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The always awesome Sofie was here yesterday, and we watched Hot Fuzz. Which is still hilarious, even though I've watched it like five times in three weeks. Sofie seemed very entertained as well (if the hysterical laughter and comments of "Oh god, this is mad!" were anything to go by, anyway) and I think converted to the idea of Nicholas/Danny (because, dude, the film is not subtle. About anything really. Which is part of it's charm and I really kind of love it a lot for it). On that note, may I recommend Progress by [ profile] prairiestar, which follows on directly from the film and is just lovely and slow and incredibly hot for a PG-13.

We also watched the always excellent American President and Jesus Christ Superstar and I was gleeful about Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. We walked the dogs (PUPPY! It's so cute and playful and bite-y, oh my god, I have been bitten by the damn thing everywhere) and helped my mum cook, and were very social. It was very good. Makes me wish Sofie lived closer (or, you know, in the same country 85% of the time) so we could see each other more. But we'll always have the internet.

In other news:

- The Sopranos is awesome. I'm at episode 4 and cannot stop watching.

- Princess and the Frog trailer! So pretty and hand drawn! Is it 2009 yet?!
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I have once again spent a marvelous day with my dearest Sofie. You're all jealous, I can tell.

The day included: Jesus Christ Superstar (*flails*), Velvet Goldmine (*FLAILS* Oh, Christian Bale, you big dork, you), The Marx Brothers, His Girl Friday (Banter! Oh, the banter is *awesome*. And also, how is Hildy Johnson so badass?), discussions of work (general consensus: work bad), feeling pretty (oh so pretty), Bandom (oh Sofie, you so cool) and Lee Mead.

T'was awesome.

(also, Sofie's uni work is, like, ridiculous. So much to memorize!)
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So, I'm kind of madly happy. I'm not entirely sure why, either, particularly because I've had moments of extreme malaise and worry about exams and my future during today, but it sort of passed during Medieval Lit (though I still say a lecture at 5 till 6 is unreasonably late), stuck between Becca and Phil and making stupid comments and jokes about religion (University: if you can't make fun of it, it ain't worth studying). Which is awesome, since it means that now I'm here, sleepy and quite content. Mmmmm. Even though I am vaguely missing Gemma, who's gone home for two days. It's not too bad, though, sort of a comfortable ache.

I mean, I'm still worried about my grades (which I don't get until next week and, I just - I've never felt so badly after an exam, and it's not really a comfortable feeling) and my thesis (because it's soon, really soon now, and I'm still not entirely sure what I want to write about: Fairytales and the Creation of Identity in The Book of Lost Things, The Function of the Fictional in The Book of the Duchess or something completely different, maybe to do with gender. And it's the fact that I don't feel like there's anyone in the faculty I could really go to to get help with this that's annoying me most of all, I think) and I still don't feel like I'm keeping up as well as I should be - I kind of feel like everyone else has a lot more terminology than me, or at least, it comes easier to them than it does to me, which is frustrating, particularly because I could be doing more work and I'm sort of...not.

Still, fuck it, I'm happy. I've got friends and Critical Theory and will quite possibly be able to do gender studies for my second Restoration essay, which would just be plain awesome.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a short story called 'The Storyteller', which I actually quite like. And now there's a creative writing competition at University and I am tempted. Very tempted. On the other hand, I am very awkward about showing something I like that isn't fandom related to anyone. Particularly this story, which is the first thing I've written since this summer and is , well, important to me. Also, I'm not sure it doesn't need editing, but I'm kind of sensitive about it - I don't really want someone to rip it apart. Dilemma.

Speaking of writing, I have about 1000 words of English Department fic, except it has completely departed the world of RPF and entered the world of original fiction (which is both exciting and odd) and also it is present tense. Which is...freaky. I'll probably end up changing it. Mostly I'm just kind of surprised I'm writing. It's both nice and frustrating because, well, as I was talking to Sofie about when she was here, I don't really think of myself as a writer. I think of myself as an academic writer (to a certain degree, anyway), but not a fiction writer. And yet, now it's as if something is working and I'm writing - not all the time, but sometimes. It's very strange.

