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I have a truly stupid amount of love for Shadowlands. On one hand, it does deal with many of my favourite themes: English literature, Oxford, repressed longing, Anthony Hopkins being English and repressed1 - it even deals with religion. On the other hand, I don't even like C.S. Lewis that much (okay, lies, I don't want to like C.S.Lewis that much, because of the Susan issue and because, well, I want to think that he and Oxford and Anthony Hopkins are overrated) and it's a Richard Attenborough film2. Also, it seems to imply that to truly love someone, you or they have to die, a theme I normally resent.

And yet, it doesn't even matter what all my other issues are, because that scene where Jack realizes that he loves her and cries in the church makes me cry. I just - I can't even tell you why that scene is so important to me, why it still makes me cry even though I've seen it at least five times now, but it's beautiful. Paired with the marriage scene (oh, my!), it pretty much is all I need in a love story. That, and apparently, middle-aged people.

Which, incidentally, brings me to a question: do you have a preference for a certain age group in your love stories? I'm kind of curious.

[Poll #1391000]

In other news, as of today, I'm 411/7000, and I have a massive friend!crush on Sarah Vowell, and you should too:

1. See also: Remains of the Day (also, read the book!) and 84 Charing Cross (see previous aside)
2. Look, I realize his Oh! What a Lovely War is a good film, but it kind of broke the point of the play (see also: the film version of Regeneration).
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Tougher than the Rest from the Bruce Springsteen concert in Barcelona. Which I was at - if you listen carefully, you can hear me squeeing madly in the background.

The concert was awesome - not as good as the one I went to in December, by virtue of being bigger, open air, and also by virtue of being in the seated area all the way on the other side of the stadium. But it was amazing, and one of the things I love about the E-Street Band is how their energy reaches across the damn stadium, so it doesn't matter as much that you're about a kilometre away - you're still part of concert. And it was damned fun, yelling lyrics and dancing like a lunatic and trying to recognize the songs by their opening bars. And Patti was there this time, which was very cool - she looked gorgeous. Oh, and all the little Springsteens came out at the end!

Also! They played This Hard Land as per an audience request, which surprised me and thrilled me - gay cowboy song! Yay! Also, one of their encores was Bobby Jean, which is possibly my fourth or fifth favourite song and is a pair, in my mind, with No Surrender which I heard in December, so it felt all book-endy. YAY! Also, man, Youngstown is pure awesome live. It's so damn angry!

They also did Mary's Place which is the best song ever live and was nine minutes of pure, pure happiness. I can't even explain it, but the whole song just made me so happy, I thought I might cry right there. Which would have been an experience in itself. This recording from The Rising Tour gives you some impression of the song, but it's not like being there - it's not like being amid 75000 people who are suddenly very, very quiet.

I also had a fun conversation with a French woman about how it's impossible to talk about Bruce Springsteen concerts without resorting to clichés. It was magical! It was religious! It was like a revival!

Man, I can't wait for the tour dvd.
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1. Exams are done! DONE! No more medieval literature ever, no more restoration, DONE.

1a. Sir Thomas More > everything. sort of.

2. Tonight I am going pretty myself up, put on a dress and take my girlfriend out for steak and wine. Freedom!

2a. And tomorrow, Bean and I are going to get our hair cut short and girly. Yay! This time tomorrow I may even have a fringe. Which I haven't had in two years. That should be exciting!

3. Currently barreling my way through Olli and Christian's story on youtube. Because if Hollyoaks insists on giving Kieron and John Paul another month long break, I need to get my kicks elsewhere (SEND HELP! SEND HELP NOW! THIS SOAP OPERA THING CANNOT POSSIBLY BE HEALTHY) Also This is ridiculously hot and the playlist feature on Youtube is pure, distracting evil.

3a. Oh, German, how are you so silly?

4. Michael Chabon, you guys! He's all pretentious and wordy and I'm kind of madly, madly in love with The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, but particularly Sam, who's all kinds of messed up and repressed and doesn't recognize all the conflicting impulses he has and I just. HEART. It's just so, so good and I'm only 200 pages in.

