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Gah. Seriously. Adam, what are you doing to Anthony? And could you possibly do it some more stop? It's very distracting.
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So tomorrow's my driving theory test, and I'm using different tactics to a. relax and b. procrastinate from taking on more sodding test. This means that among other things, my brother once again claims to have been traumatized by me - just because I turned up La Vie Boheme to full volume and he managed to overhear some of the...more suggestive lyrics.

It didn't help that I tried to explain what sodomy meant in context. My brother is such a prude.

But yes, dancing around my room (ahaha, the dance from La Vie Boheme, by which of course I mean Mark's dance from La Vie Boheme, is a. not as easy as it looks and b. hilarious) to music with varying degrees of ridiculousness (both dancing & music) - at some point, I'll have to send Gasolin' and Shu-bi-dua music to Freya and Christina. Or possibly upload some of it to sendspace.

It also means findng things like Jon Stewart's SNL monologue (I think they're just afraid of having guys with M16s asking, who'd you call a faggot? ♥), Anthony Rapp singing the Just Some Guy, which I can decide whether I love for being wonderful or just love for being so wonderfully saccahrine and Martha Wainwright singing Bloody Motherfucking Asshole.

If you're thinking that I wasted most of my day cruising youtube between tests, you wouldn't be wrong. At least, not completely. I also spent time reading The Realm of Possibility and crying over that, only to come online and finding this, which only made me cry more, because, as I learned from M*A*S*H, death fic is not good for me, particularly death fic that centers around disease. God. Read it, even if you aren't in the Rent fandom - it's all kinds of understated goodness; it centers on Mark and Roger through Roger's last months and it's just so *honest* and brutal. And it did put me in a lovely melancholy mood (which made me want rain - it hasn't rained in what seems like months. I miss it).

I really should get back to "studying", but before I do, one last link: V for Vendetta - who wants to come see it with me?

ETA: On more thing - my 17 year old cousin has finally, finally, finally dumped her boyfriend/broken their engagement! He was nice, but not good enough for her by a long shot - then again, I may not ever meet a guy good enough for her. But still, this is *good* news.
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Meta & Poll about Subtext )

I had something else to say, and now it's all but slipped my mind. Dammit. Anyway, imagine a point here.

Oh! Newsies spring slash assignments went out today, so if I start moaning about fic, that'll be it. Unless it's the RENT/WaT crossover that I can't get out of mind despite having far too much homework and mock exams next week, not to mention my driving theory test (which I totally don't want to do. Dammit, I'm going to fail, because I cannot make the damn stuff stick. Fucking hell.). But fic bunnies work in really warped ways.

As does this WaT episode, by the way.

i am so totally not shipping anthony edwards/george clooney, by the way. seriously. i think i need luka back. george is messing with my mind.

ETA: YAY! The bouncy ball Sony ad is back - best ad ever!
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Mark Cohen is my new best friend. And What You Own is still awesome. And I still wouldn't stay alive to hear Roger sing Your Eyes - the boy may be cute, but the song just sucks.

Can you guess what I've been doing tonight? [spoilers] )

And, as a prize for putting up with my whining & squeeing:
What You Own.
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So, Yuletide fics are in! And lo' there are far, far too many good ones.

And the story I got? Is so amazing. You wouldn't believe it, which is why it's my first rec, because not only is it exactly what I wanted, it's also one of the best fics this years.

Every Good Girl Does Fine, Peanuts, G.
Patty and Marcie's senior year. It's incredibly well written and wonderfully quiet and *sweet* in such a lovely unsentimental way. A lot of the regulars on Peanuts make an appearance, all wonderfully in character and the friendship between Marcie and Patty rings so true - it's gorgeous. It's wonderful. I hadn't dare hope for anything this amazing and it just works so well, so *right*. And Patty's enthusiam just dances off the page.