It's also frustrating, because guess who hasn't started on her Restoration passage analysis yet? Oh, that would be me! (And it's due in in two weeks, why do I do this to myself?)

Oh! Finally, may I highly recommend Company of Liars? I got it from Gemma for our anniversary and it hooked me; it's about a band of travellers during the first year of the plague - a trader in sacred relics, a couple on the run, a deformed storyteller, a magician, two musicians, a healer and little girl who tells runes. It manages to be both a riveting, creepy story as well as interesting on a human level; the characters are compelling, the history well-researched and worked into the text (none of that exposition blather) and captures the sense of fear that the plague must have evoked believably. It's just really, really good and has an excellent narrative voice and a really awesome twist at the end. Very, very much recommended.

And now I should probably go to bed, so I am well-rested for tomorrow's day o'Torchwood. Mmm.
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1. A week ago, Sofie went home, which was very sad, but before then we had an awesome week where too much money was spent, too much tv was watched and too much squeeing was done. Much love, Sofie ♥!

2. Yesterday was the premiere of Torchwood which had me full of squee and will be fully discussed in a post coming soon to an LJ near you.

3. My exams are done and sucked and I hate them, hate them, but they are done and that is, at least, something.

4. Two of my closest friends broke up and I haven't spoken to either of them in ages and I feel like a terrible friend. Also I am dealing badly with the reality of their no longer being together.
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It's not quite New Year yet, but I was in a weird mood and so I did this now.

The Year in Review )
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Sorry it's a bit rushed but:


I hope you have an awesome day because, honey, no one deserves it more than you.

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I'm going to have to go into debt. Possibly. On the bright side, it'll probably only be for two months, less than that if I can get a job, but still. It's a big scary thing and I'd really, really like a hug. Look at me, not dealing with the adult world!

Also, I won't have internet until the 28th now, due to mismanagement at SKY. Boo!

On the school front, I am both looking forward to and dreading the start of term, as my courses for this semester are Old England, Chaucer and Renaissance Literature, meaning I have a course in a foreign language (sob!), a semi-foreign (I KNOW Chaucer is supposed to be awesome and all that, but still...) and a course that requires reading Paradise Lost and the Faerie Queene. To be fair, I only need to read 40 more pages of 'Paradise' and I'll be done, but still. Long. Loooooong. One day, I will hunt down whoever decided "screw it, we can tell stories just as well in prose as in verse" and buy him/her a drink. My issue is really that none of my thrills appear this term, and also that learning new languages is one of my phobias on par with, like, skiing or something like that.

That's not to say there are no bright sides; Gemma will move in to her house permanently as of Friday (and bring up the Pratchetts I'm missing, yay geek girlfriend!); Ros and Mike are over for dinner tonight (argh, I have no money for groceries); SKY TV has been set up, so I have about a million channels; I have managed to purchase all my text books for less than £60; my room has furniture (desk, wardrobe, chest of drawers, bedside cabinet, HUGE BOOKSHELF, YEAH) and plants; new Prachett book out on the 24th of September; when I've finished 'Paradise Lost' I can dedicate myself to reading 'The Ghost Road', the last book in the Regeneration series which is just. I can't describe it. It's brilliant and heartbreaking and moving and queer and all my buttons, people. I mean, it has the added bonus that it reads like a check-list of postmodern literary theories, but just the characters, man, particularly Billy and Rivers and I must admit a soft spot for Owen and Manning in book two (The Eye in the Door). It's like the best kind of WW1 fic, I think I'm in love. Preference currently for Regeneration over The Eye in the Door, but I read both of them in record time because I couldn't put them down and it's been a while since that happened to me.

