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I was watching ITV3's The Story of the Costume Drama almost purely for the Brideshead Revisited clips. In fact, I was assuming that any talk between the clips would be about sets and costumes, and was expecting to tune it out mostly. Except, then Anthony Andrews was there (he played Sebastian) and talking about Brideshead Revisited as the first gay love story shown on British TV. Which. I didn't expect them to say it, and then they showed the scene where Sebastian and Charles go to see the ivy, arm in arm; Anthony Andrews went on to talk about how today there would have to be a sex scene to make it a love story, but he thought the strength was in the lack of grit and sweat - it's just a simple, romantic and sensual relationship, and it doesn't have to be sexual to be all of those things. And I was all YES THIS. EXACTLY THIS.

And then I got really resigned looks for Bean and R. "Yes, Marie. We know. We all know."

In other news, Anthony Andrews' voice is kind of madly lovely. And now I'm re-reading Brideshead Revisited, which maps on almost exactly to the adaptation, which is impressive and also is just so, so sweet and sad. Oh, Sebastian and Charles. How you break my heart ♥.

Speaking of the-love-that-can't-be-named, how awesome is this?
See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

Among other things, it's a nice game of recognize the celebrity. And also it's hilarious. And has Alison Janney.

I only appear deep, it seems.

Also, I thought you might like to know that I am typing this from my throne - which is to say, my bed, surrounded by pillows and blankets. I am doing this because our boilers conked out, and I'm on day two of no heat. So. Cold. I'm typing to keep up circulation in my hands. I'm also actively panicking about my dissertation because it distracts me from the cold.

It kind of makes me feel like a proper student.
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I announced to the room, as we were watching Eddington and Einstein, that I couldn't see people at Oxford, pre-1930, in their dress without thinking they're gay; approximately a minute later, R announced that Eddington was in fact gay.

I'm not sure what to make of this (except maybe cry - David Tennat is such an amazing actor, something I think I underappreciated when he was playing Who).

I'm faintly annoyed that Eddington & Einstein didn't come out before the [ profile] yuletide deadline; I can't help think you could write some excellent stories inspired by it.

Speaking of [ profile] yuletide (but not my story, which I have yet to start), I really want to get to the archive and see if they have any Donald Strachey fics. Because apparently, the way to deal with dissertation stress is to watch pulp-y gay crime thrillers. It's very entertaining and I massively adore the relationship between Donald and Timmy - mostly Timmy, because he's so sweet and long-suffering. But then again, I always have a thing for the partner. And the films are just - not pointless fluff, exactly, but romps, crime romps, entertainng to watch and not demanding too much energy.

Which is good, 'cause I have very little.

In other news: Warwick kind of fails on a number of levels, and I'm off to Newcastle on Wednesday. Whee!
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I'm having a pretty good time right now. I feel very content and at peace with myself. Even the fact that I have a doctor's appointment to talk about my ultra-sound/scan this week isn't bugging me too much.

And because I am a sharing person (and a caring person!), I have decided to compile a list of things that make me happy, so that you might share in them.


I've been listening to The Seeger Sessions: Live in Dublin all week, and getting a lot of glee out of it (folk music, who knew?). But particularly this song because it's one of my favourites anyway and I wouldn't have thought it could be improved upon. But it could and it is and just listen to the song. How gorgeous is that?

1a. Also, have a download of Frankie, the best Bruce Springsteen song ever (maybe).

2. You know when you want something to read, and you're kind of in the mood for something soppy and romantic and not straight? But you don't trust the Amazon recommendations, because quite frankly, they lie? Well, now there's this awesome post by [ profile] cesperanza, which should contain enough recs to keep me happy for years to come.

2a. Also keeping me happy? The Best Short Stories of Lesléa Newman, most of which are lovely and quite of few of which are happy and involve sex. Yay, romantic lesbians!

2b. (When I'm not reading lesbian stories and academic things, I've been reading the Anne of Green Gables series. I can't help it! It makes me so happy!)

3. So, I've recently been up north, visiting Friend R, and I may be slightly enamored. And for enamored, read madly in love with Newcastle and Newcastle University. It all looks so awesome! And exciting! And they have a sort of "fast-track" degree where you can sign up for a PhD immediately, which seems oddly tempting. Particularly for children's literature at Newcastle, which looks amazing. I'm also tempted by the 'Literature, Memory and Culture' option, which looks oddly like something relevant and useful related to English.

