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I have a truly stupid amount of love for Shadowlands. On one hand, it does deal with many of my favourite themes: English literature, Oxford, repressed longing, Anthony Hopkins being English and repressed1 - it even deals with religion. On the other hand, I don't even like C.S. Lewis that much (okay, lies, I don't want to like C.S.Lewis that much, because of the Susan issue and because, well, I want to think that he and Oxford and Anthony Hopkins are overrated) and it's a Richard Attenborough film2. Also, it seems to imply that to truly love someone, you or they have to die, a theme I normally resent.

And yet, it doesn't even matter what all my other issues are, because that scene where Jack realizes that he loves her and cries in the church makes me cry. I just - I can't even tell you why that scene is so important to me, why it still makes me cry even though I've seen it at least five times now, but it's beautiful. Paired with the marriage scene (oh, my!), it pretty much is all I need in a love story. That, and apparently, middle-aged people.

Which, incidentally, brings me to a question: do you have a preference for a certain age group in your love stories? I'm kind of curious.

[Poll #1391000]

In other news, as of today, I'm 411/7000, and I have a massive friend!crush on Sarah Vowell, and you should too:

1. See also: Remains of the Day (also, read the book!) and 84 Charing Cross (see previous aside)
2. Look, I realize his Oh! What a Lovely War is a good film, but it kind of broke the point of the play (see also: the film version of Regeneration).
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1. I just had the most ridiculous Easter lunch where, among other things, my cousin tried to drink his own weight in beer to prove that my dad had bought too little (...I know), my brother discussed intimate hair-dos, my uncle decided to declare he's a lesbian, I held a mini-lecture on the uselessness of Derrida, and we concluded that the global finacial crisis is nothing compared to the past couple of seasons for my brothers' football team.

Please tell me that this isn't just my family?

Oh, and we also discussed racism in Disney movies.

2. I keep having World War I related dreams. Not only have I had Siegfried Sassoon's shell-shock dreams (which is awkward enough), but I keep dreaming about trenches and Very lights. I haven't even started my essay for The Great War yet. This, I feel, is not promising.

2a. I have been scribbling notes for my essay everywhere though, and am beginning to regret only have 5000 words for this.

2b. Oh, I went to Dublin with Gemma (which was amazing - good Lord, Irish food!) and we stumbled over the most brilliantly twisty little bargain bookstore right near the university. We were both utterly enamoured of it anyway - and that was before I accidently knocked into a bookshelf and a biography of Sassoon dropped onto my foot - for 5 euros. Now we think it may be a magic bookshop, and wish we'd thought to want the entire Discworld series in hardback (though arguably that would have pushed us over our baggage limit).

3. In an effort to not do any useful work, I am currently working my way through the Tintin series (this is...somehow relevant. Or it will be, since I've managed to get just about everything else I've read and watched recently to be at least vaguely related to World War I - something of a task when it comes to Discworld, but hey, I manage). Naturally, this means that I am also sticking my toe into the fandom, which has fabulous things like this article and this, Ulysses, which is kind of amazing. It's not a big fandom, but hey, the old comics are brilliant enough on their own. Still: oh, internets.

3a. Hey, speaking of fandom, how much do I love that "Mads og Monopolet" (a Danish radio show) had a discussion about Harry Potter slash, wherein all of the commentators were totally awesome about it, and said it seemed like a creative and fulfilling hobby. THIS IS WHY DANISH RADIO IS FOR THE WIN, people. Also, because they discussed porn-for-women, and the brilliance of written porn. ♥

4. I've got the door open, Aerosmith up loud and no one else home. \o/ It's almost summer, you guys!
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Right now everything feels like a countdown. Last lecture, last seminar, last presentation...It's surreal on so many levels. I have a feeling once this really hits me, I'll be a wreck1, but for now I am pleasantly melancholy and so happy with my memories.

It helps that I'm keeping myself busy2.