Finally, my mother got married this Saturday, which was kind of awesome, and I saw Sofie on Sunday which was majorly for the win, and spending lots and lots of time with Gemma is never bad, so it's not like I'm unhappy with life, really.

Just scared. Very scared. I'm not sure this grown-up thing is for me.
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I am currently reading Thanks for the Memories: Sex, Love and World War II, which among other things has this quote:

The well-regulated, clean Honlulu brothel distric was[...]"the best little red-light district in the U.S."

Aw, Honolulu: the little red-light district that could!

In other news, Sofie remains as awesome as ever; we watched and cried our way through the rest of Band of Brothers yesterday, watched a lot of the extra material (Ron Livingston is surprisingly funny; Ross McCall is surprisingly British; Damian Lewis is *also* surprisingly competent; guy-who-plays-Buck-Compton is hilarious; Tom Hanks is made from WIN!) and finally concluded the following: Ron Livingston is hot. Damian Lewis is very, very purdy. It is true. This made Sofie and I crack up repeatedly yesterday. In public. And then we had inappropriate conversations. In public. There is no bad here! (These conversations may have included discussions of "Jesus Will Fill Every Hole!" teeshirts and kinky Mounties threesomes. Sofie is awesome.)

We also watched Eddie. Hilda, Hilda, get me a map of everything!

sooper-sekrit message for Sofie: the fic is Leave-Taking - makes Crossroads *better*, I promise!
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So, yesterday I went to see the always lovely and brilliant (as well as pointy and perfect!)[ profile] lattara and, being a giving and sharing type person, I introduced her to the brilliance that is Band of Brothers (apparently her brother's been trying to get her interested in the show for a while now. Clearly, I know how to sell things!) and she was naturally hooked. As I've said before, the show is *excellent* - it is possibly the best depiction of the Second World War in any media (okay, except for The Book Thief, but that's *different*); it's well acted, the cinematography is brilliant and you can't *help* love these men. Particularly because it's ten hours long and best watched in bulk.

Anyway, there is a natural consequence of this, which is that she's craving fic. And what kind of friend would I be if I didn't provide?

First, a few general fandom things:
The 'Band of Brothers' overveiw at the crack_van - probably the best way to get a grasp of who's who in BoB, 'cause god knows the show itself isn't much help in that direction. Spoilers up to The Last Patrol

[ profile] likethesun2 also has a pic-spam up here which highlights the interpersonal relationships of the men and is also hilarious. Contains spoilers for all the episodes.

[ profile] skyearth85 has a giant list of all fic written in the fandom, spanning three LJ-entries here. If you have a day or two, go for it!

Apart from that, [ profile] crack_van has 13 recs for Band of Brothers with more incoming this month.

And [ profile] garnettrees explains the relationships of Easy in Easy Company Woke Up Gay!

(She also has a Illustrated BoB Story Book: Dick Winters Buys a Clue)

However, I have my own favourites (all Winters/Nixon, because I am a girl with an OTP), and since this is my LJ, I figure I'd rec 'em. Don't say I never do anything for you, Sofie!

Quit looking at me like that! )

Hope that hit the spot, Sofie! ♥ Have I mentioned that I love this fandom recently?
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I'm back! *cancans* China was hot, stuffy and awesome - I was particularly fond of Shanghai, though it's way too big (22 million people is not a city, it's a frickin' country.); compared to Beijing it's incredibly open and fun to wander around. Beijing is kind of sterile and far, far too touristy for my taste and also has really creepy government buildings (I mean that the buildings are creepy. The government dealings which go on inside the buildings might be creepy. And speaking of creepy: 1984 is now one of my favourite books and The Assualt on Reason is brilliant. Al Gore = such a geek). Shanghai also has a a street which is called The City of Book: a gorgeous, lovely street which includes a seven-storey Foreign Language Bookstore where I bought 9 books for just under 200 kr. YAY!

