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Now is the time of Barack Obama. It's been a long time coming.

Also, I thought McCain's speech was really gracious. He managed to redeem himself slightly and that made me happy as well.
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1.I can do victory arms on my new computer! See: \o/


1a. Though currently I can't play my West Wing episodes on this computer. Dammit, I want to watch In the Shadow of Two Gunmen

2. I think I may be a little bit in love with everyone in my house after Monday evening. This is mostly good - just being at home makes me happy and calm and like maybe I'm not failing at life - and I do occiasonally need reminding of this - but it's also triggering a little bit of ending-related melancholy. I won't be here next year and that's just weird. And more than a little bit sad.

2a. Also, it makes me think about my Masters and how I don't even know who to get references from. Urgh.

2b. Tomorrow, for Halloween, I am going as Wendy, Gemma is going as Peter Pan, and housemate J is going as Hook.



You know, I've always like Obama, but I never really got the hype - he's a good guy, but he's hardly the saviour of America. And then I watched this tonight. He's still not the saviour of America, but he is lovely. *draws hearts*

4. Fade to Black - proving, once again, that Hot Fuzz fic makes the world substantially better.

5. ♥!

5a. Because y'all are awesome, have Simon Amstell and Stephen Fry flirting. And also Josie Long being adorable.
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It could annoy me, but really Richard Dawkins' general insanity is rather amusing. You know what I'm sure will convince people to go into science? Telling them it's either science or their fantasy novels.

Also, I put in nominations for Yuletide today - which means I really should try and do it this year. Which, uhm, should be difficult, considering my work load, but then again - I really want to get writing again, and maybe this'll motivate me to actually structure my time. A radical thought. Though at this point, I'm putting in about 15 hours a week on my dissertation, 5 hours on American Literature and, uh, about twenty minutes or so on Romantics (it's kind of terribly boring, you guys!).

Back to Yuletide, anyway - my main nominations are: 'Un Lun Dun' (which is so excellent ♥), Merlin (someone will write me Gwen/Morgana, dammit), 'World Without End' (because there is not enough Catholic gay sex in my life right now) and Hot Fuzz (more Hot Fuzz fic makes the world a better place, tru fax) and, natch, Fried Green Tomatoes. I'm kind of hoping to write on Merlin - so much fun!

(not that I'm still obsessing about Merlin, and not that last night's episode made me wibble or anything. GAIUS HAD TO CHOOSE AND FORESHADOWING AND OH NOES YOU GUYS!)
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So, recently, it came to light that rape victims in England who were drunk when they were raped could receive less compensation. A newspaper, The Guardian, helped bring the story out and obviously there was a lot of outcry, because that's ridiculous and misogynistic and helps perpetrate the idea that women are to blame for their rape.

Or so most logical thinking people would think. But not Peter Hitchens, who would like to turn in his humanity card at the door (along with the rest of the Daily Mail staff, but that's a different rant). He loses extra points for suggesting that the problem is the collapse of sexual morality which rape is an inevitable consequence of. There was no rape before the 60s and that horrible feminism!

But best of all, there's this:
Of course she is culpable, just as she would be culpable if she crashed a car and injured someone while drunk[...]

Because that's a perfect analogy! And it no way makes it sound like the woman was asking for it!

(Incidentally, his brother is Christopher Hitchens, who is also hit over the head with the crazy stick. Which is also another rant for another day: England, birth place of fundamentalist atheism!)
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Sometimes it just sort of creeps up on me, the hatred that I have for Gordon Brown. And then, occasionally, it flares like a fucking rocket, like when I suddenly find a Tory more sympathetic. You think it sucks to be American? At least the Democrats appear to be a different party than Republicans. With Labour and Conservative, it really is the "lesser of who gives a crap", to paraphrase Leo McGarry.