3a. Seriously, Newcastle has a moor, a river, seven bridges and coffee rooms. I WANT TO LIVE THERE, you have no idea.

4. Today, it has been sunny, church was nice, lunch at the minister's afterwards was nicer, and going home and snuggling up to nap with Gemma was nicest. I feel so incredibly lucky sometimes.

5. Also, you guys gave very helpful advice with regards to my laptop issues. Thank you! ♥
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We're having a weird summer period here; it's incredibly hot and humid - perfect for sitting in the park and reading. Which I didn't do today, sadly; I did gain a top score of 191 in Wii bowling, cook Gemma lunch and do two hours of revision though, so my day wasn't completely wasted.

It's been such a ridiculous week - I've been having mood swings all over the place and unable to be happy for more than an hour or so at a time, even though there's nothing specific to be sad about. Work is dull and repetitive; my academic life is currently making me less happy than it normally does; I still haven't finished Critical Theory and I need to start revising for exams. But I've dealt with this before, and - crucially - none of these things are immediately stressing me out. And yet, I'm just - not happy. It may just be a crash period, of course - it feels like it's been ages since I've had one - but that's just a new level of annoyance, because I don't know how to make them stop, all I can do is wait it out. Or possibly it's just a cycle of sadness.

Oddly enough, in my current state this clip is making me very happy:

From Latter Days. Plot lines spoilers.

Not the entire thing, of course (I am not actually a horrible person), but just his smile at about 0:40-0:51; that sense of *happiness* despite everything that's happened to him just does something to me. (Incidentally, I very much recommend the film; I watched it at least partially to satisfy my 'religion vs. love' interest and it definitely deals with that - and quite well, if not entirely to my liking, but that's a different kettle of fish - but it also has some rather lovely supporting characters. And hot sex! So, there's that.)

Speaking of films, I watched Enchanted last night and wasn't as charmed as I expected to be, which makes me sad, because it felt like I should love it - all the other Disney geeks I know adored it. And I can see why, I really can, but there was part of me that kept going "But that's not what my Disney was." I think, in the end, it's a homage and pastiche based on the Disney films of the creators' generation rather than mine, and I wasn't expecting that. It is a sweet film with many redeeming qualities (and some really catchy tunes), but, you know, it wasn't my Disney.
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I'm not sure if y'all already know this, but [ profile] cesperenza has PodFic. Including MVP which fills me with a warm squishy feeling because it is my second favourite thing in the SGA fandom (two episodes of the show, but damn I love the fandom!)

However, that's just a side note. Really, I am here to rec: There Must Be a Word by [ profile] garnettrees. Band of Brothers, Winters/Nixon, PG-13 (images of war, mostly). The short version of my reccomendation goes: Winters tries to find a word to describe what's going on between Nix and him. [ profile] garnettrees writes beautifully and the story flows really, really well, images following almost inevitably after each other.

The long rec )

If you couldn't be bothered to read the long (rather blathering) bit, the basic encapsulation goes: this story is better than porn. It makes me FLAIL, people.
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So, you all remember how much I love Yossi & Jagger, right? Well, [ profile] green_queen had a link to what she called "a movie about a gay Israeli-Palestinian love affair". And of course the first thing I think is, wonder if either Yossi or Jagger are in it?

First of all, yes. Ohad Knoller who played Yossi is indeed in the movie (playing lead character, Noam). Second of all, it's the same director, who in fact seems to be making a trilogy of movies about homosexuality and Israelis. Which, really, is to say that he's made two other movies, which look really, really good. The first, Walk on Water, which someone needs to buy me. And not only does it concern homosexuality, it also deals with the issues of war criminals and, err, Mossad. Want. Want now.

And then there's the aforementioned movie, The Bubble, which seems so good and seems to have a pretty lesbian subplot (at least, it does in this collection of clips). So yes. I am obviously going to need to get my hands on these.

