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WHY?: Torchwood spoilers )


(Also, one of my housemates is on LJ and I'm torn between wanting to hunt her down and friend her, and friendslocking absolutely everything on this journal. Hi, I'm sane! She is a Torchwood-watching, Jack/Ianto-shipping, Doctor/Rose-squeeing fangirl, so I'm not sure there's anything on this journal that'd shock her. Hm.)
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Had proper university experience yesterday! Or at least, that's what I'm calling it in my head, because my-interest-in-queer-history-overwhelms-my-hatred-of-awkward-social-situations is a) very long and b) silly sounding! Anyway, Becs and I went to a special seminar yesterday (i.e. an open seminar which isn't related to a course) on masturbation and same-sex friendship in medieval literature, which, okay. First, let me say that the seminar itself was amazing. The title of it was Self-Abuse: Blurring/Defining Sexual Difference in Medieval Literature and it feature elements of queer theory, social history, gender deconstruction and probably a few theories that I didn't recognize, being an undergrad and all. Still, very exciting! However, the other people attending the seminar...well, first of all, we were about eight. Four of whom were from lecturers, two of whom were post-grads and, oh yeah. Becca and me. Felling slightly conspicuous, I might say. Particularly because the lecturer (who is our seminar tutor for Medieval lit this term) is, oh yeah, possibly the lecturer from the English Department fandom. He may or may not think we're lunatics.

Still. Awesome. And now I want to re-read Strangers. Curse you, lack of time!

On Thursday, I'm going to America for my Grandmother's 80th birthday. For some reason, I can't quite fathom that I'm going. And not only am I going, but I'm seeing Ann and Lee, which I'm probably more excited about than anything, since it feels like ages and I miss them. A lot. Particularly now I'm at university, because it was when I was living in America I first got really excited about university, so, yeah. Very much looking forward to going. Slightly less excited about dragging most of my brother's possessions with me (I am mule, hear me bray). Still, at least Heathrow have lifted their 'one piece of luggage' rule, which makes me very happy - I can bring my critical theory book! Granted, I probably won't have time to read, because of the birthday and Mardi Gras and all that, but hey. There's always the plane, right?

Currently reading The Yellow-Light Bookshop which is a really nice sort of memoir type book, all about bookshops and book-lust (which is an awesome term and one I will be employing muchly in future, I think) and it's kind of making me want to open my own bookstore.

Neil Gaiman mentioned Torchwood on his blog. I think that's kind of awesome. Particularly because the sequence was titled "Reasons Why The People in Season One of Torchwood Are Too Stupid To Live", which, okay. Yes. But 1x12 is still an amazing episode.
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I'm having a sort of madly serene day. I've cleaned my room, there's food in the fridge and I have most of my classes figured out. It's just all good, like all the tension from Christmas and exams week just got sept away yesterday and now, now life is good. Also, I haven't mentioned this in a while (at least it feels like I haven't), but I? Am madly, madly in love. I don't even get it. I just am. And although the upcoming anniversary is making me a little jumpy (what if she doesn't like my present? What if it seems too serious too soon? What if I'm a compulsive worrier?), particularly yesterday with Gemma was just so good and peaceful in a way that I haven't been in a while. Mmm.

In other news Torchwood is ace! )

In unrelated news, how long does it take a towel to dry on a radiator?

ETA: There seems to be a love meme going around, so in case you were wondering: I♥U!
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1. A week ago, Sofie went home, which was very sad, but before then we had an awesome week where too much money was spent, too much tv was watched and too much squeeing was done. Much love, Sofie ♥!

2. Yesterday was the premiere of Torchwood which had me full of squee and will be fully discussed in a post coming soon to an LJ near you.

3. My exams are done and sucked and I hate them, hate them, but they are done and that is, at least, something.

4. Two of my closest friends broke up and I haven't spoken to either of them in ages and I feel like a terrible friend. Also I am dealing badly with the reality of their no longer being together.
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Okay, so because I am spectacularly silly and *want* to be poor, I'm buying The Book Thief off Amazon, and since I have a discount due to owning an NUS card, I figured I'd pick up another book while there, and that book was going to be Danny, The Champion of the World (look, I'm fine with my desire to relive my childhood and the fact the my biggest literary "kink" is child/father relationships (we do not speak of my Lion King thing)), Which is fine, except I really, really want this cover. Which comes with the hardback. *grumbles*

In other news, I've had one of those weird days where on one hand, my social life has been kind of awesome - I even have an arrangement on Tuesday which might be a date with a very cute PTerry fangirl who I met this Wednesday (and how awesome are our LGBTA nights? Very much so, yes.), so, you know, wild amounts of GLEE on that count. However, school continues to suck a bit - seriously, my seminar tutor was impressed I knew when the Renaissance started and what the Reformation was. C'mon!