Also of note, the suspected terrorist clause of the above legislation means fuck all. That law has been used to jail G8 and environmental protesters and now they can hold them for 42 days. Hurrah for human rights and individual liberties!
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1. Yesterday, Bean and I went to her minister's for dinner and ended up having a huge discussion about feminism, Christianity and gay rights and it was absolutely amazing. I haven't felt so challenged and engaged in ages. I felt like I was able to make coherent points, I felt that Bean and I were able to compliment each other in the discussion, and the people we were debating with actually listened - and I listened to them, which. It was weird and I went home and kept thinking about what we were talking about. I felt smart and intrigued and like I wanted to learn more about what we'd been talking about.

Here's my question, then: why don't I feel that way about my degree programme?

2. Last night I had my first stress-sleep. I kept waking up, thinking I had to be somewhere, or that I hadn't completed something, or that I'd forgotten to study something.

I have thirteen days until my first exam. If this continues until then, I will actually go insane before I even reach my exams.

3. Our dissertation lists are up and my supervisor is possibly the person in the department I have the least affinity for. I don't dislike her, I just don't get along with her. She's my personal tutor as well, and I cannot communicate with her; she was no help at all trying to decide the title of my dissertation. Thanks a bunch, Department! If you could maybe see fit to change my exam dates to a week earlier, that'd just be peachy!


4. In news, completely unrelated to my academic career: Keith Olbermann owns my soul. Bush is horrible on levels I can't quite comprehend, but Keith Olbermann's smackdown is a joy to behold.
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Real Life:
Last night, I sat around with some of the coolest people I know and discussed politics, Disney, the state of the world, the beauty of maths, literature and the importance of stories, childcare, feminism and university lecturers. Then I went dancing and managed to be a complete dork on the dancefloor with my girlfriend and my best friend. All in honour of Gem's birthday.

It was awesome. It made me feel very much the proper student.

Also making me feel like a proper student is the fact that I still haven't written my essay, due in a week, and instead of writing it today, I am going over to Mike's with my housemates to watch Mulan.

I love my life, you guys.

Political Life:

Open Source Boob Project - because having random strangers touch my breasts is an empowering experience. Right.

Everything I want to say has pretty much been said, but just. Ugh.

Fandom Life:

I don't follow the storyline any more, but this kiss?

Ridiculously hot. I mean. *fans self*
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Reasons Today is Totally, Totally Awesome:

1. Critical Theory and feeling like I'm seen a smart, competent student.

2. The sky outside right now; sunset in Leicester is for, whatever reason, always stunning and today is no exception. From my window the sky is a patchwork of pink, blue, gray, white and orange and slight, slight purple.

3. Al Gore and Brooklinegirl.

4. My seminar group of awesome, but also my seminar tutor made of awesome.

4a. Becca, having inappropriate conversations at random and quoting pornographic poetry (see: 5 + 5a)

5. Rochester and Johnny Depp in The Libertine and the lecture I had today on Rochester. I know I shouldn't like him, or at least shouldn't like him for the reasons I do, but man. The frankness, honesty and the levels of self-awareness in his work in contrast with the roles he plays and the distance he places between himself and his narrators.

'Do you like me now?'

5a. The Imperfect Enjoyment. The word fucking-post is also one of the reasons the world is awesome today.

5b. Snuggling with Gemma during the lecture, an oddly lovely counterpoint to the massive amounts of meaningless sex in the lecture.

6. The Song of Purple Summer - Brooke/Peyton, One Tree Hill; I love domestic fic that doesn't go overboard on the saccharine, yet manages to convey a sense of contentment and peace.

7. House of Physics!
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So, I'm a little worried about the fact that my current favourite works of Chaucer are The Prioress's Tale and The Book of the Duchess. Not so much the Book, because it is madly charming even if apparently it's "less literary" than the rest of his work or whatever, and I really like the narrative structure and the way it sounds when read aloud, not to mention the plot is intriguing, even if the characters aren't exactly sympathetic - and the Duchess really serves no point. Still. What I'm really worried about is the Prioress. Because that's a fucked up story, what with the whole child martyr thing and throwing of children in toilets and the mad, mad antisemitism. And yet I feel like there's a lot to say about it, in the way it kind of subverts itself and also in the idea of the powerless and dispossessed somehow being the righteous in the end.