1. So before then I need to invest in due South. *makes notes*
2. In no particular order: working on various essays, on tomorrow's presentation; working out on my WiiFit; trying not to get dragged into due South fic; watching the Regeneration film.
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So, I seem to be reading due South fic and panicking about the future. It's all very 2006 around here.

I am desperately tempted to buy the last season of due South as I lost all my original episodes when my first external harddrive crashes (may I take a moment to note that no one ever warns one that this could happen? Oh, no, it's all "back it up on the external harddrive, in case your computer crashes!" but not word one about what you're supposed to do when your external harddrive dies?). I have neither time nor money to get into it right now, and yet it is desperately tempting, because due South is a lovely, happy place for me and right now I miss it. I do love the fic and the fandom, but occasionally, I crave the episodes. I'm particularly wanting "Mountie on the Bounty" right now, or maybe "Odds", or "Say Amen" or "Call of the Wild". I just... so many of the other shows I watch - I'm thinking specifically of Doctor Who and Being Human - are, for all their humour, kind of Tragic and Deep and Meaningful with intentional caps. Whereas due South is nothing in caps, except mayve Awesome, and it moves me and makes me happy and I miss it.

I also have an irrational urge to write Wilde RPS. This is all entirely the fault of Pat Barker and her stupid Regeneration trilogy and it's stupid queer subtext. By which I mean: I am re-reading the books for my "Great War" module; they are possibly actually better than I remember them. The relationship between Rivers and Sassoon, especially, got to me this time, in a way that it didn't the first time I read through it - particularly in the last scene between them, when Rivers is warning Sassoon about the Black Book. Oh my heart! (As an aside, this also makes me go, Oh my heart!: Sassoon’s description of the doctor in 'Sherston’s Progress', lingering as it does on Rivers’s warm smile and endearing habits- he often sat, spectacles pushed up on forehead, with his hands clasped around one knee- suggests that it was more than liking he felt. And privately he was rather franker, telling Marsh, whom he knew would understand, that he ‘loved [Rivers] at first sight.’ Damn it all, Sassoon, I don't want to like you this much.) But the book in general - there are so few aspects of it that don't hit some fiction kink of mine, it's kind of ridiculous. It's one of the few books that manages to make me laugh and think and get ridiculously angry and morose. And I get to write about it. \o/

How, however, does this equal wanting to write Wilde RPS? Mostly, this is Michael Sheen's fault for being in the Guardian so much in the past week. Paired with Robert Ross's presence in Regeneration (hovering in the background like some sort of spectre of persecution), I've had this huge urge to write about Robbie Ross being haunted by Wilde. Why this does not already exist, I do not know, though I must say I am most disappointed by the internet in this instance. It needs writing, because - as we all know - ghosts are really just figments of our own imagination (except perhaps Bob Fraser...) and Robbie would remember him as he was before Reading, even if it hurt; he'd have the laughing, camp Oscar, and it would be inappropriate - the World War 1 raging outside - but at the same time it would be so needed, and it would allow for those things that hadn't been said yet; the apologies that Oscar owed him and he, maybe, owed Oscar.

I have a feeling that at the end of this narrative, Robbie dies. Which brings me right back to why I need to get my filthy hands on some episodes of due South.
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I've listened to this song six times in a row now. It's ridiculously soothing and suits my mood kind of perfectly. I love the gentleness of the Zulu words particularly - they sound so...sweeping.

Today's weird. It was mostly normal until I curled up to read The End of the Affair. It's cold outside and the snow's still coming down, and I've been reading as the light fades, meaning that my room is mostly dark, just my bedside lamp lighting up enough to read. It is so quiet, so - unreal, almost - so peaceful in a rather sad way. I don't want to leave my bed; even though I know that part of the reason I feel so sad, so melancholy right now is because of the dark, because I feel so far away from the rest of the house. But it's warm here, and quiet, and I think I'll stay a little bit longer.