5. Did I mention the FREEDOM?
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1. So, yesterday I may have shrieked 'IN A CONFESSIONAL' loud enough for everyone in my house to hear me.

But, really - talk about ticking ALL my boxes. The confessional scene! The awkward no-we're-not-having-a-personal-conversation-in-public conversation! "I've never wanted anything so much"! Also, hello Kieron's collarbone! And hi, the kiss at the end? BOYS! GAH!

(I'm totally ignoring the first conversation they have, because it's silly. Very silly.)

2. Yesterday I went out, got drunk and had fake lesbian interaction with my Bean and K from our course. T'was awesome and needs to be repeated. (Have I mentioned that I love my coursemates? And that Bean and I are possibly the weirdest people in the world? In a good way. And that I HAVE NO SHAME? It's not good. Except for the part where it is.)

3. Exams? What exams? *whistles*

3a. Essays? What essays?
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You guys, Juno makes me want to draw pink sparkly hearts on everything.

And possibly watch more movies curled up against Gemma, with friends throwing popcorn at us and my feet up on the seat in front of me.
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Q: Is there anything better than new books?

A: Time to read said new books, preferably with coffee, a blanket and Gemma.

In a fit of possibly Valentine's Day related madness, or possibly just plain madness, I bought myself Un Lun Dun which I've wanted for maybe six months now, and features sentient umbrellas and Cloud Atlas maybe possibly mostly for its cover and the way Gemma looked and me when she found it and said, 'you'll love this book.' (One does not doubt the Gemma when she makes these pronouncements. She is always right.) And then today, my books for uni arrived - Robinson Crusoe, Gulliver's Travels and Evelina, all for six pounds (yay for Penquin recyclables.)

Of course, I have to read Crusoe by Thursday, I still haven't really started my passage analysis (two pages of handwritten notes does not equal a coherent piece of work, self!) and the language part of my critical theory module is fascinating, but hardly something you can half-ass (if you look very closely, children, you can see the exact moment when trying to describe words using words makes Chris's head explode!) so I need to focus on that (and not think about Bahktin and The Realm of Possibility, because any analysis of that book will only end in tears) and I'm currently writing three things as well as trying to edit two stories.

This really should be more stressful than it is. Life really is kind of awesome.

Also, I watched Ratatouille with Gemma last night, and the ending is pure distilled joy in DVD form. I'm still all a-glee. Oh, Paris!
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In the oven are Bailey's flavoured brownies which I made while listening to the Beatles and am going to consume in my fuzzy pajamas while watching The West Wing. Hello, sweet, sweet therapy!

i'm on my period. i am so allowed to do this.
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I. I just want to squish their little faces. Seriously! How are they so ridiculously cute? "Spend Christmas with me!" Boys! BOYS! So cute!

(erhm. this is really an entirely silly thing to be watching when the Gem is, oh, in a different country)

(Also! What is with soap opera boys right now? YOU GUYS I DON'T NEED A FANDOM!)
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Guys, I'm beginning to believe that I am a) utterly predictable and b) quite a corrupting influence. Consider the following evidence:

1) Becca has written 22 pages of English department fic. It's worth noting that Becca is a good Christian and isn't even in fandom. I should probably be more ashamed of this than I am, really.

2) Yesterday, when Chris and Tom came back from their martial arts class, Tom was talking about these wrestling moves and using very suggestive language - but, and this is the important part, I didn't say anything at all, yet suddenly Chris goes, "No, Marie, there was nothing gay about it." And no one believed my protestations.

Have I mentioned that I love this year a whole lot?

Also, unrelated, but, if you scroll about half way down this page? Jon Stewart fanboying Bruce Springsteen on the Daily Show. It makes my heart happy.
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Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street are legends. I can't even beign to explain how awesome - almost in the original sense of the word - yesterday's concert was. There's just something about the energy, like you haven't lived until you've shouted tramps like us at the top of your lungs and still been unable to distinguish your voice from the rest of the crowd. Just, the entire atmosphere of the place was amazing. Particularly during Radio Nowhere, Badlands, Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out (LOVE!), >The Promised Land (seriously, amazing.) and Born to Run. I got shivers during the River though - it was beautiful, so beautiful, and the crowd response - quietly, quietly singing along and swaying. The same for Magic where the chanting of 'This is what will be' sounded almost religious as the crowd took up the murmur. And Bruce's face, light up against the dark stage in both those songs was amazing - he just *looks* like the music. It's hard to explain, but it's incredible.