Though I'm still kind of hoping to write my exam on the marriage cycle.

On a completely different note, I'm reading up on the policies of the president candidates, and why on earth would anyone need to buy 12 guns a year?

Weird rambling about friendship patterns. )

Also, it occurs to me that I only have two months before I'm supposed to declare my thesis subject. This is causing more panic than it should, since for one thing, I should be panicking about my exams (particularly since all I can remember from OE grammar is verbs and pronouns, which is okay, but hardly ideal. New Year's Resolution: Panic about the near future) and for another, I know what I want to do. The problem is, I'm not sure I'll be allowed. Boo.

However! Saw Oskar today; went to the French Book Café, which was lovely and quite pretentious - coffee, cakes and Edith Piaf, hurra! Also managed to purchase two sets of underwear, at cheap, cheap sale prices and the most beautiful shoes ever. They look like this except with higher heels. They're awesome and so comfy, they're almost distracting me from all my different lines of panic. Yay, shoes!
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There's this advert for a newspaper in Copenhagen right now, which reads: "Your Every Day is Stressful Enough. Shouldn't Your Newspaper Be Simple?" Does reading the newspaper actually de-stress anyone? Or am I extrapolating the fact that I can't read a newspaper these days without wanting to cry and assuming everyone feels the same way?

In other news, George Bush continues to make me see red. I. Just. He renders me speechless. Terrorists see America as weak because of Vietnam? The mind boggles, it really does. And what pisses me off is that I can't stop reading the newspaper. I keep swearing I will, because it stresses me out and because it makes me feel guilty for not doing political science or something - not at least attempting to change the world, which I don't need. But I keep doing it, and every time I pick up a newspaper George Bush, Pia Kjærsgaard, Rupert Murdoch or someone will have said something that will make me sad and pissed off again. And I can't *stop*. Seriously. I'm beginning to think I like imaging the world sliding towards dystopia.

On a less depressing note, visited my Gemma and my house this week.

The sappy stuff )

I'm also oddly enthused about my room now. It needs quite a few things - bookshelves being the most important of these things. My window turns out towards the yard, which gives a really nice light, actually - it turns towards the south, I think. Currently all it has is a bed, a wardrobe , a desk and my carpet, which makes it quite sparse-looking, but I can *see* it becoming really nice, once I raid an Ikea and move stuff around. The house is pretty cool, too - I'm really fond of our kitchen/living room area, which has these awesome stuffed chairs and sofas which are dreadfully comfortable and cosy and the kitchen is - easy? I guess is the word. Useful.

Only problem is that the house is really, really cold. I am so investing in a rug or two.

Finally, today I visited Copenhagen with the express purpose of buying a bridesmaid's dress (I have one, so now all I need are tickets home), which was oddly depressing and made my head ache (it was too warm and too muggy, just on the brink of rain and thunder) and so I bought a book I've been eyeing up for a long while, The Thirteenth Tale. It is incredible - the descriptions are very real, incredibly evocative. It's a mood book, definitely, incredibly gothic; it takes place in a mansion, with a engimatic lady of the manor; the house is full of rainy nights and the scrape of pen against paper, open fires crackling in every room and, of course, ghosts. Part return to the classic novel in the style of the Brontë sisters, part a tribute to books and the power of stories, it is a beautiful book. I'm in love.
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I forgot to mention in my earlier post how grateful I am to all of you for the links and journal entries you all posted yesterday. Not just because they put things back in perspective for me, but also because I have no words at all to talk about 9/11 with.