Two weeks ago, I was accepted onto Sussex University's Gender Studies MA. So far, six people know: a guy from my course, R, my parents, Bean and Gemma. I'm feeling very ambivalent about it. I am pleased to have got in; the course has everything I want and the department is the best in the country. Still, I don't particularly like Brighton, the town the University is nearest, and I feel like moving to a smaller city, with a university that's further from the city, is just the opposite of the wishes I set out for myself. Three months ago, I was going to be in Newcastle with Gemma; now I'm at the opposite end of the country, and Gemma will probably be at a university nearby, but not that near.

I know it's just a year. I know. But a year breaks down into a lot of days, and right now, I think I need to be sad about what I thought I wanted, before I can be happy about what I want now.
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I am drinking wine, eating caramel shortcake bites and reading Oscar Wilde, with a slight breeze coming from the window and the heat of an electric blanket below me.

mmmm, hedonistic. And best of all? This is me doing homework.
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I have made sweet potato pie! And rolls! I feel so domestic - today I cleaned and cooked and baked, and it was amazingly nice. It felt really good and active; like I achieved things (things that made other people happy and warmed up my house!). I did also create a mini-anthology of World War I poetry, but in the grand scheme of things, cooking is much more exciting.

I also read Stargate: Atlantis fic (Nunc Dimittis - Rodney is a monk and John is a wayward knight, and OH MY, how much do I love medieval AUs? Medieval AUs that take place in monastries!) and watched seven episodes of Darkwing Duck while cooking and why can't every day be like this? For serious. I could get behind that.

(However, tomorrow I need to finish reading Jude the Obscure - current front-runner in the category worst literary characters ever - and buy and read Endgame, as well as fill out several funding forms for masters funding and current SU funding and possibly clean my room. I also need to book a table for Friday - my second anniversary,yay! Also, as of tomorrow, there's two weeks until I get my grades. I want them now, curse the English department!)

But until then, I am going to eat sweet potato pie, listen to Working on a Dream and feel calm. mmm, yes.
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I'm very seriously considering begging off a party one of my friends' girlfriend is hosting tomorrow, so I'll be awake to go to church. It's a little silly, because HI I don't see my friends that often, and HI, student. Drinking with friends is kind of a thing you know? But I didn't get to church last Sunday because of travel, and I miss it, and I miss England, and I'd rather be awake and go to church and then go home and get some work done.

(Also, this place is ridiculously pretty and zen and parties are not. On the whole.)

On a completely unrelated note, look at the Gender & Sexuality MA at Manchester. It's looks an awful lot like a course with pratical application, and seems to have a lot of cross-over between cultural studies and sociology and it is so my second choice now. Seriously, it looks ridiculously good.

(Newcastle, of course, remains my top priority, but still. I would not be unhappy at Manchester.)

I should go to bed. It's really rather unlikely that I will be able to write anything sensible on my dissertation when I'm about to face plant into the keyboard.
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Among my notes for my essay on Catcher in the Rye, I've written (hopefully, this will illustrate that Marie is actually doing something useful with her life and not just indulging herself \o/), which is special in itself, but then a little further down, there's note saying Mormon underwear kink, who knew?

I really shouldn't do notes while watching films, I feel. Particularly not films with gay sex. Hee!

Also, I have booked open days for Warwick and Newcastle, which is a step in the right direction re: making decisions about the future (Newcastle, iiih!) and have been listening to hymns on my iPod while cocooned in Gemma's room reading Emma. This is making me feel very warm and safe and like maybe my life is still a little bit awesome, even if it is also a big confusing mess.

Also, Far From Heaven is on TV. Mmm, hot chocolate, Gemma and Julianne Moore.

But there will still be dancing tomorrow night. And haircuts with Bean on Wednesday.
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So, hey, as of today, Gemma and I have been together for twenty months, which is weird, because on one hand it feels like longer (I mean, we got together in first year, that's ages ago), but on the other hand - 20 months. Huh. I kind of didn't expect that. Which makes it all the more exciting. And just lovely. I feel so lucky, you know?


