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So, my dissertation is in editing and Gemma's gone home after being up for two days (New Year's was really nice - just us, a lovely dinner and watching movies all night. It was kind of *exactly* what I needed), and because of this, I have had time to read a little bit of Yuletide fic. And I have compiled recs!

First, written for me: Seeking Comfort - Fried Green Tomatoes, Ruth/Idgie, R. I got sex and coming together and such a beautiful characterization of Idgie. And a take-charge Ruth, which you know is canon.

And then five (mostly) happy recs to go with:

Becoming a Lesbian: Megan Bloomfield's Guide for Cheerleaders
- But I'm a Cheerleader, Megan/Graham, R. Because I never knew how much I wanted this fic until I read it. Perfect Megan, perfect Graham and, best of all, perfectly the surreal world of the movie. It's just a sweet, happy read, with some laugh-out-loud lines.

The Thin Man Takes a Husband - Donald Strachey Mysteries, Donald/Timothy, R. Hot and plotty and from Tim's point of veiw. A bit sappy towards the end, but then again. It's Timmy.

Tokens of Affection - Hot Fuzz, Danny/Nicholas, R. Christmas-themed without being sappy, and involving the entire precinct, and just ridiculously engaging and charming.

Ribbons and Lace - Neil Gaiman - Stardust, Victoria/Louisa, PG. Just. If Neil Gaiman had entered in Yuletide and written this, I wouldn't be completely shocked. It fits so well and I really like the idea of focusing on Louisa (and also Victoria, since she got ridiculously slighted in the film.) Gorgeous.

On the Doors to Paradise - The Bubble, Ashraf/Noam, PG-13. Okay, first you need to go watch the movie, as this takes place post-movie and I don't want to spoil you. Go on. I'll wait. It is so very much worth the price of the DVD; it has great acting, charming characters and - I don't even know how to describe the plotline, except good, and hot and heartbreaking for so many reasons. Then, come back and read this, and you'll understand that this needs to be canon.

In case you were wondering what I wrote: Names, Navigation and Other Issues Rising Aboard the Caspartine. I still can't believe I wrote Stardust (movie) slash.

And now I really should get to bed, as I am due into work tomorrow. Which should be fun, but at least housemate J and I may be sharing a shift.
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It could annoy me, but really Richard Dawkins' general insanity is rather amusing. You know what I'm sure will convince people to go into science? Telling them it's either science or their fantasy novels.

Also, I put in nominations for Yuletide today - which means I really should try and do it this year. Which, uhm, should be difficult, considering my work load, but then again - I really want to get writing again, and maybe this'll motivate me to actually structure my time. A radical thought. Though at this point, I'm putting in about 15 hours a week on my dissertation, 5 hours on American Literature and, uh, about twenty minutes or so on Romantics (it's kind of terribly boring, you guys!).

Back to Yuletide, anyway - my main nominations are: 'Un Lun Dun' (which is so excellent ♥), Merlin (someone will write me Gwen/Morgana, dammit), 'World Without End' (because there is not enough Catholic gay sex in my life right now) and Hot Fuzz (more Hot Fuzz fic makes the world a better place, tru fax) and, natch, Fried Green Tomatoes. I'm kind of hoping to write on Merlin - so much fun!

(not that I'm still obsessing about Merlin, and not that last night's episode made me wibble or anything. GAIUS HAD TO CHOOSE AND FORESHADOWING AND OH NOES YOU GUYS!)
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So, today's been productive if not exactly overly happy. I'm kind of missing England. A lot. But apparently being in a...blah mood helps with my productivity. I've certainly managed quite a bit of revision today. Hopefully I can do the last 30 lines of translation tomorrow and then start on my grammar tests, and then it's focus on the literary side from then on. Ugh.