However, if I had any words, I'd like to think they'd sound like Keith Olbermann's. I cannot explain how watching this made me feel either, but suffice to say it made me feel a lot like watching Good Night and Good Luck does.
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This article pisses me off. It does so, because the interveiwee just really, really doesn't get *the point* of Reading Lolita in Tehran. He insists on veiwing the book as a political manifest (at one point becoming angry over the fact that Nafisi ridicules the protesters at the American embassy, without mentioning the CIA led coup in 1953, among other things), and gets annoyed at Nafisi for being pro-American and pro-Western. Somehow, it complete escapes his notice that what Nafisi is commenting upon, is not whether or not America is a thing of goodness, light and candy-canes, her point is the growing absurdity of the revolution. Whatever happened in 1953 is utterly irrelevant. Nafisi is not comparing America to Iran, she really isn't, she is commenting on the absurdity, the ridiculousness, the utter inhumanity of the revolution as she saw it. Which is oddly enough why it's called a memoir, and not, say, a political manifest.

And I am not denying that it has political issues, it could hardly avoid them, due to subject matter. But if it is anything, it is first and foremost a declaration of individuality, and the regime made that political, not Nafisi.

Then again, a man who protests the fact that she uses English/American literature as the basis for her book, is obviously in a completely different stratosphere than the point.
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So, yes, I was in a bookstore today at 8.05 am. Yes, I got up early to go the English book sale Arnold Busck was having; in my defense, when I arrived, five minutes past opening, it was stuffed. I mean, it took serious maneuvering to get around in there. But it was fun - and I am three books richer ( Life Mask, The Printer's Devil and my particular favourite - The Writing Life, a collection of essays on writing. Very, very much reccommended). I also found two (three? Depending on how you count) very interesting books:

Persepolis, which is a) wonderfully drawn, and b) really funny and sweet. I was reading it over coffee (and how wonderful is it that Baresso's moved up on the first floor? I could *live* in that store now), and it's v. lovely. And it has a follow up!

The there's Junior, which looks to be awesome - it starts with a quiz, and the description makes it sound hilarious.

I'm still waiting for my package - I'm beginning to think that the post office hates me. This isn't the first time - my last amazon order turned up five days later than the last date amazon gave me; that's never happened to me before. And this is now three days late, compared to the date Christina was given. Dammit, I want my package!

Sometimes I feel like America exsists to justify my government paranoia. However, this is truly terrifying, even though it won't mean much in reality. It makes me want to wallop people over the head repeatedly with The Handmaid's Tale.

In one, last, fannish note: why is there no Gideon/Hotch out there? *wibbles*

Well, off to economics with me!
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Hee, I love this thing! )

So, happy new year everyone! Hope your collective evenings were wonderful and fun.

Me? I had dinner with my family, had kransekage and champagne, went home and watched movies until I fell asleep. T'was awesome. Woke up this morning around one pm, went to McDonalds with my family and step family and am now the proud owner of a Mr. Beaver and a Mr. Tumnus figure. And as it turns out, few things are as amusing as an 18 year old girl ordering six cheeseburgers, two Ceasar salads, four Big Mac menus and oh, two Narnia figurines. Go figure.

I also took the younger family to see Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang which is eight different kinds of awesome and snarky and combines several of my favourite things; snark, metafiction, boykissing (what? it counts), buddy movie and an honest-to-god mystery. Not to mention that the girl who played Harmony was really hot. It wins at life, and Val Kilmer wins the world for Gay Perry, the snarkiest, funniest detective ever. Yep, definitely an excellent way to spend an hour, fourty-five. And now I'm watching The Last Boy Scout, which is also a Shane Black movie, and I'm inclined to think that when it comes to buddy movies, the guy is *excllent*, top of his class.

