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What have I been doing today(1)? Why, I am so glad you asked! I have been reading [ profile] yuletide fic, hanging out on YouTube and listening to my lovely Christmas present music. And here I show you the fruits of all this: A Post in Three Acts.

Act I: Monty Python )

Act II: Yuletide )

Brief intermission: The Tudors Trailer -- I'm a bit...I don't know. I can't decide if I think this is going to be good, or not.

Act III: Music )

Thank you for tonight - we hope you've enjoyed the show!

(And now - to bed! To bed!)

(1) well. Today and the past few days. There are limits to the hours of the day)
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Stolen off [ profile] myhappyface.

The rules:

1) 13 characters. (We set a limit of 10, then I said "Well, we could do a dozen," then Betty said "We could do a baker's dozen." So.)
2) We stuck with FP characters.
3) There's a built-in cheat: SOs. They get to come along for the ride without being included in the actual list, sort of like in-laws. (Because I made up the rules, and I've always thought that if I get Ray Kowalski, that automatically means I get Ray Vecchio, too.)
4) SOs must truly be SOs - those people you feel OTPish about, or at least see as life-partners/soulmates - what they call someone's "lobster" on Friends. Not just a date or an attempt on your part to get extra characters. This does not mean it has to be a canon pairing or even a fandom-favorite pairing, as long as some circumstance has made them a lobster in your fantasy headspace.

I copied [ profile] myhappyface's idea of talking more about why I ship the characters than why each is my favourite.

Here we go! )
Off the top of my head, I can't come up with more OTPs. I mean, I love Abby, but I can see her with lots of characters. I've got a new-found craving for Izzie/Addison (from Gray's Anatomy), but OTP is going a bit far there. And then there's Dan/Duck, which I did kind of want to write up as well, because I love Dan. And Duck. But I haven't been in fandom that long, I don't feel comfortable talking about it ;)
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Watson: Holmes, I hope I'm not being presumptuous, but... there *have* been women in your life, haven't there?
Holmes: The answer is yes.
[Watson breathes a sigh of relief]
Holmes: You're being presumptuous. Good night.
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Running out of paid time in eight days. Oh LJ!

What else? I could've sworn there was something else...Today is a momentuos day! I made veggie lasagne for my brother and myself, and it turned out quite well! So perhaps I am not a complete failure in a kitchen, after all. Which means I may not starve or live off Starbucks next year. Hurrahs all around!

I am also astounded at how *young* Jeremy Brett looks in the adventures with David Burke. My god. I haven't seen them in a year; no wonder I thought he looked so old, the first time I watched DEVI!

Also? Pretty. I just thought it needed to be said. and his voice does things to me. strange things. hello hormones - you can stop being in overdrive any time now.

But that's not why we're here! Oh no! We're here for that celebration of bad music, atrocious clothes and laughable choreography, otherwise known as...:

Eurovision 2006: The Bad, the Banal and the Downright Bizarre )

And let's go to voting! See you on the flip-side!

ZOMG. 4000 years of Greek Song? Okay, then.
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Oh! Edward Hardwicke really is the *sweetest* thing ever. And, though I may have said otherwise at one point, he is the one true Watson. Burke may have been a younger, more energetic Watson, but Hardwicke is so very calm and his emotions are so wonderfully *plainly* written on his face, and his Watson is so very much married to Holmes. Oh, love!

We both believed that the friendship between Holmes and Watson must be rooted in humour )

Meanwhile, I've only read a hundred pages of biology today. Lots of fun
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This owns my soul.

Meanwhile, I've been organizing notes all day. Well, post-exam, of course. I didn't think I had any notes for social studies or Danish, but it turn out, I very much do. Which is awesome. Not that helpful with regards to, oh, bio, for which I have like five notes. But Signe, being the genius she is, has created a time table for me. Which is good. Except for the part where any and all free time in it will be spent studying Danish or English.

I CANNOT HANDLE IT! *goes off to read*
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So today is Sherlock Holmes' disappearance day, and in his honour, I've been re-reading parts of Canon on the bus over here - well, actually, I'd been re-reading parts of Canon, and then I discovered that it's the anniversary of Holmes' disappearance.