But, for now, I present my Yuletide Recs )

Also, this is just kind of hilarious, particularly this one: 4. Noah Mayer, Classic Self-Denial. Probably the most textbook case in Oakdale, the troubled aspiring filmmaker just needs to be hit with the "Luke Snyder is awesome" stick, and straight man Dusty is just the one to smack him with it.
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It is a truth universally acknowledged that it doesn't matter whether I ship slash, het, threesomes or incest, my pairing will never become canon. Even when it is bleedingly obvious. ARGH! The pairing even got a nod on the show, only to get shot down again (well, two nods if you count MY FAVOURITE MOMENT OF THE SHOW EVER. Uhm. Okay, possibly one of my favourite moments, as the show is awesome, but still. Gnah. I thought I was going to cry, which only proves, as Gemma says, that I am very, very silly.)

Cut for the Vicar of Dibley, spoilers for every thing )

In other bad mood seems to have abated somewhat, which is excellent. I'm crediting Monday/Tuesday. Mmhm.

In other, other news: this language project can go fuck itself.
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Death Insurance -- this is a New Year's Resolution Yuletide fic and I haven't the words to explain how much GLEE I'm getting from it. Seriously, this fic is incredibly excellent; it feature Vetinari, Death, Sam and Sybill Vimes, all in character. Like, perfectly in character. And it's a love story. No, seriously. And I won't tell you the pairing, though it'll become readily apparent, because it is just. that. brilliant. This fic needs to be canonized somehow - it's a new part of my Discworld canon, anyhow. So much love!

And now, back to my essay - almost done, hurrah, hurrah! (It's crap, natch, but it is for my supplementary subject and all I need is a 50 to have a 2.1 for the year, which I'm *fine* with. Seriously. I just want to finish it.)

ETA: Truimph! 2,342 words of English renaissance and not complete crap either! *does dance* And now - Titus Andronicus.
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What have I been doing today(1)? Why, I am so glad you asked! I have been reading [ profile] yuletide fic, hanging out on YouTube and listening to my lovely Christmas present music. And here I show you the fruits of all this: A Post in Three Acts.

Act I: Monty Python )

Act II: Yuletide )

Brief intermission: The Tudors Trailer -- I'm a bit...I don't know. I can't decide if I think this is going to be good, or not.

Act III: Music )

Thank you for tonight - we hope you've enjoyed the show!

(And now - to bed! To bed!)

(1) well. Today and the past few days. There are limits to the hours of the day)
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Dear Yuletide Santa )
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I need to return all my library books and CDs (a bit of a shame - I really did want to read Eleanor Rigby; the introduction is all kinds of amusing: it is a recitation of conspiracy theories); I also need to collect my DVDs and books from Rasmus. Finally, I need to pack down my CDs and then, finally, my suitcase. And then I'll be ready to go.

Except not at all. It's not that I don't want to go - I really, really do - I just don't want the transition period. I want to leave - pick up here and then set down right back in my life - no pauses, no transition, no awkward phase of needing-to-socialize, needing-to-find-friends etc. I'm happy with my status now. I like to segue straight into the same status. If that makes sense?

But no matter; as of Sunday I will be in Leicester. And it will be good.

Also: I need to stop caring so much about grammar and, err, capitalization online. I may drive myself mad. (I joined a MySpace-like place for British university students, and they all seem to type in text-talk. I must seem incredibly odd, writing like I do.)


In other news, [ profile] littera_abactor has a post made of AWESOME right here. Which also hints that Yultide season is not far away; time to pimp out your fandoms, methinks!


I am not allowed to write fic. I am particularly not allowed to write fic about the 1990s. 'Cause that's just *scary*.
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So, Yuletide fics are in! And lo' there are far, far too many good ones.

And the story I got? Is so amazing. You wouldn't believe it, which is why it's my first rec, because not only is it exactly what I wanted, it's also one of the best fics this years.

Every Good Girl Does Fine, Peanuts, G.
Patty and Marcie's senior year. It's incredibly well written and wonderfully quiet and *sweet* in such a lovely unsentimental way. A lot of the regulars on Peanuts make an appearance, all wonderfully in character and the friendship between Marcie and Patty rings so true - it's gorgeous. It's wonderful. I hadn't dare hope for anything this amazing and it just works so well, so *right*. And Patty's enthusiam just dances off the page.