There's been a re-shuffle in my house in past days, as R has given up her course in France and returned to Leicester, thus prompting boyT&girlT to move out and into a bedsit together. While I'm happy to have R back (really, really happy, because R is the easiest person in the world to chat to and one of the most fun to argue with) I really wish boyT weren't moving, because I hardly see anything of him as it is, and I like him.

I'm feeling a bit discontent about my house in general anyway, since the moving in of JD, who is neurotic and worried and talks all the time and is kind of badly socialized and keeps trying to pick arguments with me about really, really stupid things. And it's not fair to be frustrated about him, it's not fair to hold it against him that he's him, but honestly - I miss my old house. And I miss being pervy and having inside jokes and quoting Spaced at each other and not having to explain things every five minutes (and yes, I realize it's semi-recently that I've had all that, but seriously - this summer was so good, it's kind of sad that it couldn't continue on into the year)

On the plus side, J and I have taken to quoting The West Wing at each other. Further creation of in-house fandom, yay!

Also on the plus side, university started today in epic form, with a lecture on the Romantics (who are always epic and always comedy gold) and seminar on coming of age in American which was so excellent I think I may be in love. I'm a little wary of getting too excited - second year apparently did a better job of almost breaking me than I thought - but for now? I'm really happy with it; it's exactly what I want, yes please. I've been reading Go Tell it on the Mountain by James Baldwin and Catcher in the Rye, and I can actually feel my brain kicking in and working - I want to take notes, I want to remember certain themes and ideas, but at the same time, I actually enjoy the books. Which is novel and new and have I mentioned how happy I am that this isn't second year anymore?


Sep. 23rd, 2008 02:09 pm
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When you see Dr ---- later this week, she will explain that there is a place available in the AM STUDS seminar for Coming of Age, which meets on Monday mornings.

That's it. Third year is officially going to be the most awesome year so far.

You guys, I get to discuss Catcher in the Rye. IIIIIIIH! *flails madly*
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Yesterday, Gem and I trekked to the Borders on the outskirts of Leicester. And while I feel my book-buying alliciancy for the most part belongs to independent bookstores and Waterstones - glee! The store was a proper, epic, American-style store, with shelves and shelves of books, a huge magazine section, a proper Starbucks upstairs and an amazing children's book section. I was a little bit in heaven (so much so that I kind of forgot all about sensible budgeting and accidentally spent more than I should have, oops?), particularly because it was just so - familiar, I guess? Don't get me wrong, I love bookbrowsing in Waterstones, but this was so *big*, like you could browse for days and still not find everything, or discover some shelf category you hadn't seen before (seriously, it had all these hide-away shelves where it made *no sense*, which would have been annoying if I was looking for something specific, but was awesome since I wasn't).

Also, I found the last Anne of Green Gables book that I needed, so I now have the complete set. This makes me far happier than it should. I also picked up Olivia by Dorothy Strachey, which came with a pretty vintage cover (the plan is to read it aloud to Gemma, which should be interesting); The Waves by Virigina Woolf, which I'm looking forward to kind of disproportionately; Days of Reading by Marcel Proust (also equipped with a beautiful cover,) and a book on analysis and writing for academic purposes. Which made me think of my dissertation which is currently ever so slightly stalled. Hurrah?

Speaking of my dissertation - or rather, academic life - I've been thinking about post-graduate study far too much lately for my own sanity. I even managed to majorly depress B while she was here, which was quite impressive. It's just - the future, you know? And it's RIGHT THERE, just "around the next bend in the road", as Anne might say, and what if I'm not ready? What if I'm not good enough? What if I don't want this enough? What if I choose the wrong school, the wrong place and break my passion for English permanently? Particularly I'm worried because my academic interests aren't particularly coherent, and so I'm not completely sure what I want to do, and I'm desperately afraid that if I commit to something, I'll discover that I've lost something else - if I choose women and gender, will I end up at university that doesn't teach American literature - but then if I choose American literature, can I be sure I'll get critical theory and cultural criticism?