So! In honour of this, I am doing a full-out fangirl entry. It's cut for your convenience and to protect your flists.

Various and Sundry Notes on Holmes/Watson by others )

My Own Notes: CHAS, DYIN, DEVI & 3GAR )

Happy Riechenbach day!

This really is mostly for my own amusement and benefit - if I don't write these things down, I forget them or lose them!
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I am quite distraught that this did not come to my attention sooner. Then again, I've thought the telegram dead for years, so it wouldn't have been a shock. Still, it does quite finally end the industrial/modern age, doesn't it?

As it is a rainy day, I am watching my Sherlock Holmes DVDs. Oh, sigh. I'm currently at The Empty House, and I know I've mentioned it before, but Jeremy Brett's facial expression just kill me. When he's up on the ledge, just about to call out - his face breaks my heart into little pieces. And then, when he and Watson (and Hardwicke is just perfect as Watson, his expression also doing wonders for the character - just the way he *looks* at Holmes!), when he and Watson meet up again, they have this wonderful, restrained conversation which just betrays all the hurt and the *love* that Watson has for Holmes, and Brett's expression just so clearly state that he *does* care and he's suffered from the absence as well, but he couldn't do it any other way, and even though it's still raw, and Watson's still hurt, it's *okay* because Holmes is alive, and then Watson tucks him in and words cannot express the wonderfullness of that scene. And of course, it set of major anglophile pangs in me - I want to go to London! I want to roam on moors! I think it very probable that I will be spending a good deal of my easter break re-reading the Canon. And watching the episodes. And re-watching The Great Mouse Dectective - it's one of the few movie adaption who *gets* the relationship between Watson and Holmes (or in their case, Basil and Dawson). So at least I shan't be bored, until I meet up with Sofie and Tess.

In other news, I've put Sussex up as my firm choice university. It's a very scary feeling, having made a choice; I can't help feeling like I may have made the wrong choice, or that I should have consider other universities more closely, or that I should have considered other things than I did, or that I simply shouldn't be going to university, but I'm supressing this. Because somewhere in me, I know I made the right choice. At least, I hope I have.

Finally, I wish my amazon package had come today - it should've; Amazon says the order's complete. Speaking of Amazon, my studybreak gift to myself this year is going to be Victor/Victoria and Mary Poppins. I need my Julie fix!
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Guess what I have.

C'mon. Guess.

Three tickets. To Bruce Springsteen.


And now, for something completely different: Recs
Crown of Stars - This story is harsh and tense and jumps and is just all kinds of wonderful. It describes the battle after the one in Good Omens is averted and it's horrid and gritty and so, so wonderful. Read it. Also, look at the pretty, pretty pictures.

Sub Rosa - A telegram correspondence between Mycroft and Sherlock Holmes. Run, don't walk to read this - it really is extraordinary and conveys an incredible amount with very little words.

And now I am going to return to...actually, I don't have anything to do. Um.

I could go write my personal statement.

Or sleep.

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So, City on the Edge of Forever is so far my favourite season 1 episode. So damn cute and so heartbreaking, and Edith Keeler was suprisingly sympathetic and lovely, for someone who Kirk dates/ has dated. And Spock! Oh, my dear Spock. Defintely favourite (closely follwed by oh, every single episode where Spock's life gets threatened. Awww, the cuteness! Particularly The Menagerie and Errand of Mercy. So much love. So much geekiness. Glee!)

Rasmus came over to watch movies this afternoon - let me tell you, The Forgotten sucks. In a really amusing way though, and it does have Julianne Moore, which is *never* a bad thing. Also, got invited to Pride with Rasmus, and the Anti-Mermaid party following. Maybe if you want to go, Frey? And maybe we'll take Rasmus to Pan with us.

The Forgotten really was cheesy. And so fucked up. I think I love it, just a little.

Anyway, memeing: 1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions

Taken from [ profile] siggen1, who interveiwed me.

