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So, in my current state of Bruce-related obsessiveness, I've been trawling youtube for music videos and clips. And there's one of them - a wonderfully shot bootleg, awesome song and it's one of the ones that Bruce and Patti duet on.

And then there's the ending and my brain breaks a little.

Bruce, WHAT? And now I've been thinking about it and the thoughts won't GET OUT OF MY HEAD. AH! Also, I'd totally buy a vibrator designed by Patti Scialfa. I don't even know, man.

Anyway! I have now amassed a ridiculous list of videos and need to go hide in my shame.

My favourites, mostly for my own amusement )

I suddenly feel the need to point out that I also went to the beach, read some more for my dissertation and baked cookies today. I'm not a complete loon! Just...mostly a loon.
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Last night I dreamt that Take That were space travellers; Robbie was something to do with computers and brilliant, so everyone put up with him being a twat; Gary was the Captain; Howard seemed to be both navigator and body gaurd; Jason was the engineer and Mark did something which seemed to entail sitting and asking Jason lots of questions/flirting with him. I think they made out at some point - sadly, it has faded a bit.

I'm blaming Doctor Who. No, really. Riley looked and sounded like Jason, hee! Very sweet. And the entire episode was glee-making - watched it with a whole big group, which was quite an awesome experience; everyone was whispering their theories at each other, and giggling inappropriately, and for the last ten minutes there was a constant stream of "but, but, surely...where's Jack?". But even though there was no Jack, I really, really liked 42 Even though Ros pointed out the physics problems )

Finally, I need to revise; however, instead, I am watching The Shakespeare Code. I have done about an hours notating so far, and plan to do an essay after tea, then two or three essay plans, though I still need to do summaries for the Marlowe plays. I don't feel *ready* for this exam, but at the same time, I don't feel like there's all that much more I can do; I know the plays, I know the themes, I know how the plays work together; I need to get a somewhat better idea of what happens in which act. And then re-read SparkNotes. Apart from that, it's just essay plans. The thing is, I can write four or five pretty good essays, except it requires that the questions are *just* right. And I'm not sure they will be - I'd like an essay on women, on the power of love, on gender roles in general, on outsiders, on religion, on power and authority. The problem is, the question won't be that vague and the tighter they get, the less likely it is that I can combine the plays the way I *want* to.

I hate exams.

I'm also not a big fan of the fact that I still don't have all the data necessary to complete my stupid language project, because some people think Wednesday is equalivalent to some time during the weekend.

And Gemma's gone back to Bedford.

HOWEVER! I will persevere and get my work done and hopefully my project will be completable tomorrow, at which point Gemma will also be back!

Oh, university life!
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I spent a goodly portion of today curled up in a hammock listening to Disney and reading Multiculturalism And the Mouse. I'm so cool, I should wear sunglasses when I sleep. (Incidentally, I also read the Tempest out there and fell asleep. Which really should just *add* to my cool cred.)

In other, equally cool, news, spent yesterday with Sofie, mostly, well. Perving on Take That really. Oh, Sofie subtly tried to avoid being forced to watch the DVD, but in the end she fell, and hard. We were maybe half-way into Once You've Tasted Love before she capitulated, due to my most excellent convincing, and also, possibly, Mark Owen's dimples. All in all, very successful. By the end, Sofie was commenting that Back for Good was totally about Robbie Williams, so I claim this one in the name of boybandness! (Also in the name of OT4-ness. Hee! Though I also have a newfound craving for Jason/Mark which I have NO IDEA where came from. Jesus. Shut UP, brain.)

We obviously also did other things, like talk (or rather, I giddied about Gemma and Sofie giggled at me) and watch Foyle's War (which is completely made from win and other good things, and also had Brutus from Rome in a small role.) and watch Linie Tre, during which Sofie made quite a few rather tragically bad comments, and I had to stare at her in horror a lot, which was fun. *grins*

Finally, how awesome is Mika? Very awesome. And also, Mark Owen's Pieces of Heaven is an incredibly gorgeous song. Buying the CDs was still stupid, but damn, they're good. Particularly Life in Cartoon Motion. Oh, man.

Oh, final thing: Man, season three of Who just continues to rock, doesn't it? *loves Martha so damn much* And Talullah is incredibly cute - even if I don't care about the Daleks as most Who fans seem to. But really, I'm still stuck fangirling Martha at the end of Gridlocked. I. Just. Yes! It's *exactly* what Ten needs in a companion. Someone will sit down and say, "I'm not buying it - tell me the truth." Oh, Martha, how are you so awesome?
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Clearly I was accidentally POSESSED BY SOMETHING, or my mind seems to believe I'll be more inclined to revise with shiny new music to listen to. Or I just can't deal with the instant gratification of buying stuff on iTunes. No matter what, I just bought five cds.

