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1. I just had the most ridiculous Easter lunch where, among other things, my cousin tried to drink his own weight in beer to prove that my dad had bought too little (...I know), my brother discussed intimate hair-dos, my uncle decided to declare he's a lesbian, I held a mini-lecture on the uselessness of Derrida, and we concluded that the global finacial crisis is nothing compared to the past couple of seasons for my brothers' football team.

Please tell me that this isn't just my family?

Oh, and we also discussed racism in Disney movies.

2. I keep having World War I related dreams. Not only have I had Siegfried Sassoon's shell-shock dreams (which is awkward enough), but I keep dreaming about trenches and Very lights. I haven't even started my essay for The Great War yet. This, I feel, is not promising.

2a. I have been scribbling notes for my essay everywhere though, and am beginning to regret only have 5000 words for this.

2b. Oh, I went to Dublin with Gemma (which was amazing - good Lord, Irish food!) and we stumbled over the most brilliantly twisty little bargain bookstore right near the university. We were both utterly enamoured of it anyway - and that was before I accidently knocked into a bookshelf and a biography of Sassoon dropped onto my foot - for 5 euros. Now we think it may be a magic bookshop, and wish we'd thought to want the entire Discworld series in hardback (though arguably that would have pushed us over our baggage limit).

3. In an effort to not do any useful work, I am currently working my way through the Tintin series (this is...somehow relevant. Or it will be, since I've managed to get just about everything else I've read and watched recently to be at least vaguely related to World War I - something of a task when it comes to Discworld, but hey, I manage). Naturally, this means that I am also sticking my toe into the fandom, which has fabulous things like this article and this, Ulysses, which is kind of amazing. It's not a big fandom, but hey, the old comics are brilliant enough on their own. Still: oh, internets.

3a. Hey, speaking of fandom, how much do I love that "Mads og Monopolet" (a Danish radio show) had a discussion about Harry Potter slash, wherein all of the commentators were totally awesome about it, and said it seemed like a creative and fulfilling hobby. THIS IS WHY DANISH RADIO IS FOR THE WIN, people. Also, because they discussed porn-for-women, and the brilliance of written porn. ♥

4. I've got the door open, Aerosmith up loud and no one else home. \o/ It's almost summer, you guys!
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Pointless Procrastion, Icon Edition )

Now, off to make up more reasons why I want to do a Masters. SEND HELP.
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Death Insurance -- this is a New Year's Resolution Yuletide fic and I haven't the words to explain how much GLEE I'm getting from it. Seriously, this fic is incredibly excellent; it feature Vetinari, Death, Sam and Sybill Vimes, all in character. Like, perfectly in character. And it's a love story. No, seriously. And I won't tell you the pairing, though it'll become readily apparent, because it is just. that. brilliant. This fic needs to be canonized somehow - it's a new part of my Discworld canon, anyhow. So much love!

And now, back to my essay - almost done, hurrah, hurrah! (It's crap, natch, but it is for my supplementary subject and all I need is a 50 to have a 2.1 for the year, which I'm *fine* with. Seriously. I just want to finish it.)

ETA: Truimph! 2,342 words of English renaissance and not complete crap either! *does dance* And now - Titus Andronicus.
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You know you've always wanted to know about Fraser's Thoughts on Yaoi. Oh yes. *giggles*

In other news, of course I'd get a Doctor Who obsession when I really should be writing my essay. At least this time it's Mrs Dalloway and The English Patient which is a far sight better than any Sylvia Plath-inspired blather. Also Mickey is mad love, really he is. And I have a huge crush on...everyone.

But now - essay! I'm going in - wish me luck!
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Time spent reading for essay: 3 hours (v. good!)
Time spent writing essay: 0 hours, 0 minutes, 0 seconds (fail!)
Time spent on MSN flailing about whether or not to IM someone: 2 hours (so much fail)
Time spent dancing around to Edith Piaf and the Beatles: 1 hour, 20 minutes (that's...special)
Time spent reading about Ayn Rand: 20 minutes (20 minutes too much, too. I need a shower)
Time spent reading and re-reading [ profile] lattara's distraction: 1 hour, 30 minutes (yum!)
Time spent reading Jack/Ianto fic not by Sofie: 2 hours, 25 minutes (...)
Time spent fangirling [ profile] inthesestones: 30 minutes (yeah. So far)
Time spent since saying 'I'm going to bed' to Cathrine: 4 hours, 12 minutes (*headdesk*)

My days are special.
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Okay, so it used to be the problem was writing 2000 words, right? I mean, that was my crisis about this essay. Two thousand words is a hell of a lot of writing, to my mind.