*glees all over the place*
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You know what makes me feel warm and fuzzy about my choice of university? The fact that they have Virigina Woolf on the frontpage of the English department. Also that about 50% of their elective courses seem to be about either gender (WRITE ABOUT WOMEN AND LITERATURE OH PLEASE!) or sexuality (OR GAY PEOPLE AND LITERATURE. THAT'S COOL TOO!). It makes me happy inside (and makes me feel surer in my choice). And while I'm on the subject of universities, I've decided against following placements and going with Lancaster for my second choice. I think Lancaster would possibly be my first choice, if it weren't a) in Lancaster (which is teeny, tiny) and b) apparently lacking a history department. Hm.

[ profile] trobany__ meme-tagged me, and as it is impolite not to do what you're tagged to do:

Username meme! )

Today was a total waste. Well, not completely true: I read the introduction to my version (Wordsworth Edition; 1997) of Seven Pillars of Wisdom, which was awesome and had this rather interesting comment about TE Lawrence and sexuality:
On institutionalised homoeroticism )

It's not so much that this is new and exciting, but it is amusing and interesting, both from the point of view of someone interested in English literature and as someone interested in queer theory. So I thought I'd share.

Apart from that, today has been spent looking at university websites, which has been entertaining and informative and has left me bouncing to go to unversity right *now*, but sadly distracted me from what I was supposed to be doing, namely writing my Danish essay. Hi, I'm an idiot. Particularly since this essay *has* to be good, otherwise I lose my grade and that would suck. Particularly from a Whoo!University point of veiw. Oh woe. So plan for tomorrow is to write kickass essay on the city.

Hopefully. If Holmes and Lawrence don't distract me too much.
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I am not ashamed )
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So, the newest thing around here is: I fucking love driving. Now I know it doesn't really count, since it closed course, but man! It was so fucking good - I managed to piss off my teacher though, by driving too fast. Radical for me, particularly - I generally speaking hate speed, when I'm in control. But YAY! for driving.

Also, yay for the L-Word, and more specifically, yay for Dana and Alice. I still think Lara and Dana were sweet and fluffy and goddamnm, that scene on the floor at Tina's? Still fucking sexy. But Dana and Alice are so snarky and cute and I just want to smoosh them together. SO DAMN CUTE.

There's got to smut out there. Somewhere. Got to be.

And another thing about the L-word (and I love all the characters (except whisper-talker Jenny, of course)♥) - I know it's a silly soap opera, but damn. Liberty made me cry - the scene where Bette's up against Fae-the-insane-fundie made me cry. On one hand because it's an incredible scene, on the other hand it's, in a way, such interesting scene - it allows you to be completely in the right and comfirmed in your sadness, your anger and everything you feel. One of those "every injustice thrown at us, hurts me" things, I guess. But so good!

Ah! Life is all kinds of good right now. And you people are all kinds of good right now *♥ f-list*

ETA´: One problem with The L-Word - it gets me far to angsty. *hits self*
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I'm in this very strange mood. I *feel* like it's autumn, which I suppose it is, but I feel like autumn- slow-moving and nostalgic and searching for something. Or maybe waiting for something. I'm's not quite being pensive, and I don't think it's melancholy, it's just...I feel sad and I don't know why, I guess. And I'm tired, homework's piling up and I just don't know. It's all strange right now, like I'm not quite all here.

Meanwhile, I think I have a Veronica Mars addiction. And there's a show perfectly suited for the mood I'm in.

ETA: And now I'm watching ER, Kerry just came out to her biological (and very Christian) mother and made this speech about the people you love, that you choose to love and now I'm crying. Dear hormones, stop. Thanks.
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In the newspaper today, there's an debate about the artifical insemination of lesbians and single women, which is interesting for three reasons:

1. Using the phrase "lay back, spread your legs and think about the homeland" seriously. Granted, about how lesbian women should just find a random man and do as above, but it still made me giggle.

2. Mentioning mpreg. And the slipperly slope theory

3. In all seriousness suggesting that giving lesbian the right to artificial insemination is discriminating. Against men. Because see, if women can just get inseminated without all that mess with a man, wouldn't she? And so we can conclude that if women can have babies without men ---> men will disappear from the face of the earth. Yeah. I'm just getting to let that stay there for a while. Read it again. Wonder at the indisputable logic. Possibly bang your head repeatedly against a wall. Wouldn't recommend that last one.