In the future, everyone will wear blue eyeshadow )
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1. Wicked is an amazing book, and you should all read it. Now. In fact, Gregory Maguire is an amazing author and if you can find his books and short stories, for all that is beautiful, read them.

1a. When you have read Wicked, then go read Ghosts Disappear When You Look Directly At Them. It's beautiful, haunting and creepy and dear god - somehow it still manages *sexy*.

2. I really should not still cry when I watch the end of Khan or indeed at the end of The Search for Spock (well, sort of half cry, half yell "KISS HIM" at the top of my lungs). It's Star Trek for pity's sake.

2a. Because of this whole recurring Star Trek thing, I've been glancing at [ profile] killabeez vids, particularly one set to Dante's Prayer. It's an amazing song.

3. Hi, this is an animation featuring Oscar Wilde and meerkats. It really shouldn't be all that funny.

4. I'm really regretting not bringing Newsies with me over here. I kind of need it right now. *stabbity*

5. Still dead from My Dearest Holmes. If ever there were two people who needed to be locked in a hotel room until the sorted their damn issues out...

5a. I still highly reccomend the book, if you can land a copy - if only for the first case and/or the incredibly cute lesbian!Mary (seriously, I *love* this Mary. She was my favourite thing in the book (almost. Save for the last two chapters, because the unbelievable sadness just did me in) and just...*sigh* Can I be her girlfriend? (Disclaimer: I love my Freya, yes I do, and I'm quite happy with my current relationship)).

6. Someone needs to buy me Star Trek: TOS s.1-3, Merchant of Venice and Kinsey. And why yes, I do mean *now*.

6a. Oh, and if you could throw some episodes of Veronica Mars in there? That'd be nifty.

7. I need icons. And now thanks to [ profile] crack_van I've been over at [ profile] groaty's journal and I want to use her Oz icons, which is kind of ridiculous, considering I've never even seen the show.

7a. Speaking of icons, [ profile] myhappyface has the best keywords for herJesus Christ Superstar icon.

Err. That was originally going to be maybe three points? Oh well. (And regarding the icon, I can be as sappy as I want in my journal. *pokes tongue out*)
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So, I'd completely forgotten about HBP until someone mentioned it on my f-list today. I feel almost - guilty? My poor fandom, how I forget you.

In other news, My Dearest Holmes has killed me dead, I'm completely stuck on my Steps fic and I've been watching too much Star Trek. How much is too much, you ask?

I've watched The Motion Picture. In it's entirety. I didn't even skip passed all the parts that had Rev. Camden from 7th Heaven in them. That, my friends, is just too much. I mean, sure the first look at the Enterprise is neat, the whole Extremely!Pissy!Spock thing is interesting and the whole simple feeling shebang (which really is the slashiest thing. I mean. Guh.) Of course, watching TMP and Wrath yesterday has now left me as fangirly as I was winter break 2004. Darn.

I am currently residing at my mothers, which is disconcertingly quiet as always. Where are the cars, the people walking by? Also, I managed to fall asleep at five yesterday. This is of course because I stayed up all of Thursday night talking about the minor wank in Newsies fandom and watching Star Trek and Sherlock Holmes against my better senses. If I even have those.
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I am home! And alive! But only for two days! the home part that is. I don't plan to cease being alive anytime soon.

Sofie's birthday party Saturday was awesome. Hee! Even though Tess was a little ill and I was a little tired, it still rocked, so much fun. The trip over was a little quiet, but it was amusing to watch Tess react to this group of people in (5-0, Vi griner stadig) - teeshirts. The party itself was wonderful - the food was excellent, the people *so* cool, Sofie was lovely and it was all warm and sunny. I even wore a skirt to commerate the occasion ;) (a poofy, poofy skirt. I loves it, yes I do). I spent that night at Sofie's, and I think we stayed up until one am talking to Kasper, one of Sofie's friends (or maybe a friends friend?). And what was the topic of coversation? Well, it drifted from the EU and such serious matters, to sex and sexually symbolism in the Bible. Which is not to say that isn't serious as well, of course.

