and then, on the 31st, I move into my house. Seriously, guys. I'm pretty damn gleeful about August.

It's good to be back!
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I'm not sure if y'all already know this, but [ profile] cesperenza has PodFic. Including MVP which fills me with a warm squishy feeling because it is my second favourite thing in the SGA fandom (two episodes of the show, but damn I love the fandom!)

However, that's just a side note. Really, I am here to rec: There Must Be a Word by [ profile] garnettrees. Band of Brothers, Winters/Nixon, PG-13 (images of war, mostly). The short version of my reccomendation goes: Winters tries to find a word to describe what's going on between Nix and him. [ profile] garnettrees writes beautifully and the story flows really, really well, images following almost inevitably after each other.

The long rec )

If you couldn't be bothered to read the long (rather blathering) bit, the basic encapsulation goes: this story is better than porn. It makes me FLAIL, people.
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So. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. One word: awesome. )

It got me eight different kinds of giddy, anyway, and now I'm all excited for Deathly Hallows. I may have to buy it in the airport, because I NEED TO KNOW. I'd use this space to tell you about my spoiler policy, but I'm going to China for two weeks - I figure I'm pretty safe. Plus, if I do buy it in the airport, I'll have read it by the 23rd, anyway. My point being: not bothered. If anyone cares. *grins*

I'm actually getting pretty psyched about China now; I mean, I've always thought it was cool that I was going, but now I'm actually really looking forward to it. I guess I have to be close to something to get really excited about it (except for, like, seeing Sofie. And getting back to Gemma. Personal things, I get excited about way before I should.) Plus 15-hour-long plane ride! I like long trips far, far too much, but there's something so relaxing about them - here's 15 hours where there are no demands on my time. I can read, eat, sleep, walk around, listen to music and not feel the least bit guilty, or like I should be doing something else. Bliss. Even though it's bliss with very little leg room. I don't care! 15 hours of reading.

And tomorrow I'm over at Signe's to watch the last six episodes of Band of Brothers. You guys have no idea how much I've had to sit on my hands so I didn't download the damn episodes. I am not good with waiting, and I want to see the rest so bad. Like, yesterday. But instead I've been searching for World War II related books for my holiday. It's like indulging in Band of Brothers by proxy! Also, possibly nuts. But I am picking up Gravity's Rainbow from the library tomorrow, so some good did come out of it all! (And seeing the show! YES!)

Now I'm off to see if I can make crazy story of Doom (currently coasting at 15.000 words, oh god) work. At all.
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I currently in love with Homophony, an artwork series inspired by Band of Brothers. I just watched the first four episodes with Signe yesterday and unsurprisingly I am in love. World War II, the horror of war, and close-close male friendship? Yeah, like I'm not going to go for that. Incidentally, if you count Doctor Who icons as well, I have ten war-fandom-related icons. I. Err. Am not entirely sure what this means. But, back to Band of Brothers: it is actually amazing, and very much recommended - if nothing else, then for Winters and Nixon who are seriously married (they're the ones in my icon (key words: &I'll help you find your way home) and in the art pieces.

The art also makes me ache for Gemma. It seems even breathing makes me miss her. Dammit, where is Sofie when I need her? (Answer: the continent)

Word count for today: 1,564 today, 8,256 in all.

On my way out to see Harry Potter and then to see "Rigtige Mænd" with my Dad!


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