The rest of my recs )
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I know I'm terribly impractical, but does anyone want to beta my Yuletide fic? No real knowledge of the fandom needed (if you're interested, drop me a line and I'll reveal the fandom). I need the beta by Tuesday.

Also, King Kong is incredibly amazing. DINOSAURS! HOT PEOPLE! YAY!

In other words - real update at some other point *snugs you all*
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Dear Yuletide Santa )

Meanwhile, my assignment is quite good - I hope I find some time for it, though *g*

Voted for the first time today - was rather anticlimatic. *waves a little flag* I was more excited to get my amazon package, to be honest. The English, here I come*!

* as soon as I finish messing around with my icons
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[ profile] lattara has, of course, recc'ed most of the greats when it comes to yultide, but her recs are rathering lacking in the femslash department. So I give you; Bend it like Beckham, Jane Eyre and err, a little Four Weddings and a Funeral, which isn't femslash. Not to mention my first rec, which is from A Christmas Carol.

All of you can stop looking at me like that right now.

The One Thing More Ridiculous than a Merry Christmas - Yes, it's A Christmas Carol. Yes, it's slash. Yes, it's a sweet, snarky and rather anachronistic piece. A very good Scrooge voice, none-the-less; I keep imagining the whole thing read by Michael Caine, which is pleasant, to say the least.

Four Weddings & a Funeral:

Anyone reading my journal about two years ago, will understand my glee at finding two of this years fics to be FWAF fics. And above all: Gareth/Matthew.

Turning Forty - this story is lacking a semicolon or comma in a few places, but none-the-less, it is an enjoyable read. This captures Gareth's voice wonderfully and manages to, in relatively few words, capture a near perfect beginning to the established relationship in the film. Both voices are very real, very true and you can't but adore both of them.

A Man to Keep - The story from Matthew's point of view. This deals, maybe not expertly, but with a certain flair, with the worries you face before coming out and ties it in with Matthew's admiration of Gareth's colourful personality. Matthew is a deal more insecure in this than I'd imagined him to ever be, but it is still an enjoyable read.

Jane Eyre:

Yes, I know I have declared a deep, passionate hatred for both Charlotte Brontë and her accursed novel, but this piece was too perfect not to rec.

Aube - it's is sin and passing fancy and will pass; Jane and Helen, waiting for spring and discovering each other. There is an air of silence, dust and want in this piece that is incredible; Jane seems much more sympathetic here than in the novel, yet the voice is near perfect for her.

Bend it like Beckham:

This is a sweet movie; I cannot help but think it would have been an excellent movie had they stuck with the original plan of making Jess and Jules a couple. Since they decided against, I find my refuge in the wonderful fanfiction written about them.

A World of Normal Girls - Love and friendship, it isn't easy, it nevers has been; Jess wants more the Jules' friendship, but she doesn't know how to go about it. This is exquistely written, sweet and fluffy and normal, and there's a cameo with Tony, who's lovely.

Reunion - Because it's nice to believe that it doesn't always have to end at the obvious time and place. Jess and Jules, seven years into the future, having come together and fallen apart. Cute, fluffy and realistic.

Discontent - Stuck in a triangle, someone is always jealous, but sometimes it's so hard to see of whom. Lovely little Jess piece, with a nice voice, well written.

There's also Good Omens (yay! Aziraphale and Crowley fics galore!), Dead Poets Society (finally, decent Todd/Neil) and Bible (Jonathon/David, need I say more?) fics to be found, which all have excellent stories that I have not recced.

Also? GIP.

ETA: So I am sneaking in a Good Omens rec. Whaddya gonna do about it? *cough*

The Best Christmas Ever - All the usuals, it never does change. Adam and Anathema celebrate christmas, with all that that implies; families, girlfriends, boyfriends, hell hounds and other beings. Extremely canonical, extremely well written.


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