And then this morning, Sofie let me watch the first three episodes of Veronica Mars. ZOMG. I HEART. So much. And Wallace! And Weevil! And, of course, Veronica! I just love them all, and want to bring them home with me and have a huge orgy watch the show for ever and ever. It's every bit as good as everyone says. It's wonderful and you should watch it because I say so. Go, go, now!

In other news, Sherlock Holmes, eeee! I really do prefer Burke to Hardwicke, but it doesn't matter because it is *all* so awesome and wonderful and beautiful and Watson and Holmes are even *more* married in these episodes than in canon (which is saying a whole damn lot, yes it is). Seriously though, Granada need to put subtitles on their DVDs. Both these and the Brideshead DVDs lack them and it is oh-so-annoying, particularly because, well, there is mumbling. And I don't want to wake up the family anymore than strictly nessecary because I can't hear what Holmes is saying (not that I mind rewinding to watch him talk. Repeatedly. Gah. Sexy, I tell you.)

And! today I managed (and by managed I mean my brothers were at a football game) to download the The Reurn of Sherlock Holmes audiobook and A Study in Scarlet audiobook. For when if I'm carsick and don't want to listen to my brothers. Whee!

Other things often found on my iPod (which I'm currently trying to kill*)include Sister Hazel, a band you may have never have heard of. They're are awesome. Tres, tres awesome. You should download them. or at least All for You and Your Mistake, both of which are wonderfully unsentimental, yet romantic songs and just. Guh.

And now that I'm on the subject of things you should listen to, I had planned for a quiet evening in this Friday, but no. Rasmus called me up, told me to get on my bike and come with him to Vesterbro, which was having a music festival that night. Hee, so much fun. Firstly, hanging with Rasmus is always an experience and secondly, we listened to two amazing artists. The first was Mads Langer who, apperantly, is vaguely known here at home and in Germany. I'd never heard of him, but he rocks. He's got sort of a John Mayer/Maroon Five/Carpark North thing going for him and he sounds great. The songs are better live, but those you can download at his site are still pretty damn good. He was the reason we went to the festival at all - Rasmus has a teeny tiny crush. D'aw. Oh, and Freya? We may be going to see him when you come over, if you want.

The other artist was A'Louise, a very, very pretty singer/songwriter. She was cute and charming and her voice is gorgeous, her songs incredibly sweet and pretty. I love. So much. Well worth the download here as well. Also well worth the money to buy the CD. mmmhm.

Anyway, I have to go make packing lists and other fun things associated with travelling. Like printing out my library reservations. Oooh, and I should probably renew a few of my books tomorrow. And, oh fuck, return Terkel i Knibe which I think may be a little late. Err. Damn?

*I'm trying to use up my battery, not trying to destroy it. Just in case you were wondering.

Oh, when I was out buying Sofie's gift, guess what I stumbled over? Brideshead Revisited for 39.75 kr. I am now the proud owner of a copy of that book. Hee!
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So, Sherlock Holmes has taken over my life has got me thinking. Not long ago, there was a debate over on [ profile] faramir_boromir's LJ about why we slash. She hit most of the main reasons, but I do think there's one she missed out on. The Legendary Friendship )

Cultural Icons - a mini!meta )

Argh, tomorrow's going to be evil. I have to bike to Amager to help a couple of friends with their Spanish studies, then rush home, pack computer and book and race over to work. Which, I've been promised, will be over before 1am. Joy. Oh well, I'm on holiday and can always sleep late Monday (though I do need to do my history and finish the damn fic(s))

'Night all.
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Amazon needs to get off its ass and bloody well ship my DVDs. I want to get them *before* the 20th of June - is that to much to ask when I ordered the damn things the 5th. Ships within 24 hour, it says. And now it's been saying "will dispatch soon" for two fucking days. I WANT MY DVDS ZOMG.

Here be babble )

I think I'll go to be with The Liar which Tess and Clara gave me (yay!) along with Fried Green Tomatoes (which I watched again, and aw. Just. Aw. So much love).

Oh! I finally found a screencap from The Hours I've been searching for for ages. See? )

Right. I am off. After all, I do need to get up and actually try to write some of poor Siggen's fic. Sorry it's taking so long, sweetheart!