In all seriousness though, that's one of the things that annoys me most about this whole debate. It's a lot like the arguement about how the child of a lesbian couple would have no male influence on it's life. Lesbian does not actually equal man-hater. Most of us do not live in colonies where we never, ever see men. Hell, I'd bet that a good 99.9% of lesbians have a close male friend and/or family member. We have fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins and friends of the male gender. Not so much with the hating of men. And the arguement above, in 3? Look, I know plenty of heterosexual women, bisexual women and so forth, that are with men because they love them. Believe it or not, I also think many of those women would find it preferable to babymake the old school way. Why, some of them don't even want babies and they're *still* with men. Amazing, isn't it? To think that some women choose to be with men just because they like them! But if that were true, wouldn't it completely invalidate the arguement in 3?

Yes. And if *I* can see a hole in your logic, well...
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Finally, some good news. It truly is, though; not just because it's wonderful for gay people in Spain to get rights, it's also a step that aknowledges that in the eyes of this government, homosexuality is not a sin; in a Catholic country, I find that pretty cool.

Also, some countries, who pride themselves on their ingrained democracies, their fights for civil liberties, civil rights and let's not forget freedom, should look at this country, with it's less-than-forty-year-old democracy; a country with state sanctioned religion.

America, I'm lookin' at you.
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quotes on homosexuality )

God, I love Wikiquote.
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Hello, and thank you for your patience during the hiatus. We now return you to your regularly scheduled 4th season.

Oh, and for reasons unknown to even the author, this is done in titles; however, you will not notice a single LJ cut.

Various and assorted asides pertaining to my vacation, fandom and politics

Notes regarding politics (and a diverse range of one franchise)

Bear in mind that these were written by a girl zonked out on painkillers, gatorade and quite possibly too little sleep. Also, that I am quite possibly the least objective person in the known universe. And my family isn't a tch better.

I hate that people seem to regard being Liberal as a bad, bad thing. Because, would we actually go anywhere if the whole world were Conservative?

I don't understand why people prefer Edwards. I love Kerry, from the few interveiws and clips I saw while over there (in between the terrifying amount of Law and Order I watched while ill; as it happens, everyone on SVU is either attractive, terrifyingly awesome or both, but on CI the protagonist (who's name I forget because well, painkillers) is the most irritating, arrogant, pissannoying man known to the world. And to top it off he's ugly too. But SVU? Marvellous show. They should show it here. At other times than 4 am or whenever)...errr, point, point? Right, Kerry. I like Kerry. I find him intelligent, committed, rather dry and sweet. Edwards speaking gives me the jeebies. He's nice-looking, nice-sounding and I like his stance on various issues, but when asked he evades answering and sounds just a little too smooth sometimes. Though he is cute.

Bush is annoying, asshat-ish and a complete prat in all other ways as well, but his ending at the debate, when he talked about his family? Made him seem more real, more sympathetic than anything else I've seen him do, ever. None-the-less, he's an idiot and needs to stop harping on education when he underfunded the NCLB-act. And no, wanting more money for schools doesn't make you screamingly liberal. Moron.

The comment about Kerry-voters being queers, communists and terrorists (what's the name of the guy who made that comment?), while very amusing, obviously comes from someone listening to the Jerry Falwell school of McCarthyism for the 21st century. At least it makes Republicans look rather bad.

Which, by the way, was another thing I was going to note: 'How to talk to liberals if you must' (Ann Coulter) is possibly the most idiotic thing I've heard of. I'm wildly, passionately liberal, but I still realize that Republicans aren't all the anti-Christ (They cannot all be Rupert Murdoch, after all) and I don't mind talking with them. Hell, some of my best friends are Republican! (Ed note: Not really true, but my gran is married to one, and Meredith is dating one. So maybe by proxy).

Random Encounters

I got into a friendly arguement with a cab driver, who said the gap between my teeth was sexy, over the politics of George Bush. He was totally sweet, took half of the fee off when he heard I was a student, offered me a free cab ride if I ever came back to Washington, very corteous. And no, he wasn't trying to put moves on me; he was much older than me and wearing a wedding ring.