And speaking of religious, the opening of Livin' in the Future (which is an amazing number anyway, and my favourite off the new album), where Bruce listed all that he saw as wrong with America had the crowd yelling in agreement - I swear, I heard more than one Amen among the crowd, it was electric. I think we would've bought anything he told us. Same goes for American Land, the finalé which is basically an anthem of immigrants and a codemnation of US treatment of immigrants.

Also, Bruce Springsteen speaking Danish is ridiculously adorable.

And, finally, as their second number, they played No Surrender and Steven kissed Bruce. I. Err. That was pretty awesome, too.

The Set-List )
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Today has been made from so much win, I can barely contain my glee. You know those days when you just feel good; your lectures are fun, one of your lecturers implies that you - by virtue of being gap-toothed - are lusty and lavicious and otherwise is basically Eddie Izzard teaching Chaucer, the other lecturer makes Milton funny and implies that God and Jesus created the Holy Spirit through MPreg, you suddenly seem to have acquired friends, you actually understand and are interested in what you're doing, there's a kitten in your final lecture, and you end the day with a twenty minute long chat with your very awesome Old English seminar tutor who is SUCH A KITTEN and has a mohawk and blushes when you say he's awesome?

Yeah. That would be my day. Becca and I induced giggling fits in each other twice, Gemma and I held hands through renaissance lit, my Old English tutor called me and Becca 'clever' and offered to be my honorary personal tutor and I may have had a brilliant flash of inspiration with regards to my renlit essay. And I bought Nicholas Royle and Andrew Bennett's introduction to criticism and theory in the 3rd edition, which is still the most amazing thing ever.

These are the days I live for.
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Yes I am. I had a crappy afternoon, but it is all okay because of the following things:

- Gemma
- A long, rambling and utterly weird conversation with two of the awesome people I live with
- Chaucer
- This piece of gorgeous, sexy meta about fandom being a queer, female space (yay!). This makes me want to grab a random fandom girl and just snuggle her (incidentally, it's in the folder of my bookmarks called [I want to make-out with fandom right now]. I thought you might like to know.)
- The Ratatouille soundtrack
- I might as well admit it - I'm a little in love with Luke/Noah. But look how adorable and angsty they are! 'I think about you all the time'! Puppies!
- I just made awesome veggie stir-fry
- I have Big Fish on DVD
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I always love when I'm not alone in my madness. Particularly when someone as cool as [ profile] trollprincess joins in the madness. Except now I'm craving fic (except what could be better than the story line, I ask you? Except smut? Maybe?) and possibly to actually be able to watch more than just YouTube clips. Except I'm already way, way too lame - I don't think adding 'soap-opera viewer' to my list of personality traits is going to help me any.

Except this story line is made of AWESOME. Woe.

You know what else is made of awesome? My new moodtheme, by [ profile] feelingalittle. Yay, Bruce! I particularly like the mood icon for touched, though, look at how cute they are. *squishes*

Also awesome? The fact that I am going to see Ratatouille tonight! I haven't been to see a proper animated film in ages upon ages - I can't even remember what the last one was. And I've been so disappointed lately, and I've missed it - missed the glee I get out of it, so I'm both excited and worried it's not going to be any good. And a little ashamed of being such a huge, huge dork about it.

Still awesome also is Natalie and Dana's friendship on Sports Night. My girls!

Now, if you'll excuse me, this room isn't going to hoover itself.
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I am currently cuddled up in bed, listening to classical music and reading The Passion of St. Edmund in Old English while sipping warmed cranberry juice with honey.

I feel like I should be wearing tweed or something.
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Have gone to England. Will be back on the 21st.

Please leave a message after the beep.
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I made a really, really undignified noise just now, scrolling down my friendspage to read this on [ profile] crack_van: Pairing: Dick Winters/Lewis Nixon.