I feel so ashamed. But, on the bright side, Mark Owen is a surprisingly good musician. Or maybe it's just that his voice is so lovely I don't actually care what he's singing.

Uhm. That might not be a good thing.

ANYWAY. Also, I feel the need to point out that Alphabeat are awesome and lovely and summery, and thus buying that CD is totally justifiable. And iTunes is like, crazy cheap. Which is why I keep going back to Apple, like the glutton for punishment I am.

I am blaming all this on hormones. And Gemma leaving. Thank god for seeing Sofie tomorrow, or I'd probably go a little around the bend.

Though I totally need to do a SummerMix or something. There's just so much happy-making summer music out right now, like Mika's Grace Kelly, or the afformentioned Alphabeats. Ee! Uhm, though, of course, I'll be doing revision mostly. No, really. I still need to read about 80 pages og history and re-read The Tempest, Titus Andronicus and Antony and Cleopatra. Which reminds me: [ profile] poisoninjest has a celebratory Shakespeare post up with assorted quotes. You should go read!


In slightly saner news: Fanmark: The Hallmark of Fandom. Literally *made* from awesome. I'm particularly fond of So Long, and Thanks for all the Fic and A Bundle Of Joy: So You've Got A New Fandom. Oh fandom. Don't ever change. *hugs like mad*
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It is good to be home. Today was Easter Lunch, which went positively brilliantly compared to last time the family met up, and I got to hang out with my cousin, which was incredibly awesome - I'd forgotten how cool she is, and how funny. Yesterday I went to Copenhagen to buy a few odds and ends, and then spent the rest of the day at Signe's, playing Trivial Pursuit and watching a documentary about political scandals. And it was all awesome, and fun, and I enjoyed it, it felt good. But still, I can't help thinking about Gemma near constanly.

Further Babble on the Subject )

Enough of that melancholy and introspective, though! Because after we are really here to talk about Doctor Who, and Martha, and, of course, Shakespeare. [ profile] ariastar had a review up in her journal with all but forced me to download The Shakespeare Code and I am so glad I did. Who fandom, I'm back! Though mostly to say: GLEE!

Spoilers for S3E2 )

Final two things:
a)One of the good things about being a U2 fan is that you get to imagine conversations like this:
Cut for Banjos )
And thus, the world is blessed with this.

2) Why did no one tell me how awesome Take That's Shine music video is? FAIL! It's so cool. *glees* Mark Owen dancing on Gary Barlow's piano just amuses the hell out of me. It's just so STYLIZED. Oh, Take That. Don't ever stop.

Now I'm off to distract myself from missing Gemma with more Who. It won't work, but at least I'll be amused.
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Celestial Seasonings is my new favourite obsession. And not just because they make the best cherry tea I've ever tasted (seriously, do you have *any* idea how hard it is to find *good* cherry tea? Hard.) So, that is generally wonderful, and it just adds to my glee that they have it both as caffienated and non-caffienated, because while I am a fan of staying awake till I fall over from lack of shut-eye, sometimes I want to have a cup of tea and get to sleep at a decent time (rarely, but it happens.) so much fangirling on that front as well.

However, the real love for Celestial Seasonings comes from their Tea Selector. Brilliant!

(I shall now stop babbling and return to my essay reading. Seriously.)
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Hm. Am in an odd mood. Real life has been infringing on my, well, life. Hm. Actually, that's not true - real life has been preying at the edges of my life and as such, I haven't been enjoying my procrastination.

I'm sure there's a lesson somewhere in there.

I'm currently in the throes of two essays, one of which is filling me with glee (an essay on 'Jane Eyre' and 'Frankenstein', in the context of the narrator) and one which is driving me mad (on 'interpretive communities). Since the madness-inducing one is due first, I'm not allowing myself to start on the glee-inducing one until it is done, which I'm beginning to think is counter-intuitive, particularly since I actually cannot finish the first essay tonight (I need an essay for a citation that isn't available until tomorrow). Argh. You know, if I hadn't procrastinated so much, I would be able to finish it now. Ah. Well. I'm entitled to a learning curve, right?

However, the social life is going quite well, even though that also takes time away from everything else. Lilly, from my hall, and I are getting on suprisingly well. We've been the only two in the hall this weekend, and so we stop and talk when we bump into each other in the kitchen. This included one rather amusing conversation about sex and what turns us on. And clothes and women and a lot of things. Lilly's quite astute and a bit geeky and very nice. Plus, apparently her boyfriend thinks I'm interesting, which is pretty cool. And today, when we were talking about moving out next year (which, whoa, I am not ready to discuss), she mentioned that I should move in with her and her friends. Which was quite neat.