On the train down to Va. I talked to this kid, my age, who talked some serious shit and then got into a conversation with a man about principles, that ended with him telling me that we are in end times. It was all fun and rather good opportunity to people-study, but I don't think I'll be taking Amtrak anymore. Because the last half hour where the kid kept propostioning me was way strange.

Why Disney is Still the Coolest Thing Ever

Because their new ride, 'Mickey's PhilharMagic'almost made me cry. It's one of their 3D gimmicks, involving various Disney songs, including songs from The Little Mermaid, Aladin, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and Fantasia. I don't know why, it just made me think about the movies, and when I was younger, and England and just sigh.

Disney also rocks because they sold me my adorable Kermit the Frog doll (Be afraid Sofie, be very afraid).

Why I Suck

I didn't tell Meredith about Freya or my sexuality, despite having multiple chances to do so. Yeah. Instead I regaled her with tales of my ongoing Alan Alda thing which she (strangely) supported. My weirdness is starting to spread.

Fun in Small Town, USA

There was a Seafood Fest while I was in town. In our small, vair, vair conservative town. I lent Meredith my Kerry/Edwards pin, wore my own Friends don't let Friend Vote Republican one, and then we went to the fest, headed straight for the Kerry/Edwards booth, donated two dollars each and received stickers and more pins.

I may have just been imagining the look of outrage on peoples faces. Probably not though.

Why You Should Go See 'Shall We Dance'

It has Susan Saradon and Richard Gere. This alone should make you want to see it. However, if it doesn't? The storyline is decent, the romance and, somehow, honesty of the relationship, coupled with the dancing makes for a good, romantic, sweet time. Plus it's established relationship-bringing-back-the-happy-we-still-love-each-other kind of sweet movie that I adore. Too many people make movies about young people falling in love, or older people falling out of love.

Also, cute gay subplot ahoy!

Why the New York Times Rocks More than You

Because, while commenting on the vortex that is the current West Wing, they slipped in this offhand comment: will the love between Leo and the president ever be consummated?

It's official and everything! Hee! (This made me crave West Wing, of which I watched some of the older (s1) episodes while in America, so I put on ItSoTGM. So much adoration and love and dear God, why isnt this reality?)
Complete Article

Why I Should Possibly Consider English as a Major

Had a minor fit in Planet Hollywood when [1]They didn't bother to capitalize Indiana Jones on the big screen and [2] I realized that the menu said Planet Hollywoods Famous Fajitas. Seeing that missing apostrophe? See it?

My dad then went on to completely mispronounce fajta and quesadilla.

Random Endnotes and Recs

My girlfriend is an exquiste, intelligent, amazing, snarky, wonderful, adorable person, and I don't tell her that enough.

You all rock. Just so's you know.

There is not enough Trapper/Hawkeye in this world, and now there is even less since Anne Marsh is down again. *sniffles* This is very cruel, and therefore all of you should rec me stuff.

Tonight I am going to a birthday for someone I don't particularly like. I am mostly doing it because it's an opportunity to excersize my willpower. Also because I couldn't think up a good excuse fast enough.

I have way, way too many books, in-so-far that I've had to put all my new ones (all 15 of them) in my suitcase because there is *no* room anywhere else. However, I won't stop buying them anytime soon.

I am the owner of a fedora. Joy!!

The Red Sox beat the Yankees and there was much rejoicing.

And there was much rejoicing.

And then there was even more rejoicing, because, hey, the Red Sox beat the Yankees.

Reccage (which sound like wreckage when pronounced. Coincidence? I think not!)

Sherlock Holmes:

This isn't a completely new fandom for me (it's quite possibly The Oldest Fandom in exsistence); boredom drew me in this summer. However, it has now appeared on [ profile] crack_van and there was much rejoicing.

My first rec has lovely Holmes/Watson slash, wonderful characterization and what might just be the best written femslash sex scene. It's so sweet, descriptive, wonderfully hot and it just feels *right* because it perfectly describes the sensations.

It also has romance, intrigue, plot, Victorian history and perhaps best of all - it has Oscar Wilde.

An Ideal Husband by Irene Adler

My second to put this? It has Holmes disguising himself from Watson as a way of amusing himself during a slow period. But it's much more complex than that because Watson knows. And it's excellent. And sexy. Dear God, it's sexy.