Except now I'm at 1489 and I haven't even started on why the author in is the circle of mutual identification, not to mention my conclusion and all of this adds up to me being well and truly fucked.


Also, there is a distinct *lack* of secondary quoting going on in this essay. It's not that I didn't read a lot of secondary sources, they just don't seem...useful. Really. In conclusion: screwed. But at least it'll be over on Wednesday - that's what I'm holding on to right now. That, and the fact that I'm seeing my dad on Friday, which means I can't kill myself over English now.

Having something to look forward to besides shopping, laundry and sleep is good. Also being able to read something not related to university or, in particular, to this essay. That'll be nice as well.

Meanwhile, Good Omens, Due South and Sherlock Holmes having being rearing their heads and asking for attention lately, which is just weird - I've been relatively un-fandommy lately (which I'm blaming on university) and suddenly, wham! dS is currently being blamed on the fact that I watched Wilby Wonderful with Ros and Catherine this Saturday - proving, by the way, that Wilby makes everyone happy, because even Ros, who's a bit of a cynic, was getting slightly teary because Dan didn't get to 'kiss the boy', as she put it - and discussing Paul-Gross-As-Fraser with Ros. Oh, fandom, how I ♥ you - and particularly dueSouth, one of the few fandoms where the original material interests me as much as the fanfiction (incidently, the others? West Wing, MASH, Sherlock Holmes and Good Omens. And then quite a few things I'm not fandomy about. But they don't count. Neener-neener)

Anyway. I should probably go figure out how the hell I'm going to make my essay work by noon Wednesday. Hm.

ETA: I'm blaming my unholy glee at the Cheers theme song on lack of sleep. That's what it is.

ETA2: I can't tell you what it is about it exactly, but this totally lends credence to my Carrot = Fraser theory. No, really. The look on his face!
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So, yes, I was in a bookstore today at 8.05 am. Yes, I got up early to go the English book sale Arnold Busck was having; in my defense, when I arrived, five minutes past opening, it was stuffed. I mean, it took serious maneuvering to get around in there. But it was fun - and I am three books richer ( Life Mask, The Printer's Devil and my particular favourite - The Writing Life, a collection of essays on writing. Very, very much reccommended). I also found two (three? Depending on how you count) very interesting books:

Persepolis, which is a) wonderfully drawn, and b) really funny and sweet. I was reading it over coffee (and how wonderful is it that Baresso's moved up on the first floor? I could *live* in that store now), and it's v. lovely. And it has a follow up!

The there's Junior, which looks to be awesome - it starts with a quiz, and the description makes it sound hilarious.

I'm still waiting for my package - I'm beginning to think that the post office hates me. This isn't the first time - my last amazon order turned up five days later than the last date amazon gave me; that's never happened to me before. And this is now three days late, compared to the date Christina was given. Dammit, I want my package!

Sometimes I feel like America exsists to justify my government paranoia. However, this is truly terrifying, even though it won't mean much in reality. It makes me want to wallop people over the head repeatedly with The Handmaid's Tale.

In one, last, fannish note: why is there no Gideon/Hotch out there? *wibbles*

Well, off to economics with me!
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So, in case anyone's asking, I'm reading my religion homework.

No, really. I am in no way whatsoever watching Jurassic Park 3. Or reading fic. Or squeeing about how married Billy and Alan are (though you know it's true). Or, in fact, contemplating writing a prequel for Bound to Give, where I write first time (I'd like to note here that I suck at porn. And first time, when the first time doesn't involve a. teen girls or b. teen boys.)Or thinking about how Sam Neill is kind of awesome, even though he was part of the Dr. Zhivago remake and thus is currently on my "idiot" list.

However, if I were watching Jurassic Park 3, I'd be at the part right before the heartbreak. Oh, angst. ♥

But really, reading about Nietzche and his theory of religion. And my heart is definitely not breaking right along with Billy's. Nope.


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