I'd say I'm tempted to take a year out, but frankly that's a lie. I'm far more scared of the real world than anything in academia.

But, in happy-making news, I got an email from the teaching co-ordinator for English saying that I may be able to transfer from Ibsen to Containment & Resistance for my special subject in semester one. So I may get to do American Studies after all, which means that next year is looking up even more - impressive, considering I've even been feeling upbeat about the Romantics.

Also, recently I have been watching insane amounts of Star Trek: Voyager and so much love, you guys. But that's for a different post. I need to go grocery shopping.
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You know, you mention to your friends that you may have a slight crush on a TV personality, and suddenly you find yourself implicated in plans to kidnap said TV personality and do - how did R word it? - wrong things to said personality. It occurs to me that sanity is quite thin on the ground in my house. Also that I didn't have this problem when I was geeking out over QI - no one ever accused me of wanting to kidnap Stephen Fry.

(Still: HEE, I'm going to see Frankie Boyle live in December!)


My dissertation has taken another turn, but this time I think it will stay, for the simple reason that what I've proposed this time fits thematically with what I've been doing so far at university (for, obviously, continuity is important as an undergraduate and there's no sense in branching out or trying something new. Right.) So, the current proposal: Escape and the engagement situation in post-modern literature. Which also has the advantage of being tangentially related to my submitted title by way of fairytales.

Speaking of the future and academia, I've been reading Virginia Woolf's The Common Reader. It's a collection of essays, and as with all Virginia Woolf's writing, I am filled with envy and awe when I read it. She is so damn smart and persuasive and elegant. Furthermore her writing is filled with a justification of its own existence - everything she writes, it seems, defends why literature is an art, why it's important. And her essays are helping, really, making me feel like maybe I've got something worthwhile going here, that perhaps I can do something worthwhile with my degree.


Also, I've actually been doing some writing. One finished story, one at 2,000 words and holding and, uh, a Narnia fic that I wasn't going to write currently holding at 700 words. And an essay on reading. I'm particularly geared up about the essay, because it's easy going, fun to write and think about. I'm not sure it's the most useful of my writing projects, but it may yet be the most exciting.


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1. Exams are done! DONE! No more medieval literature ever, no more restoration, DONE.

1a. Sir Thomas More > everything. sort of.

2. Tonight I am going pretty myself up, put on a dress and take my girlfriend out for steak and wine. Freedom!

2a. And tomorrow, Bean and I are going to get our hair cut short and girly. Yay! This time tomorrow I may even have a fringe. Which I haven't had in two years. That should be exciting!

3. Currently barreling my way through Olli and Christian's story on youtube. Because if Hollyoaks insists on giving Kieron and John Paul another month long break, I need to get my kicks elsewhere (SEND HELP! SEND HELP NOW! THIS SOAP OPERA THING CANNOT POSSIBLY BE HEALTHY) Also This is ridiculously hot and the playlist feature on Youtube is pure, distracting evil.

3a. Oh, German, how are you so silly?

4. Michael Chabon, you guys! He's all pretentious and wordy and I'm kind of madly, madly in love with The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, but particularly Sam, who's all kinds of messed up and repressed and doesn't recognize all the conflicting impulses he has and I just. HEART. It's just so, so good and I'm only 200 pages in.

5. Did I mention the FREEDOM?
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Because I am a genius person, I almost dragged my bed down into the cellar today. I'd been told that the delivery date for my new bed (OMG YAY, new bed soon!) was tomorrow - however, a quick inspection of my email revealed that, actually, my bed isn't arriving until the 4th of June. Hurrah for double checking! (Albeit after I actually stripped my bed and cleaned my room in preparation for the new bed. So smart.)