The Maiden Voyage of the Tiresias

The Sentinel:

I've always largely ignored The Sentinel - it's a difficult fandom to access from here, having no DVD's, the show is never shown on Danish televsison and it's undownloadable. However, yesterday I had a craving for slash (well, you try to cope with only 3 fics, see how you do) and The Sentinel was there.

And now I'm sucked in.

The first story is just hot. Possibly hott. But don't just take my word for it, go here to see what various other people have said (my personal favorite is [ profile] gothphyle's comment: -- Asbestos underwear couldn't survive the melting inferno that is "Out of Whack".

Out of Whack truly is hot, but it's also sweet, adorable and awkward.

This story amuses me, but it's also very down-to-earth and sweet in it's innocence(ish). It has adorable, lovable characters, humour and sweetness. Go read.


Okay, I am done. I think. Though all of you should go download 'Hurricane Eye' by Paul Simon and 'Something so Right' same guy. They're both just amazing.

I really am done. Swear.
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We have tickets! Tickets! It is now set in stone that Tessie and I will be going to see the Graduate on the 7th of October. I ended paying 13kr over to pick them up at the post office, because today was the last day to pick them up at the theatre, but the theatre didn't open until 15.30 - and I was out of school at 13.15, so yeah. But I have tickets OMG!

Speaking of the Graduate, I was in at the bank earlier picking up money for my father the mobster, for our respective vacations. And I was standing there, waiting for the bank lock (time set) to go up and let me get my euros, when my phone went off. For those who don't know - my ringtone is Mrs. Robinson. I am just that lame. So anyway, I hop about a bit, before diving for my phone, which was, as it always is, at the bottom of my bag. And this little old lady next to me, anywhere between 60-80, smiles at me and says 'Oh, I thought it was my phone.'

The conversation I had with Rasmus yesterday about how I'd skipped my teens and gone straight to middle age came rushing back.

Other fun things today include a discussion about barbie dolls. We were reading a short story called Barbie-Q, and then a discussion went up about how the girls in the story pretended to fight over a Ken-doll that they didn't have, and really, considered stupid looking. So, one girl said that playing with Barbies wasn't fun without a Ken doll. I looked affronted, so my teacher asked if I disagreed. And of course, I opened my big mouth and said 'Well, I never had any Ken dolls, and my Barbies were plenty of fun.' And my English teacher, my 69 year old English teacher raised an eyebrow and said 'I don't think that would surprise anyone.'

At least my entire class was amused. It later led to Yasmin and Signe deciding that they had finally found the reason behind lesbianism - lack of Barbies.

All in all, I've had an awesome day. Awesome. But I am, however, really jealous of my American friends with NBC. I want to see the Siegfreid and Roy special too!
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Is it just me, or does this seem like the coolest idea for jeans ever?

Should quite possibly be reading Spanish, but have pretty much already read the scenes I need to - should maybe try reading them aloud though, improve my pronounciation.

Oh. Downloading episodes today, I came across a M*A*S*H ep named George dealing with the discharge of a gay man beaten by other memember of his unit. I don't know why it continually surprises me to see positive gay images on 70's-80's show, but it's just...I'm so used to the abuse that gets tossed around today even, and it must have been much, much worse back then. I realize the gay images of then were much more de-sexualized than they are today (though I still think Will on Will & Grace takes the prize for that. I think a great deal of us have just given up on him ever getting anything remotely like a boyfriend), but they are positive images. George wasn't portrayed as flamboyant, or weak. He did, in a way, blame himself, and he did seem resigned to hiding himself forever, but at the same time, he wanted to get back to his unit to prove himself, to prove to his unit that gay didn't nessecarily equal weak, or sissy. And the way the characters dealt with it was interesting as well - Frank, the unsympathetic character, was of course morally outraged, but Hawkeye, Trapper and Henry, the characters we're supposed to sympathize and like, were more affronted by Frank.

It's an interesting glimpse of history. Remember, this was in '73, which amazes me, even if M*A*S*H is a reasonably liberal show. I realize George was a 1 in 100 character, maybe even a PSA of sorts, but it still makes me happy to see a character like him.


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