But the real place of awesome was Yangzhou, a scenic little backpacking town buried among mountains - we took a river boat to get there from Guilin, which is the biggest city near by. So fabulous, with lots of really cheap bars where I could sit and have a drink and read or write and just *relax* - something that was distinctly lacking in Beijing and Shanghai.

Anyway, for those interested, I have photos up here.

(is it obvious I'd run out of photos by the time we hit Shanghai?)

Meanwhile, I am now back! And have spent most of today raiding the internet for Band of Brothers fic (I went two weeks without, I think I'm entitled to a day of getting back in touch with my inner slasher) and feeling a little bit ill - post-trip exhaustion is a joy for all. But the Band of Brothers fic is helping. A lot. I may even crack out a rec post, though it probably won't be necessary since - praise the slash-gods - for once my timing is *perfect* and August on the [ profile] crack_van sees BOB as a small fandom. Again. YAY, 12 more recs with any luck.

man, August is going to be good. First Sofie in two days (SOFIE!) and then Gemma in 11 days (I HAVEN'T SEEN HER FOR OVER A MONTH. HELP. Seriously. Why does it keep getting worse?) and then, on the 31st, I move into my house. Seriously, guys. I'm pretty damn gleeful about August.

It's good to be back!
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I spent a goodly portion of today curled up in a hammock listening to Disney and reading Multiculturalism And the Mouse. I'm so cool, I should wear sunglasses when I sleep. (Incidentally, I also read the Tempest out there and fell asleep. Which really should just *add* to my cool cred.)

In other, equally cool, news, spent yesterday with Sofie, mostly, well. Perving on Take That really. Oh, Sofie subtly tried to avoid being forced to watch the DVD, but in the end she fell, and hard. We were maybe half-way into Once You've Tasted Love before she capitulated, due to my most excellent convincing, and also, possibly, Mark Owen's dimples. All in all, very successful. By the end, Sofie was commenting that Back for Good was totally about Robbie Williams, so I claim this one in the name of boybandness! (Also in the name of OT4-ness. Hee! Though I also have a newfound craving for Jason/Mark which I have NO IDEA where came from. Jesus. Shut UP, brain.)

We obviously also did other things, like talk (or rather, I giddied about Gemma and Sofie giggled at me) and watch Foyle's War (which is completely made from win and other good things, and also had Brutus from Rome in a small role.) and watch Linie Tre, during which Sofie made quite a few rather tragically bad comments, and I had to stare at her in horror a lot, which was fun. *grins*

Finally, how awesome is Mika? Very awesome. And also, Mark Owen's Pieces of Heaven is an incredibly gorgeous song. Buying the CDs was still stupid, but damn, they're good. Particularly Life in Cartoon Motion. Oh, man.

Oh, final thing: Man, season three of Who just continues to rock, doesn't it? *loves Martha so damn much* And Talullah is incredibly cute - even if I don't care about the Daleks as most Who fans seem to. But really, I'm still stuck fangirling Martha at the end of Gridlocked. I. Just. Yes! It's *exactly* what Ten needs in a companion. Someone will sit down and say, "I'm not buying it - tell me the truth." Oh, Martha, how are you so awesome?
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Just put Sofie on her bus, which hopefully will transport her safely to the airport, from where she'll safely be transported back to Denmark. It was awesome having her here - when is it not awesome hanging around Sofie? - even though I spent far, far too much money (Sofie and I are really bad influences on each other. On the plus side, I do now have the cutest dress in the history of cuteness. Even if it is too short to wear without jeans under) on clothes, books, movies and what-have-you. And of course, Sofie summarily charmed all my friends, which was a joy to see. And naturally, many discussions of fandom, porn and the state of the world (and sometimes all at once) were had. T'was awesome!
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Sofie's going to be here in just under three hours! I'm ridiculously excited - Sofie! In England! In Leicester, no less. How can that be anything except awesome? However, I am of course woefully unprepared for her imminent arrival - I haven't bought bus tickets (though, okay, that's perhaps a little less immediately important), I haven't hoovered yet (which I need to do like, now) and my laundry is more pressing than previously ancipated (though, really, it can wait until tomorrow.) None of that really matters though, because Sofie's coming! Yay!