Also, the next person who explains to me that "people didn't go to bed medieval and wake up Early Modern" is going to get slapped so hard. Who above the age of 13 doesn't realize this? Seriously. I get it. Period dating is slightly arbitrary, yeah, thanks.

However! Instead of focusing on this, I shall focus on the possible-date-thing, and also masses of awesome fic. Which I shall also rec!

Torchwood )

And also, because apparently, I have a huge love story kink, I've been reading the Harlequin challenge on [ profile] sga_flashfic and I stumbled over The Hostage Major which is all kinds of awesome. AU, Rodney kidnaps John. I tried to type up a short summary, but seriously, it got way, way too complicated, so here's what you need to know: it has angst, snark and some really, really good sex. Also it builds up a compatability between the two of them that just *works* so well. And I love the way John's mind works.

Same theme, A Royal Deception is, in-so-far as I can tell, having no knowledge of canon, not AU. However, it is lovely - Rodney becomes Prince of...something, and the Atlantis team want him back. Again. Hot. It also makes me want to pet Ronon for some reason.

And now, I return to panicking about the maybe-date. Or possibly I go late night shopping. Hm.
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The essays have ben conquered. Oh yes. As of 11.45 am, too. TRIUMPH!

In completely unrelated news, I hope all the Torchwood fans on my friends-list are already reading this, but I'm going to rec it anyway:

[ profile] inthesestones. It's a collection of IMs, emails, reports from the Torchwood team, interspersed with prose interludes and it's just gorgeous. Although rather Ianto and Jack centric (not that I'm complaining), it's really good for all characters - I'm particularly fond of the IM conversations, which tell us more about the characters than the ones on the Torchwood website - and it manages to show how the team changes over the course of series 1. Very, very highly reccomended. Also! It's worth seeing the journal *itself*. The graphics are quite neat.

Speaking of Torchwood, I am now only missing the middle five episodes of series 1 of New Who. Huzzah! And I just watched 1x04 - Tosh's met the Doctor! And am I the only one who'd thinks it would be cool to have her try to ask Jack out about the Doctor? Just, you know, mention this humanoid alien she met once, very nice, calls himself the Doctor, and have Jack spazz out completely? That would be amazing.

Then again, I just really want Tosh fic. You know what would be amazing? Tosh/Mickey. *nods* Or, you know, Tosh/Hot Police Woman from 1x08. Tosh needs more love, really she does. Everyone forgets how awesome she is - and snarky!

In other news, I wish I could take my friends with me back to England. I was over at Tess' last night, and I'm going to miss her. Again. Not to mention Rasmus, who I also saw today - we went up to the baker's and had tea and cookies and generally acted about 50 - and Oskar. And Sofie. And I'm terrible at phoning people just to talk, which is silly, because I enjoy just talking, I just...I'm afraid of phones. They're freaky.

ETA: John Barrowman is made from pretty - not that that's news!
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Sent [ profile] trobany__ home. Was awesome to meet her -- and tv snarking is always for the win.

Torchwood 1x12 Captain Jack Harkness: Incoherent sobbing )

In other news: bought North and South for myself. Because apparently I want to fail at writing my essay. It does mean that I've now seen the entire first two "books" (I'm resolutely ignoring Heaven and Hell, because yeah. If it's not all about Orry and George, I don't really care. Also, I'm not really loving Madeline as much any more (the helpless act gets a bit tired after book one.) And they re-cast Charles who was the reason I didn't surf past the show. mm, mouth.. But still. I'm very gleeful about it. And far, far too tempted to write fic for it - which I can't because of my essays. But still. It's very tempting. Five things George Hazzard believes about love.

I think I'm going to go re-watch Captain Jack Harkness. Just. Why did no one on my friendslist tell me?

ETA: Jack has a broken heart! Oh, man.
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Spoilers for everything. Ever. Omg. )

Incidentally, how hot is this fic? And how much do I want a sequel? Almost as much as I'm embarressed to admit that I want a Gwen/Owen h/c sequel. Because I am, apparently, a het shipper.

(I also want someone to do a Gwen/Owen vid set to I'd Be Surprisingly Good For You. Just because I'm listening to the Evita soundtrack right now, and it's kind of infiltrating my mind.)
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My Trip to London in List Form: (with spoilers for Torchwood 1x06 and We Will Rock You) )

In other news: Home. Tired. Still happy about life. I'm actually just kind of surfing on some kind of high, so that even now, when I'm tired and a little cranky and worried about Cathrine, who's sick, I find myself grinning randomly to myself. It must be Christmas coming.

Which is why tomorrow, there will be tinsel. And it will be tacky. And so damn good1.

1. Other people rebel against their parents with sex, drugs and rock'n'roll. I rebel against my mother by decorating with tinsel. Bad ass, that's me.


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