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So, my dissertation is in editing and Gemma's gone home after being up for two days (New Year's was really nice - just us, a lovely dinner and watching movies all night. It was kind of *exactly* what I needed), and because of this, I have had time to read a little bit of Yuletide fic. And I have compiled recs!

First, written for me: Seeking Comfort - Fried Green Tomatoes, Ruth/Idgie, R. I got sex and coming together and such a beautiful characterization of Idgie. And a take-charge Ruth, which you know is canon.

And then five (mostly) happy recs to go with:

Becoming a Lesbian: Megan Bloomfield's Guide for Cheerleaders
- But I'm a Cheerleader, Megan/Graham, R. Because I never knew how much I wanted this fic until I read it. Perfect Megan, perfect Graham and, best of all, perfectly the surreal world of the movie. It's just a sweet, happy read, with some laugh-out-loud lines.

The Thin Man Takes a Husband - Donald Strachey Mysteries, Donald/Timothy, R. Hot and plotty and from Tim's point of veiw. A bit sappy towards the end, but then again. It's Timmy.

Tokens of Affection - Hot Fuzz, Danny/Nicholas, R. Christmas-themed without being sappy, and involving the entire precinct, and just ridiculously engaging and charming.

Ribbons and Lace - Neil Gaiman - Stardust, Victoria/Louisa, PG. Just. If Neil Gaiman had entered in Yuletide and written this, I wouldn't be completely shocked. It fits so well and I really like the idea of focusing on Louisa (and also Victoria, since she got ridiculously slighted in the film.) Gorgeous.

On the Doors to Paradise - The Bubble, Ashraf/Noam, PG-13. Okay, first you need to go watch the movie, as this takes place post-movie and I don't want to spoil you. Go on. I'll wait. It is so very much worth the price of the DVD; it has great acting, charming characters and - I don't even know how to describe the plotline, except good, and hot and heartbreaking for so many reasons. Then, come back and read this, and you'll understand that this needs to be canon.

In case you were wondering what I wrote: Names, Navigation and Other Issues Rising Aboard the Caspartine. I still can't believe I wrote Stardust (movie) slash.

And now I really should get to bed, as I am due into work tomorrow. Which should be fun, but at least housemate J and I may be sharing a shift.
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1.I can do victory arms on my new computer! See: \o/


1a. Though currently I can't play my West Wing episodes on this computer. Dammit, I want to watch In the Shadow of Two Gunmen

2. I think I may be a little bit in love with everyone in my house after Monday evening. This is mostly good - just being at home makes me happy and calm and like maybe I'm not failing at life - and I do occiasonally need reminding of this - but it's also triggering a little bit of ending-related melancholy. I won't be here next year and that's just weird. And more than a little bit sad.

2a. Also, it makes me think about my Masters and how I don't even know who to get references from. Urgh.

2b. Tomorrow, for Halloween, I am going as Wendy, Gemma is going as Peter Pan, and housemate J is going as Hook.



You know, I've always like Obama, but I never really got the hype - he's a good guy, but he's hardly the saviour of America. And then I watched this tonight. He's still not the saviour of America, but he is lovely. *draws hearts*

4. Fade to Black - proving, once again, that Hot Fuzz fic makes the world substantially better.

5. ♥!

5a. Because y'all are awesome, have Simon Amstell and Stephen Fry flirting. And also Josie Long being adorable.
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My old housemate R has been up for a couple of days and we - along with J, one of my current housemates - have watched all of Spaced and re-watched Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. Well, we watched them all Saturday/Sunday (7pm to 7am, and it was pure awesome. I've never felt so much like a student) and now we keep making stupid references to each other. It's kind of brilliant - like having an in-house fandom of sorts.

Spaced is amazing, by the way. I bought it on a whim, because frankly, I needed a TV show and also because watching Hot Fuzz *again* seemed a little excessive. But I loved it madly. One of my things about English comedy is it tends to go for outrageous and sacrifices the characters (whereas American comedy just sacrifices everything for the same old idea. Sorry, that was mean), but Spaced doesn't. And considering it could quite easily just have been seven hours worth of pop-culture references and still have been excellent, I was surprised at how much I loved the characters - particularly Daisy and Tim, of course, but also Mike and even Brian, Twist and Marsha. There's just such a family feel to it - I really believed that these people *cared* about each other. And there were coherent arcs! And - I just loved it. All of it. But particularly that one gun fight and the masturbation conversation and Tim and Mike paintballing in the wood. And the silly flashback joke and Tyres and Colin and everything. I just.

And now to talk about shipping! )

So, uh. What's new with you guys?

also, aaaargh, my sleep rhythm is so fucked!
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Things that will never get old:

"Well, when I met him, he was working as a waiter in a cocktail bar."

"Well, I started on the floor, then we were sleeping top-to-tail, then side by side and by the end of it all we were spooning. Some mornings I didn't know where he ended and I began."

I love these two a stupid amount. ♥

-- From here
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I have a bottle of coke.

I have a bumper-bag of toffee popcorn.

I have the house all to myself.

I have Shaun of the Dead.


I may also have rented Aristocats, so when I'm too scared to go bed because the zombies will eat me, I can at least spend my insomnia with French jazz cats. Whoo!
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The always awesome Sofie was here yesterday, and we watched Hot Fuzz. Which is still hilarious, even though I've watched it like five times in three weeks. Sofie seemed very entertained as well (if the hysterical laughter and comments of "Oh god, this is mad!" were anything to go by, anyway) and I think converted to the idea of Nicholas/Danny (because, dude, the film is not subtle. About anything really. Which is part of it's charm and I really kind of love it a lot for it). On that note, may I recommend Progress by [ profile] prairiestar, which follows on directly from the film and is just lovely and slow and incredibly hot for a PG-13.

We also watched the always excellent American President and Jesus Christ Superstar and I was gleeful about Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. We walked the dogs (PUPPY! It's so cute and playful and bite-y, oh my god, I have been bitten by the damn thing everywhere) and helped my mum cook, and were very social. It was very good. Makes me wish Sofie lived closer (or, you know, in the same country 85% of the time) so we could see each other more. But we'll always have the internet.

In other news:

- The Sopranos is awesome. I'm at episode 4 and cannot stop watching.

- Princess and the Frog trailer! So pretty and hand drawn! Is it 2009 yet?!


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