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So, uhm. And The Children Shall Lead from season three of Star Trek has this one scene in it where, for reasons not worth going in to, Jim is going mad, losing faith in himself and Spock takes him away from the bridge; after a little "dramatic flailing" (I don't know, how would you describe it?) Jim clings to Spock and Spock says "jim" in this quiet, calm voice (he's been calling him Captain until then) and Jim just...wakes up. And it manages to be really, really hot and really, really sweet at the same time, and screw it all, I love this show.

I should really be in bed, but there's too much noise outside and there's another episode of Star Trek on after this.
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Stolen off [livejournal.com profile] myhappyface.

The rules:

1) 13 characters. (We set a limit of 10, then I said "Well, we could do a dozen," then Betty said "We could do a baker's dozen." So.)
2) We stuck with FP characters.
3) There's a built-in cheat: SOs. They get to come along for the ride without being included in the actual list, sort of like in-laws. (Because I made up the rules, and I've always thought that if I get Ray Kowalski, that automatically means I get Ray Vecchio, too.)
4) SOs must truly be SOs - those people you feel OTPish about, or at least see as life-partners/soulmates - what they call someone's "lobster" on Friends. Not just a date or an attempt on your part to get extra characters. This does not mean it has to be a canon pairing or even a fandom-favorite pairing, as long as some circumstance has made them a lobster in your fantasy headspace.

I copied [livejournal.com profile] myhappyface's idea of talking more about why I ship the characters than why each is my favourite.

Here we go! )
Off the top of my head, I can't come up with more OTPs. I mean, I love Abby, but I can see her with lots of characters. I've got a new-found craving for Izzie/Addison (from Gray's Anatomy), but OTP is going a bit far there. And then there's Dan/Duck, which I did kind of want to write up as well, because I love Dan. And Duck. But I haven't been in fandom that long, I don't feel comfortable talking about it ;)
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This is one of the most awesome [livejournal.com profile] metaquotes ever. I wanna run away, dress up as a boy and join the French Foreign Legion. Anyone want to join me?

In case you were wondering about Bono: my father came out of the lecture, decided to donate money to Make Poverty History and then spent the reception we were at afterwards trying to convince his colleagues to do the same. *That* impressed me. (As did Bono himself; he's funny, charming and knows a lot about what he's talking about and is not afraid to admit to what he doesn't know. ♥)

Meanwhile, I'm trying to relax with some Star Trek which, as always is love. It never ceases to amaze me that something *that* cheesy can make me so gleeful, but it does. I think it's partly my adoration of Spock, partly my love of scifi in general and just the overwhelming love that is tos. Not to mention the gay. The gay is good. Albeit more in the GLEE way, than the must-see-naked-now-omg way. They're so damn cute.

Particularly The Squire of Gothos. How can you not love that episode? It's so over the top and ridiculous. Ah! Cheers me right up. Which I need. *grins*
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So, City on the Edge of Forever is so far my favourite season 1 episode. So damn cute and so heartbreaking, and Edith Keeler was suprisingly sympathetic and lovely, for someone who Kirk dates/ has dated. And Spock! Oh, my dear Spock. Defintely favourite (closely follwed by oh, every single episode where Spock's life gets threatened. Awww, the cuteness! Particularly The Menagerie and Errand of Mercy. So much love. So much geekiness. Glee!)

Rasmus came over to watch movies this afternoon - let me tell you, The Forgotten sucks. In a really amusing way though, and it does have Julianne Moore, which is *never* a bad thing. Also, got invited to Pride with Rasmus, and the Anti-Mermaid party following. Maybe if you want to go, Frey? And maybe we'll take Rasmus to Pan with us.

The Forgotten really was cheesy. And so fucked up. I think I love it, just a little.

Anyway, memeing: 1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions

Taken from [livejournal.com profile] siggen1, who interveiwed me.

In the future, everyone will wear blue eyeshadow )
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You know, some words will never cease to be funny. Like spelunking. Or penisrock (or should that be penis-rock?)

Ahahahahahahahahahaha *is random*

So I went to see Batman. GLEE! )

Afterwards we went shopping and I spent way to much money on all kinds of stuff - a gift for Rasmus (six dvds which he loved, thank the maker!), underwear and sweatpants (I ADORE my new sweatpants. I cannot sop wandering around in them. So comfortable!) and shoes! I now own the cutest shoes ever - they're ballet-style slips and I wish I had a digital camera so I could show you the intense cuteness of them. They're so girly! Also, was vaguely tempted to buy books at this wonderful bookstore Sofie showed me - amoung other things, they had the complete Holmes with *illustrations* (which mine doesn't have. *sad*). Also, tempted to buy Specimen Days again. Because clearly, have *no* sense.