Speaking of things that give me glee and Winters/Nixon, I want to reccomend After Rain, a Band of Brothers vid which is just *beautiful*. [ profile] thefourthvine recced it as part of her happy-making post, and it is. I've watched it a few times now and each time, by the end, I'm just sitting there smiling. Even the song (which is wonderful) makes me smile. Go, request the password and *see it*.

Also, my torrent of Much Ado About Nothing finished downloading; it is still hilarious and remains my favourite of the Shakespeare Re-Told stories. It's also my favourite play of the one's down, but that's neither here nor there. Macbeth is really the best executed of the four, but I don't know. There's just something so *appealing* about Much Ado.... It doesn't hurt that Sarah Parish, Damian Lewis and Billie Piper are all made from awesome and pretty.

And now, I am going to go pack some more and maybe panic about my finacial state just for a change!
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I am currently reading Thanks for the Memories: Sex, Love and World War II, which among other things has this quote:

The well-regulated, clean Honlulu brothel distric was[...]"the best little red-light district in the U.S."

Aw, Honolulu: the little red-light district that could!

In other news, Sofie remains as awesome as ever; we watched and cried our way through the rest of Band of Brothers yesterday, watched a lot of the extra material (Ron Livingston is surprisingly funny; Ross McCall is surprisingly British; Damian Lewis is *also* surprisingly competent; guy-who-plays-Buck-Compton is hilarious; Tom Hanks is made from WIN!) and finally concluded the following: Ron Livingston is hot. Damian Lewis is very, very purdy. It is true. This made Sofie and I crack up repeatedly yesterday. In public. And then we had inappropriate conversations. In public. There is no bad here! (These conversations may have included discussions of "Jesus Will Fill Every Hole!" teeshirts and kinky Mounties threesomes. Sofie is awesome.)

We also watched Eddie. Hilda, Hilda, get me a map of everything!

sooper-sekrit message for Sofie: the fic is Leave-Taking - makes Crossroads *better*, I promise!
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I AM FREE! Granted, my history examination sucked so much I could've hired it out as a hooker and made good money, but it doesn't matter because I AM DONE. And, with any luck, I've scored the 40% which will insure that I never take another history class in my life ever.

This deserves a dance or eight.

Also, my birthday was awesome, which I'm very squeeful about, and I am currently experiencing amounts of GLEE that cannot be contained about next year. Because I am a loon, I spent ten minutes reading the newly published dissertation titles while waiting for the English office to sign my slip, and I CAN'T WAIT! Can I do it next term? Can I? Can I? But even without the disseration, next year will still be awesome. Chaucer! Sense & Satire! Critical Theory, love of my academic life!

Also glee-inducing? Human Nature. Oh, Martha! I'll have more comments after this weekend, but seriously. Glee! Who just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it?

I have no wise comments on FanLib and Warriors of Innocence, because I'm not up to speed on them; please to be providing links to get me so?

Finally, I have a million books I want to read. And time to do so now! (Oh - and the entire first season of DuckTales. Because Gemma = awesome!)
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An Audience with Take That = made from win

John Barrowman being a Take That fan = SO awesome. Seriously. He's all singing along and clapping and dancing, and being SUCH A GEEK. Oh, John Barrowman. Don't ever change.

Jason/Mark = oddly adorable. No, seriously. And also very touchy-feely. (However, man do Mark and Gary ever cuddle during Pray. Like, seriously. Arms around each other cuddling and singing to each other. Oh, OTP)

The boys bantering = I cannot contain my GLEE! They just seem so *happy*. And, like, relaxed, and gleeful and they're TEASING each other. And also dedicating songs to the Spice Girls like the complete dorks they are!

Constant implications about Mark's sexuality = oh MARK!

Take That = MY BOYS OMG!

(it was this, or posting about how much I miss Gemma and university and how incredibly lucky I am, and that's just getting repetive. Got a letter from Gem today - and suffice to say: she's something else. She seriously is the lovliest girl ever and I still can't believe I'm going out with her. God.)
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