Ahh, today's been good to me.

Edit: Also, you should check out [ profile] history_spork. You know you want to.
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Hello, and thank you for your patience during the hiatus. We now return you to your regularly scheduled 4th season.

Oh, and for reasons unknown to even the author, this is done in titles; however, you will not notice a single LJ cut.

Various and assorted asides pertaining to my vacation, fandom and politics

Notes regarding politics (and a diverse range of one franchise)

Bear in mind that these were written by a girl zonked out on painkillers, gatorade and quite possibly too little sleep. Also, that I am quite possibly the least objective person in the known universe. And my family isn't a tch better.

I hate that people seem to regard being Liberal as a bad, bad thing. Because, would we actually go anywhere if the whole world were Conservative?

I don't understand why people prefer Edwards. I love Kerry, from the few interveiws and clips I saw while over there (in between the terrifying amount of Law and Order I watched while ill; as it happens, everyone on SVU is either attractive, terrifyingly awesome or both, but on CI the protagonist (who's name I forget because well, painkillers) is the most irritating, arrogant, pissannoying man known to the world. And to top it off he's ugly too. But SVU? Marvellous show. They should show it here. At other times than 4 am or whenever)...errr, point, point? Right, Kerry. I like Kerry. I find him intelligent, committed, rather dry and sweet. Edwards speaking gives me the jeebies. He's nice-looking, nice-sounding and I like his stance on various issues, but when asked he evades answering and sounds just a little too smooth sometimes. Though he is cute.

Bush is annoying, asshat-ish and a complete prat in all other ways as well, but his ending at the debate, when he talked about his family? Made him seem more real, more sympathetic than anything else I've seen him do, ever. None-the-less, he's an idiot and needs to stop harping on education when he underfunded the NCLB-act. And no, wanting more money for schools doesn't make you screamingly liberal. Moron.

The comment about Kerry-voters being queers, communists and terrorists (what's the name of the guy who made that comment?), while very amusing, obviously comes from someone listening to the Jerry Falwell school of McCarthyism for the 21st century. At least it makes Republicans look rather bad.

Which, by the way, was another thing I was going to note: 'How to talk to liberals if you must' (Ann Coulter) is possibly the most idiotic thing I've heard of. I'm wildly, passionately liberal, but I still realize that Republicans aren't all the anti-Christ (They cannot all be Rupert Murdoch, after all) and I don't mind talking with them. Hell, some of my best friends are Republican! (Ed note: Not really true, but my gran is married to one, and Meredith is dating one. So maybe by proxy).

Random Encounters

I got into a friendly arguement with a cab driver, who said the gap between my teeth was sexy, over the politics of George Bush. He was totally sweet, took half of the fee off when he heard I was a student, offered me a free cab ride if I ever came back to Washington, very corteous. And no, he wasn't trying to put moves on me; he was much older than me and wearing a wedding ring.

On the train down to Va. I talked to this kid, my age, who talked some serious shit and then got into a conversation with a man about principles, that ended with him telling me that we are in end times. It was all fun and rather good opportunity to people-study, but I don't think I'll be taking Amtrak anymore. Because the last half hour where the kid kept propostioning me was way strange.

Why Disney is Still the Coolest Thing Ever

Because their new ride, 'Mickey's PhilharMagic'almost made me cry. It's one of their 3D gimmicks, involving various Disney songs, including songs from The Little Mermaid, Aladin, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and Fantasia. I don't know why, it just made me think about the movies, and when I was younger, and England and just sigh.

Disney also rocks because they sold me my adorable Kermit the Frog doll (Be afraid Sofie, be very afraid).

Why I Suck

I didn't tell Meredith about Freya or my sexuality, despite having multiple chances to do so. Yeah. Instead I regaled her with tales of my ongoing Alan Alda thing which she (strangely) supported. My weirdness is starting to spread.

Fun in Small Town, USA

There was a Seafood Fest while I was in town. In our small, vair, vair conservative town. I lent Meredith my Kerry/Edwards pin, wore my own Friends don't let Friend Vote Republican one, and then we went to the fest, headed straight for the Kerry/Edwards booth, donated two dollars each and received stickers and more pins.