Also, I am now home. Yay! And to fully realize how much I am home, here is the conversation I had with the pizza man yesterday.

I'm just trying to order a damn pizza )

Hmm. Well it is good to be home, even if I have a couple of busy days before Freya gets here. Sunday, narrow down university selections (seriously, I had a dream last night, where I could do English/Slash Studies as a dual degree. Panicking about college has seriously warped my mind) and finish watching Star Trek (also a feature of last nights dreams. Hmmm.) and my dad is leaving to go biking. Then Monday, I havr workmen in to fix the house, I need to go get my bloodtest, pick up library books and pick out a new pair of glasses. Possibly also buy food. Tuesday, I have to go talk to the education ministry and print out my UCAS form. Wednesday, cleaning and panicking about said UCAS form (but mostly cleaning. To say my room is a mess is a gross understatement). And then Thursday Freya arrives, which means everything has to be perfect and I do need to have food in the house. Friday, nothing except Nik & Jay in Tivoli with friends and then Saturday, my dad returns. Whee! And somewhere in that, I'm going to squeeze in a movie night with Rasmus and possibly a few moments to hang out with Tess. Yay!

Speaking of Tess, Shubassdk: Top Five Places )

In the meantime, I think I shall rewatch Devil in the Dark (oh, poor Spock, he has such a crush. *pets*)

Also, I think I'm getting addicted to tags. Mmm, tags.

ETA:Dude, wiki has an entry for everything!
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I want a Pocket-Sized!Spock.

That is all.

ETA: mmm, dress uniforms.
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1. Wicked is an amazing book, and you should all read it. Now. In fact, Gregory Maguire is an amazing author and if you can find his books and short stories, for all that is beautiful, read them.

1a. When you have read Wicked, then go read Ghosts Disappear When You Look Directly At Them. It's beautiful, haunting and creepy and dear god - somehow it still manages *sexy*.

2. I really should not still cry when I watch the end of Khan or indeed at the end of The Search for Spock (well, sort of half cry, half yell "KISS HIM" at the top of my lungs). It's Star Trek for pity's sake.

2a. Because of this whole recurring Star Trek thing, I've been glancing at [livejournal.com profile] killabeez vids, particularly one set to Dante's Prayer. It's an amazing song.

3. Hi, this is an animation featuring Oscar Wilde and meerkats. It really shouldn't be all that funny.

4. I'm really regretting not bringing Newsies with me over here. I kind of need it right now. *stabbity*

5. Still dead from My Dearest Holmes. If ever there were two people who needed to be locked in a hotel room until the sorted their damn issues out...

5a. I still highly reccomend the book, if you can land a copy - if only for the first case and/or the incredibly cute lesbian!Mary (seriously, I *love* this Mary. She was my favourite thing in the book (almost. Save for the last two chapters, because the unbelievable sadness just did me in) and just...*sigh* Can I be her girlfriend? (Disclaimer: I love my Freya, yes I do, and I'm quite happy with my current relationship)).

6. Someone needs to buy me Star Trek: TOS s.1-3, Merchant of Venice and Kinsey. And why yes, I do mean *now*.

6a. Oh, and if you could throw some episodes of Veronica Mars in there? That'd be nifty.

7. I need icons. And now thanks to [livejournal.com profile] crack_van I've been over at [livejournal.com profile] groaty's journal and I want to use her Oz icons, which is kind of ridiculous, considering I've never even seen the show.

7a. Speaking of icons, [livejournal.com profile] myhappyface has the best keywords for herJesus Christ Superstar icon.

Err. That was originally going to be maybe three points? Oh well. (And regarding the icon, I can be as sappy as I want in my journal. *pokes tongue out*)
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So, I'd completely forgotten about HBP until someone mentioned it on my f-list today. I feel almost - guilty? My poor fandom, how I forget you.

In other news, My Dearest Holmes has killed me dead, I'm completely stuck on my Steps fic and I've been watching too much Star Trek. How much is too much, you ask?

I've watched The Motion Picture. In it's entirety. I didn't even skip passed all the parts that had Rev. Camden from 7th Heaven in them. That, my friends, is just too much. I mean, sure the first look at the Enterprise is neat, the whole Extremely!Pissy!Spock thing is interesting and the whole simple feeling shebang (which really is the slashiest thing. I mean. Guh.) Of course, watching TMP and Wrath yesterday has now left me as fangirly as I was winter break 2004. Darn.

I am currently residing at my mothers, which is disconcertingly quiet as always. Where are the cars, the people walking by? Also, I managed to fall asleep at five yesterday. This is of course because I stayed up all of Thursday night talking about the minor wank in Newsies fandom and watching Star Trek and Sherlock Holmes against my better senses. If I even have those.


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