Speaking of general genius, today was my first exam. It went as these things tend to - I felt like I could have written a lot more than I did, much more coherently than I did, but I feel like the problem is more the format of the exam, than my own performance. Yes, I suppose I could have done more work, but on the other hand, I knew what I was talking about, and I knew how to get it across. Just not in the time alloted to me. So it goes, and I've resigned myself to the possibility of getting a 2.2 for the course. I'm still hoping for a 2.1, but I can accept a 2.2.

The important thing is that now I can forget all about the Restoration period, and instead turn my mind towards my twin loves of Renaissance history and Sir Thomas More. And possibly also to medieval literature and the madness of Margery Kempe, which is proving rather more entertaining than it probably should be.

As if to reward me for surviving my exams, two rather wonderful pieces of fic appeared today on [ profile] jpkieron; clearly someone somewhere loves me, because this is a fandom with notoriously bad writing in it. Blather about the fandom and glee about the source )

Unrelated to anything: I haven't been able to get We Rule the School out of my head for days now. I'm not sure what it is about it particularly that moves me so much, but I can't stop humming it over and over. In general, I'm obsessing over Belle and Sebastian - have been for the past three months, but it's flared up again quite dramatically during my revision and now the song is stuck in my head.

Some notes upon the watching of Eurovision )

Life, you guys. Life.
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1. Kieron's speech on sex, religion and moving with the times is so incredibly lovely.


3. I want an icon that says Gay Catholic Priest Two Times Teenage Boy with Transvestite. Oh, Hollyoaks. Don't ever change.

I have done five hours of note-taking for medieval today, which is quite impressive (for me any way). Perhaps even more impressively, I'm kind of coming around to it. Granted, it's late in the game, but I get points for showing up, right? Also, do I get points for mixing metaphors, there?

Right. Off to do another hour of work and then Feet of Clay as my reward; Discworld is still the best kind of relaxation you can find in book form, particularly Discworld books that include sentences like In which may be found the croutons of teatime, which I need to work into conversation somehow.

(And now, back to Pearl. No. Seriously.)
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1. Yesterday, Bean and I went to her minister's for dinner and ended up having a huge discussion about feminism, Christianity and gay rights and it was absolutely amazing. I haven't felt so challenged and engaged in ages. I felt like I was able to make coherent points, I felt that Bean and I were able to compliment each other in the discussion, and the people we were debating with actually listened - and I listened to them, which. It was weird and I went home and kept thinking about what we were talking about. I felt smart and intrigued and like I wanted to learn more about what we'd been talking about.

Here's my question, then: why don't I feel that way about my degree programme?

2. Last night I had my first stress-sleep. I kept waking up, thinking I had to be somewhere, or that I hadn't completed something, or that I'd forgotten to study something.

I have thirteen days until my first exam. If this continues until then, I will actually go insane before I even reach my exams.

3. Our dissertation lists are up and my supervisor is possibly the person in the department I have the least affinity for. I don't dislike her, I just don't get along with her. She's my personal tutor as well, and I cannot communicate with her; she was no help at all trying to decide the title of my dissertation. Thanks a bunch, Department! If you could maybe see fit to change my exam dates to a week earlier, that'd just be peachy!


4. In news, completely unrelated to my academic career: Keith Olbermann owns my soul. Bush is horrible on levels I can't quite comprehend, but Keith Olbermann's smackdown is a joy to behold.
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My first exam is in 15 days. Ask me how much revision I've done.

Actually, don't. It's too depressing.

Speaking of academia, our special subjects have been assigned, and I'm doing 'Ibsen' in my first semester and 'The Great War' in my second. 'The Great War' was my first choice, so I'm pretty much overjoyed (Regeneration essay, here I come!), but as for 'Ibsen', I'm kind of disappointed - even though I shouldn't be, it's my own damn choice. I was just so into my first choice - 'Coming of Age in America' - because I'm all about narratives of adolescence, and I love American literature (in fact, at times I think I prefer it to English, certainly for historical contexts) and I wanted so badly to do Catcher in the Rye again, not to mention A Home at the End of the World, so. I don't know, it's just that the themes of adolescence - sexuality, identity, familial relationships, all that jazz - that's what I'm interested in, besides writing and storytelling as general themes (my second year essays, let me show you them). But at least with Ibsen, I can feel superior about being able to read the plays in the original. Not that I'm arrogant in the least. Or anything.