The main reason I haven't been doing all these things is because I've not been much home this week. After finishíng my essay Wednesday, I've all but moved to Gemma's. I'm still falling for her to the point where it's worrying me a little - she was snoring last night, and I found it helplessly endearing. Still find it helplessly endearing. I catch myself just staring at her sometimes. It's odd, but good. So, so good. Even if I do have a few moments of complete panic about losing it suddenly.

However! Since, naturally, when I've been home, I haven't been doing anything serious, I have been reading The Road to Nevada by [ profile] lamardeuse. It's a wonderful SGA AU, set in the 1930s, with John as a down-on-his-luck former Air Force pilot, looking for a job from McKay, whose a scientist and plane-builder. It's long and plotty and it builds up the romance so damn well, it seems so natural, without dominating the story in any way - the main story is the road trip. And it's historical setting is used to the utmost, which leaves me ridiculously fangirly. Read it!

And now, to the hoovermobile!
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So, yesterday was spent at Sofie's house, and Sofie, as we all know, rocks like an unbelievable rocking thing, that she does.Also, she dusted off the ol' Velvet Goldmine dvd, which means that I have finally seen Velvet Goldmine. I am amazed. And it only took me, what, four, five years? Ever since I discovered popslash. I am woefully slow. But I have now seen it and can declare it funny, sad, good and omgsohot. I actually spent an hour last ngith trying to find a screencap of Christian Bale being all repressed with his hand clutching his arm, but I couldn't find it, all I could find was this ) *woe* And yes, I did find him inherently dorky and awkward and stalkerish, but still. Hee!
I was actually a little surprised at how in-your-face the lovestory parts were, even though I shouldn't have been. It was was hot and pretty and angsty and omgsogood. It's one of those movies that make you realize that sometimes you just need netspeak; sometimes 'OMGWTFBQQ!?!' really is the only response and sometimes you need to be able to do an '!!!!elvenityone!1!'

- insert obligatory mention of Curt Wilde in glitter, leather pants and selfconfidence here-

Also, we watched Lawrence of Arabia, which I've never seen before (I am woefully behind on my classics and even further behind my homoerotic classics. It's practically a tragedy, it is). Good, good movie, and hee, Omar Sharif is like the cutest man. Well, okay, as Ali he's really, really hot (and he adores Lawrence so much! And it's so cute!). Good movie, well worth the three-and-then-some hours, though I spent the last half of the movie wanting to hit Lawrence over the head repeatedly. With something blunt.

Today, I really need to write just about everything save theory for my physics paper. because I will go batshit insane if I have to do all my homework during next week. I'm a procrastinator, sure, but not so much that I want to end up with an assignment per day. Err. Despite the fact that I'm sitting here writing this instead of doing physics. That doesn't count, really.

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Jesus Christ Superstar )

In other news:
For advent I got 'We Will Rock You' OWEC, which rules. Queeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!
Christmas Lunch was so much fun. It was absolutely great and Ina has convinced me that I need to buy PotC just for the Jack & Keira commentary. Yesssssssssss.
Over on Neil Gaiman's journal, there is meta on writing and his title is a Mary Poppins quote. Go check that out.
Sofie gave me books. Yay!!! Sofie has great tastes and is generally the coolest thing ever. *loves*
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Sofie cracks my shit up. I'm reading old LJ entries, passing time till I'm supposed to call Freya (SHE*SHOME!SQUUUUEEEEEEEEE!) and I happened upon this day which still cracks my shit up. Basically, Sofie and I went a little beserk regarding sex.

Discussing why American condoms don't work as well as condoms everyhwere else, and coming to the conclusion that they don't know how to use them. )


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