Meanwhile, I've been watching all of the year-in-review things going on, and honestly? The drawing on Muhammed-thing? Needs to go the fuck away. The League of Arabs need to get a new press-agent, spindoctor, whatever-the-fuck makes the policies these days; it makes it hard to take them the least bit serious. Particularly when the same people condemning Denmark for not excersizing censorship - thusly allowing for blasphemous pictures to be printed - while Iran's president saying that all Jews deserve to die etc. barely gets a mention (except of course, the odd "you go, girl"), or a nod. Now, I realize that yes, Muslims are demonized across the globe, and their religion is often seen as barbaric and ruthless - but pulling shit like this? All it does is make the left wing's pleas for tolerance and understanding look naive at best and potentially dangerous at worst. If you want to step up to the plate, change people's minds, then maybe you need to stop acting like everyone's worst stereotypes.

Also? See icon.
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Hi America;

You don't really know me - I'm not American, at least my citizenship is Danish. So really, I don't have much right to what I'm going to say now.

I'm going say it anyway.

Don't let me down. I have defended you for four years. I have tried, and tried to disprove my classmates theories that the US is The Great Evil, and I can only do this if I believe it. It's been hard these past four years, with all of Bush's cock-ups, but hey, I love a challenge.

But please, please, please let my job be easier the next four years. Please don't let Bush win. I don't want to lose faith, because I grew up with my visions of America, and I like them and I try to believe they're true, because Meredith, Ann, Lee, Ellen, Amy, Tom, Mary, Grayson and many others prove them to me. But also because somewhere deep inside me, I am inspired. Somewhere inside me, I like the idealism, the spirit inherent in your Consitution, your Declaration of Independence. I like the idea that you, as a country, have such a relevant history, I like that it's easy to trace your past. I even like the idea that your country isn't something to be demured, but something to be proud of. I like America, and I want to believe in the ideals I see as a basis.

Please, please, please don't let Bush win, please.

Desperate and strange, Chris

I am sitting here in my newly bought huge sweater o'dOom, alternating between watching U2 (Stuck in a Moment: Pre-slashed for your convience) and Bruce Springsteen to cheer myself up. It's working quite well, except that every once in a while something pokes into my bubble and goes 'Bush is going to win'. I think I might cry. I shouldn't, shouldn't care, but fuck. I cannot take four years more of this.

So I shall now focus solely on Bruce, and how sexy he actually is [dear God] and Edge in drag and how much I want some of that [seriously disturbing] while waiting for my pizza. After that, candy shopping and then Tess' house. *sigh* I shouldn't be this nervous.
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Dear Stanley Kurtz, c/o The Hoover Institute

Saying 'Coincidence? I think not!' proves nothing. Nothing. And guess what? That is really all you have. You have data from Danish researchers regarding the divorce rate and the amount of children born out of wedlock, and guess what that tells you? Exactly what it says it does. The fact that 60% of first born children are born out of wedlock means exactly that.

And lets fact check for a moment.

1) You say Denmark has legalized gay marriage. This isn't true. We're a bunch of pussies who only have registered partnerships, which no matter what the Danish National Party tells you, isn't the same thing-

2) You say that the amount of children born out of wedlock has increased in the ten years Denmark has had "gay marriage". The results you have are from 2003. That would make fourteen years, sweetie.

3) You say that the divorce rate and the amount of children born out of wedlock are a direct fallout from allowing "gay marriage", yet the studies you cite show no evidence of this.

Which leaves us with 'Coincedence? I think not!' which is still not viable proof. In fact there is nothing mentioned in the studies about registered homosexual partnerships.

So how about you leave us the fuck alone, kthnxbai.

Much hate, Chris

There's a better rebuttal here. There is also an article in Urban about it this morning, with Danish researchers condemning the essay and the conclusions it draws.
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You know what's awesome about tomorrow?

ELECTION OMG!! I have never...oh, that's not true, but I love, love, love big political happenings. And let's face it, it doesn't get much bigger than this.

Election at Tessies house! Yay! This should be self-explanatory

I have 1000 kr to go spend on clothes. I shall be well dressed, by God!