But, seriously, Catcher in the Rye. WANT.

On the bright side, I have finished my critical theory essay (seriously, I feel like I've been writing it forever now. Still, I'm okay with how it turned out, even if I'm not expecting anything special - it's a very straight forward, conventional essay, and I know some people are doing amazing things with theirs. It was fun to write, so who cares, really?); I have sorted out my economics for this month and, hopefully, next month as well; I've requested time off work for exams; I just had a delicious lunch with Gemma and the sun is still shining, which always helps. Life, on the whole, is pretty amazing.

Except for the special subject thing, the exam thing and the fact that my mother has bought a new puppy and I'm not at home to play with it. That's growing up for you, right?

Also, these spoilers for Hollyoaks are cheering me up, as is this clip from Brothers and Sisters. Oh, boys!
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1. So, yesterday I may have shrieked 'IN A CONFESSIONAL' loud enough for everyone in my house to hear me.

But, really - talk about ticking ALL my boxes. The confessional scene! The awkward no-we're-not-having-a-personal-conversation-in-public conversation! "I've never wanted anything so much"! Also, hello Kieron's collarbone! And hi, the kiss at the end? BOYS! GAH!

(I'm totally ignoring the first conversation they have, because it's silly. Very silly.)

2. Yesterday I went out, got drunk and had fake lesbian interaction with my Bean and K from our course. T'was awesome and needs to be repeated. (Have I mentioned that I love my coursemates? And that Bean and I are possibly the weirdest people in the world? In a good way. And that I HAVE NO SHAME? It's not good. Except for the part where it is.)

3. Exams? What exams? *whistles*

3a. Essays? What essays?
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My real-life is something of a muddle. My father was in Leicester, Monday to Tuesday, and it was so nice to see him again, but now I miss him terribly, and I'm not going home until July; I was sent home from work yesterday after I had a minor collapse due to cramps, which did not exactly heighten my opinion of the day in general; and a couple of my housemates are in a mood with the rest of us, due to discussions of rooming arrangements next year. Not exactly the best start ever to a week, if I'm honest.

Apart from that, I have my last Critical Theory seminar on Friday, which means it'll be the last time I see my seminar tutor. Which makes me quite sad, since he's absolutely amazing (and so is CT, which is another reason for sadness.)

On the other hand, I have finished my Satire and Sense essay, and only need to edit (and possibly create a conclusion for) my Critical Theory essay, which is a very good thing; Gemma's been taking care of me, which has been, well, wonderful (I'm...kind of bad at dealing with people taking care of me - I feel obliged to help. However, Gemma got rather strict with me, so. Yes.); I'm beginning to think I may just be able to scrape by my exams. Also I've been reading Stephen Jay Gould's Life's Grandeur, which is amazing and beautiful and kind of makes me wish I were more of a scientist. Or smart enough to be able to use his theories in some way for my academic work (which remind me, I really, really need to start thinking seriously about my dissertation. And possibly considering re-reading Anansi Boys.)


Quite apart from everything else, I've got a craving for World Without End fic. Which disappointingly still doesn't exist. The book's been out for six months, people!Spoilers! )

Speaking of things related to the fandom life: Beat It. I love Patrick. Like, a lot. (His voice, you guys!)

Also, DADT, Damyata, Dayadhvam messed with me. I can't believe how short it is for something that packs such a powerful punch. It's an SG:A alternate universe, where Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell isn't just a law - it's a chip, implanted into everyone affiliated with the US military. It gets to me on a number of levels and some of them make me a little uncomfortable, but I recommend it whole-heartedly. It is amazing.


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