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So, I may or may not have accidentally made the faculty of my university into a fandom. It's all the fault of Old English for being so dull - and Becca's fault, for asking me what I do when I'm bored. On the spur of the moment, I said, 'I picture [our lecturer] making out with [our seminar tutor]'. I don't even know why! And now I can't stop thinking about it! And the thing is, it works, 'cause our lecturer is all proper and seems arrogant, though it's kind of obvious that he's just shy and out to prove himself and he speaks really quietly and hardly ever smiles; on the other hand, our seminar tutor has a mohawk and wears skinny jeans stuffed into his Doc Martins and is all smiles all the time, cracking bad jokes and blushing when the students tease him and it could work! And it could be cute, because their teaching styles are completely different and *they* are completely different and the lecturer doesn't want to like the seminar tutor, but he can't *help* it, because the tutor doesn't stop talking to him and joking with him and asking him for advice and they run a course together, so they can't avoid each other and sometimes the woman the lecturer shares his office with teases him that the tutor's the only one who can really make him grin and that makes the lecturer blush and duck his head and he can't understand it because he's been so dedicated to his academic life that he's kind of forgotten how to interact with humans. And then one night, they're both working late, and the tutor's not had time to fix his hair that morning, so it's hidden under his hat and before he knows what he's doing, the lecturer asks what his hair looks like without product and the tutor takes his hat off and he looks silly and kind of idiotic and it's utterly endearing and the lecturer reaches out to touch it.

And then making out ensues.

See?! I have *really* thought about this too much, and it's not just because I had a five hour shift yesterday and thus had a lot of time to think. And I have this whole 'verse, which, like, involves colleagues and arguments about literary theory and academic papers. And it would be AWESOME. And now I want someone to write it.

Meanwhile, no break-throughs on the renaissance literature essay front. How unfair is that?
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I may have sort of commited fic. Take That, PG-13, Mark/Gary.

First time I've really written any thing in half a year. This kind of saddens me, but I suppose it's life. And, to be fair, my academic outpt has been reasonably good, and since that's kind of my *life* right now, I suppose I shouldn't really be surprised. Or bothered. Hm.
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Low Self Esteem
(aka "I'm not worthy" syndrome)

The Student Counselling Service recommends that all Padawans repeat the following to themselves several times each morning. "I am an intelligent, confident, highly trained commando-diplomat with a buff, honed body and incredible mind control powers, who has been specially chosen for intensive one to one training by an experienced and powerful warrior. There is NO REASON for me to have an inferiority complex."

-- from A Padawan's Guide to Health, Fitness and Living with Your Master.

I am not having a relapse. *cough* Carry on, carry on.

In other news, I'm compiling a list of things I've learned from University so far. Starting with the fact that no matter how tempting, one really shouldn't teach one's hall mates Latin sex words. Unless one a) feels the need to spend an entire night yelling "Fellatio! With an O, not an A!" or b) wants to be greeted the morning after with a hearty cry of "Sodomy!". At least I'm not the one who thought glue might be an appropriate lubricant.

University: it's a non-stop learning experience. But last night was a lot of fun, even if AfterShock is the foulest thing ever to be invented. It was well-worth downing just for the odd conversation I had with Sofie about Oscar Wilde and Stephen Fry.

The social scene is good for now; however, the workshop I attended this morning has me reconsidering the Foreign Legion as a potential career choice. This whole you-will-make-tonnes-of-mistakes-probably-almost-flunk-out-and-generally-suck-because-you're-lazy-bastards song that everyone seems to be singing is starting to worry the hell out of me.

But never mind! I shall perserve in my pursuit of learning! In fact, I shall do so now, as I return to Heart of Darkness.

As soon as I finish this fic.

(Can I just point out how much I miss my dvds? And my books? I really, really want to re-read remains of the Day right now.)
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You know, I wish I could program my body so that when the temperature rises above 20 degrees celsius, I don't get my period. I cannot handle the heat and cramps and bloating at the same time. Not to mention, I'm so damn tired.

On the bright side: new moodtheme! Wilby Wonderful! But I am in no way getting obsessed, mind.

Nothing new on the university front. Nothing new on any front really, so to get myself going: free drabbles! Give me a prompt and a fandom (name a fandom, I'll tell you if I think I can write it). Go crazy. I want to see if I still can actually write.

All right. I'm off to pillage through the memories of [ profile] ds_flashfiction.
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I hate writing endings.

Also, I probably shouldn't be writing fic during exams.


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