Then there's Rosalin. She's friends with Cathrine through physics and as such, the three of us spend a lot of time together. Ros and I have a slightly antagonistic relationship, as we're both very snarky and very sarcastic; we have a running joke about us 'hating' each other, but apparently Ros was afraid I didn't like her - which isn't true, because Ros is lovely - and asked me about it at dinner. So odd! I'm always the one who's insecure about things like that, it was weird to be on the receiving end.

So in short, everything here is weird. It's enjoyable, yet tedious; interesting, yet annoying. But it is cosy here.

And I'm going to see my dad in two weeks, which'll be awesome.
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I suspect the chord change in the line from Oyster Bay that goes "I wish I were back in Oyster Bay//Taking it easy" is the reason I suddenly feel like moving to Long Island and becoming a fisher. Like, right now. Which makes sense, since I'm listening to the song.

Also because I lulled myself to sleep last night by contemplating alternate careers, should I choose not to go to university. The list (before I did actually succumb to sleep) looked something like this:

*Writer (but I need talent! And backbone! And even then I probably wouldn't be able to make a living)
*Fisherman (except for the part where I get seasick)
*Journalist (Wait. They actually want a university degree these days, don't they? Dammit. There goes my plan to become the female Ernest Hemingway - then again, I never would've been able to live in Key West either - too damn hot.)
*Soldier (Uhm. Yeah. I'm way athletic. Also big on killing things)
*The Foriegn Legion (except I don't think I'd make a convincing boy)
*Actor (except I can't act. Also, unlikely to get job)
*Working in the "care" professions (Because I have that kind of patience)
*Supermarket-y jobs (Oh. Joy.)
*Beduin (why not?)
*Move to Siberia, live off the land (...)
*Stand-up comedy (Sort of requires other people finding you funny, though)

In short, it was fun to contemplate - particularly the Ernest Hemingway idea - but I think I may be going to university. It seems a leetle safer. However, if anyone wants to add to my wacky plans if the degree thing doesn't work out, that'd amusing, if nothing else. The wackier, the better.

Meanwhile, due South calls. Damn, but I'm in love.
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It would seem that I am back. To stay, at least for a while. And what is up with my life? Not much: university panic (omg, what if I don't *like* it?), fandom (and how wonderful is Call of the Wild? Gah! Ray - baby!), Freya and trying to sleep. Insomnia strikes again.

When not doing the above, I am listening to My Lives near obsessively, because it makes me gleeful. Particularly the alternative version of River of Dreams, which has the Lullaby bridge in it. GLEE!

Also, I managed to look a complete nitwit today in town - suffice to say, it involved a punctured bicycle, hills, a lack of bicycle shops, scaring the locals and ending up looking like the stupidest citydwelling loser, ever. I mean, the busdriver was convinced I couldn't even walk down a road by the time I was through. It was quite, quite sad. And kind of hilarious.

It also resulted in rather funky tan lines, so that's all good.

However, since that happened mostly out of boredom, I am kind of hoping my books arrive tomorrow. Otherwise I may have a Sound of Music moment again, and nobody wants that.
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I realize that a couple of days ago I said I hated shopping for clothes. And now I'm going to take that back - I hate shopping for clothes any season that isn't autumn. But Autumn clothes shopping rocks. The clothes are so pretty and comfy and cosy and I end up being all "must buy everything".

Can you tell that I've been shopping? And that it was good?

In more fandomly stuff: I posted on [ profile] fanficrants and now I have debates about sex ed, theology (namely, Jewish) and canon pairings vs. UC pairings. I'm so very amused (and educated!). And I got a fic rec out of the whole thing. *boogies*

School continues to, well suck is a harsh word, but does it really have to be so damn boring? Particularly English today. And I don't get it - we're reading a good story (The Fifth Child) and there are a few very cool people in my class, but it never seems to go anywhere. Ever. And it wuld quite obviously kill my teacher if she were to plan her lessons, because she wants us to turn in an entire exam for next week. In a week. But do I actually *have* this exam text? No, no. Because that would be sensible. God forbid we do that. *headdesks*

What more do I have? Oh! Sofie, did you ever decide on anything regarding your BWA? Also: I will be there around 13.30 on Saturday, is that okay? <3

I am either going to bed or going to read.

ETA: Why am I involved with school council, again?

ETA2: Or I'll re-do my journal. That works.
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I'm in this very strange mood. I *feel* like it's autumn, which I suppose it is, but I feel like autumn- slow-moving and nostalgic and searching for something. Or maybe waiting for something. I'm's not quite being pensive, and I don't think it's melancholy, it's just...I feel sad and I don't know why, I guess. And I'm tired, homework's piling up and I just don't know. It's all strange right now, like I'm not quite all here.

Meanwhile, I think I have a Veronica Mars addiction. And there's a show perfectly suited for the mood I'm in.

ETA: And now I'm watching ER, Kerry just came out to her biological (and very Christian) mother and made this speech about the people you love, that you choose to love and now I'm crying. Dear hormones, stop. Thanks.


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