I may have just been imagining the look of outrage on peoples faces. Probably not though.

Why You Should Go See 'Shall We Dance'

It has Susan Saradon and Richard Gere. This alone should make you want to see it. However, if it doesn't? The storyline is decent, the romance and, somehow, honesty of the relationship, coupled with the dancing makes for a good, romantic, sweet time. Plus it's established relationship-bringing-back-the-happy-we-still-love-each-other kind of sweet movie that I adore. Too many people make movies about young people falling in love, or older people falling out of love.

Also, cute gay subplot ahoy!

Why the New York Times Rocks More than You

Because, while commenting on the vortex that is the current West Wing, they slipped in this offhand comment: will the love between Leo and the president ever be consummated?

It's official and everything! Hee! (This made me crave West Wing, of which I watched some of the older (s1) episodes while in America, so I put on ItSoTGM. So much adoration and love and dear God, why isnt this reality?)
Complete Article

Why I Should Possibly Consider English as a Major

Had a minor fit in Planet Hollywood when [1]They didn't bother to capitalize Indiana Jones on the big screen and [2] I realized that the menu said Planet Hollywoods Famous Fajitas. Seeing that missing apostrophe? See it?

My dad then went on to completely mispronounce fajta and quesadilla.

Random Endnotes and Recs

My girlfriend is an exquiste, intelligent, amazing, snarky, wonderful, adorable person, and I don't tell her that enough.

You all rock. Just so's you know.

There is not enough Trapper/Hawkeye in this world, and now there is even less since Anne Marsh is down again. *sniffles* This is very cruel, and therefore all of you should rec me stuff.

Tonight I am going to a birthday for someone I don't particularly like. I am mostly doing it because it's an opportunity to excersize my willpower. Also because I couldn't think up a good excuse fast enough.

I have way, way too many books, in-so-far that I've had to put all my new ones (all 15 of them) in my suitcase because there is *no* room anywhere else. However, I won't stop buying them anytime soon.

I am the owner of a fedora. Joy!!

The Red Sox beat the Yankees and there was much rejoicing.

And there was much rejoicing.

And then there was even more rejoicing, because, hey, the Red Sox beat the Yankees.

Reccage (which sound like wreckage when pronounced. Coincidence? I think not!)

Sherlock Holmes:

This isn't a completely new fandom for me (it's quite possibly The Oldest Fandom in exsistence); boredom drew me in this summer. However, it has now appeared on [ profile] crack_van and there was much rejoicing.

My first rec has lovely Holmes/Watson slash, wonderful characterization and what might just be the best written femslash sex scene. It's so sweet, descriptive, wonderfully hot and it just feels *right* because it perfectly describes the sensations.

It also has romance, intrigue, plot, Victorian history and perhaps best of all - it has Oscar Wilde.

An Ideal Husband by Irene Adler

My second to put this? It has Holmes disguising himself from Watson as a way of amusing himself during a slow period. But it's much more complex than that because Watson knows. And it's excellent. And sexy. Dear God, it's sexy.

The Maiden Voyage of the Tiresias

The Sentinel:

I've always largely ignored The Sentinel - it's a difficult fandom to access from here, having no DVD's, the show is never shown on Danish televsison and it's undownloadable. However, yesterday I had a craving for slash (well, you try to cope with only 3 fics, see how you do) and The Sentinel was there.

And now I'm sucked in.

The first story is just hot. Possibly hott. But don't just take my word for it, go here to see what various other people have said (my personal favorite is [ profile] gothphyle's comment: -- Asbestos underwear couldn't survive the melting inferno that is "Out of Whack".

Out of Whack truly is hot, but it's also sweet, adorable and awkward.

This story amuses me, but it's also very down-to-earth and sweet in it's innocence(ish). It has adorable, lovable characters, humour and sweetness. Go read.


Okay, I am done. I think. Though all of you should go download 'Hurricane Eye' by Paul Simon and 'Something so Right' same guy. They're both just amazing.

I really am done. Swear.


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