The rest of my recs )
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So. There's a RENT obc clip up at


GLEE! ZOMG! They're all so damn cute and LOOK AT JESSE! JUST LOOK AT HIM! *pinches cheeks* And Fredi is hot. I'd never noticed that before (she's not as pretty as Tracie is, but she hot, yo) AND LOOK AT THE CUTE THAT IS ANGEL/COLLINS. And look at home nice Wilson's legs are. Seriously. I wish I looked that good in a skirt. Hee! It's all so damn cute. So damn cute. (And Anthony is SUCH A SPAZ. It's SO cute. <3)

In other news, I have invested in a new notebook since the other one remains lost and I am in no way, shape or form going to Istanbul for a week without a notebook. I still miss my old one though - and buying new ones sucks, particularly since they're impossible to find - it's like any notebook that isn't for school is not really nessicary. When I asked the people if they had non-divided notebooks, they stared at me with a look that clearly said: A book for WRITING in, you say? Not for school? I think, honey, what you're looking for is a C-O-M-P-U-T-E-R.

But I prevailed and now own a new notebook. Now all I need to do is pack and find my passport, and I'm good for tomorrow.

Err. *clings to computer, room, chair etc* I'm scared! I don't want to go! What if I end up being alone for the entire week?! *freaks out*

But I am going to Istanbul. And it will be cool. And the tourist video we watched in Social Studies had, amongst the wonderful historical and religious stuff, tranvestites! Very cute ones, too. Which I thought was neat (the rest of the class thought it was strange. And kind of gross. I may have mocked them a bit).

Oh! SVU last night? CROSSOVER WITH THE ORIGINAL SERIES. YAY! Jesse, Mariska, Jerry and Chris, YAY! I got all fangirly and happy and Jesse was damn cute. It was worrying, but good (I may have mentioned that L&O is crack, yes? so much crack. omg. so much crack. i am addicted.)

University babble, possibly only interesting to Freya )

Why isn't my dad home yet? I'm hungry.
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I love my Rasmus very, very much.

1stly, because he finally admitted that Wilde is wonderful and actually asked - asked! - if he could borrow some of my Stephen Fry books (then proceeded to raid my room in search of anything vaguely resembling a homoerotic book/movie). Yay, I win at corrupting.

2ndly, because he pointed out that, despite what the official site says, RENT will be coming to Denmark - the 3rd of March to be precise. See?! And yes, Rasmus and I have a date that day, we both agreed.

3rdly, because he's taking me to at least six movies in the Copenhagen GLBT filmfestival the week after I return from Norway.


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I realize that a couple of days ago I said I hated shopping for clothes. And now I'm going to take that back - I hate shopping for clothes any season that isn't autumn. But Autumn clothes shopping rocks. The clothes are so pretty and comfy and cosy and I end up being all "must buy everything".

Can you tell that I've been shopping? And that it was good?

In more fandomly stuff: I posted on [ profile] fanficrants and now I have debates about sex ed, theology (namely, Jewish) and canon pairings vs. UC pairings. I'm so very amused (and educated!). And I got a fic rec out of the whole thing. *boogies*

School continues to, well suck is a harsh word, but does it really have to be so damn boring? Particularly English today. And I don't get it - we're reading a good story (The Fifth Child) and there are a few very cool people in my class, but it never seems to go anywhere. Ever. And it wuld quite obviously kill my teacher if she were to plan her lessons, because she wants us to turn in an entire exam for next week. In a week. But do I actually *have* this exam text? No, no. Because that would be sensible. God forbid we do that. *headdesks*

What more do I have? Oh! Sofie, did you ever decide on anything regarding your BWA? Also: I will be there around 13.30 on Saturday, is that okay? <3

I am either going to bed or going to read.

ETA: Why am I involved with school council, again?

ETA2: Or I'll re-do my journal. That works.
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Hm - does anyone else have a problem *seeing* comments? I get the comment notification and then I get to my entry and there's nothing. Hm.

All is okay - I reinstalled the version 4 iTunes that came with my iPod and my library had been saved so everything's all right.

Well, at least with my computer. I still have to finish writing my "short" social studies paper (part one of which is 1485 words long. And there are two parts left. *dies*) and read up on Turkeys history for, yep, social studies. Not that I didn't read the exact same text last year in history. I bet it's retribution for not choosing a mathematical subject.

Tomorrow I meeting A. For the first time in about two years. Yikes! what if we have nothing to talk about? What if she's completely different? What if she doesn't like me? What am I going to wear? [/insecurity and silliness]

Seriously, though. I'm nervous. She was my best friend. I knew her better than my family. She knew everything about me - fandom, sexuality, geekiness, mental problems - everything! I'm not sure how to cope when we have to start from somewhere in the middle. It's going to be so strange, but I'm glad I'm doing this. I think, anyway. I'm just so damn nervous.

But enough of that! The actual point of this post was that [ profile] myhappyface wanted to hear Jeff Buckley's version of Halleluljah. So here it is:


And as a bonus, because Julie and I were talking about how wonderful this song is:

I'll Cover You (reprise)
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Why is it that children are so pretty to look at and then they open their mouths and make such horrible noises? It baffles the mind.

It also can result in headaches, unless you're outside, I find.

And it's finally becoming colder! I know I'm insane and all that, but I really want Autumn to get here, and seeing all the leaves turn brown just seems wrong when I'm wandering around sweating in a teeshirt. But today I wore a sweater and low! it was good.

Meanwhile I have a six page paper that I do actually have to write tomorrow. Worst part is it's about international politics regarding terror and terror is currently one of the seven words I don't want to hear in a political sense. I have had the Middle East up to here *gestures to somewhere over head*. Social studies, history, religion - all got a great sense of timing. *headdesk*

But even that is okay, because I am one step closer to a decision on my big assignment and I found this ) so that's good. Very good. I feel ridiculously fanhappy about Rent - ridiculous, because all I know about Rent is from trailers and the Highlights album. Which somehow still hasn't prevented me from getting a crush on Tom Collins. But his voice! So cute! And his picture on the album is all pensieve and longing and makes me want to do things hug him.

Also? twenty random things about me )

Also? GIP. Hee!
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Ugh, am so tired. I don't know why, really having slept just about 12 hours both last night and the night before, but I am. Still. RARGH.

However! There is good stuff abound! Firstly, if you, like me, can't actually find the Brokeback Mountain trailer, clips from the movie can be found here. Oh my, doesn't it look *good*? Seriously. I want this movie now. And I will *hurt* Denmark if we don't at least get a limited release of it (and likewise, I will hurt someone if it's not released on region 2 dvd - but very few "art" or independent films seem to be.)

Also, it has Michelle Williams and Anne Hathaway in it, both of whom I adore. The good thing is, they're strong enough actresses to make their rather thankless roles believable. EEE! So excited.

Other good stuff: yesterday I got my Amazon package, and wahey! I know own Merchant of Venice. And it is still so good and it still makes me cry and laugh and hurt and I love it. I truly, truly do. And hey, I can actually see the family resemblance between the Fiennes' now. Which is slightly worrying, I suppose, but yeah. I still love the movie. Even though it's sometimes hard to watch (the anti-semitism makes me uncomfortable. I can't help it - I know its toned down, I know that it's "of its time" so to speak, but it still make me uncomfortable).

Also in the package: D.E.B.S (because I'm deep), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Slaughter House Five. Both of which now join my list of books to read (which, by the way, I am horrible at keeping, since I just squeezed Peter Pan in yesterday (and if you haven't read that, read it, its good and cruel and wonderful and will rip your heart out and make you laugh), will be re-reading Brokeback Mountain as soon as I get it from the library and I *still* haven't finished Popular Musik fra Vitulla. Oh dears.) So that's a whole lot of glee.

And finally, something that never fails to make me happy: Seasons of Love - music video.

And now I'm going to wander off and read up on Catholic veiw on sin. Hee.

ETA: *FLAIL* Pengviner!!!!


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