As the Screws Turn, CSI tomorrow. Yay!

I get my ficathon fic. Oh Gods. I hope my reciever likes the fic. I hope I like my fic. OMG, I'm getting fic *joy*

I have a short day. Über short. Joy, joy, joy!

Well, there's nothing much more, but still. Conserable list. And ELECTION OMG! OMG! OMG! Not coherent-

Ironically, having spent the past week convincing people that the polls aren't the end all and be all of politics and this election, I am now supremely nervous. I mean, I get that we have the Packers omen (and I may have to raise a tribute next time I'm in Green Bay. Which'll probably be never. Hm.) But there is a long line of precendence for Presidents getting re-elected during war times. On the other hand, one time has to be the first, and in a year where the Red Sox (bless'em) won the World Series, anything can happen. I just need there to be no last minutes surprises tomorrow.

I wonder if the Red Sox winning the World Series counts as an October Surprise? Otherwise, that's two election without one, which is amusing. And vaguely disconcerting. I think Bush is messing with the Superstition Karma.

I've stopped making sense. I am going to bed.

EDIT: A) I have recieved physics and can stop panicking about it B) The webpage designed to inform us of our absences is clearly designed and operated by monkeys. But they are nice monkeys since my abscence is 0% in all classes except Geography.

Please join me in the 'WTF'-ing.
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That was Urban's frontpage this morning. Anyone else amazed I managed to get to school alive? Yeah.

Other than that, today has been awesome. I mean, I knew it'd be awesome from the moment I went outside - the weather was lovely, 12 degrees celsius, and it just smelled like autumn and the trees by school were beautiful. And yesterday had been amazing, with the boys being the sweetest, Jonas particularly. We had a leaf fight on the way home from daycare/after school, fun, fun, fun. Haven't been in one of those since I was seven. Jonas was adorable, all fascinated with the colours of the falling leaves...And then today, I finished my English essay,got my old one back (no mistakes. Not one single, teeny, tiny mistake. Go me!) and I got my social studies grade - 10/10. Hell, yes! Amazing.

I don't know why, really, but these days have just been good. I mean, I'm stressed, no doubt about it, but I am also calm and happy and happy to be busy too.

If you don't believe me, then I can tell you I've cleaned my room. Happily. Without anyone asking me to. That's pretty wild for me.

Okay. I'm gonna go do my maths, and then hopefully get back on here for an hour before TWW/CSI. Bad Words today, hep hey!

Also, check-out teh awesome new icon, by [ profile] chukolate_icons
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I want a FDR or Eleanor Roosevelt icon. Just because I've seen so many John F Kennedy icons lately, and I think if we're going to make icons of late Democratic presidents, I think we should make icons of ones that made huge, big, positive differences. Now, I appriciate that JFK is a iconic figure, mostly because of his youth (youngest president etc. etc) and death, and in part because of the huge big Cuba problems during his tenure, but he was not a great president. Abraham Lincoln was a great president. FDR was a great president. Jefferson was just cool, and he bought the Louisiana Purchase, which has to count for something. [Yes, I realise that FDR was the only democrat mentioned. Abraham Lincoln was Republican (and there is irony here, waiting to thwap you over the head) and Jefferson was, um, Federalist? I think. He was for strict interpretation anyway, that much I can remember]

JFK is a pop culture figure, much like Marilyn Monroe.

Personally? I like LBJ better anyway.

Don't mind me. I have a tendency to go off on American History rants. It cmes from being one of the few American savvy people in my area. And from a general annoyance about JFK. I don't know why, but he always seemed too slick for me. And yes, I am passing judgement on someone who died before I was a twinkle anywhere. Shhh.


American Tune owns me )

Does anyone know when CSI starts up again on Danish TV? I am so sick of only having CSI Miami, I want my geeks back. I also want West Wing to start again, but it could be that it's actually on, and I just haven't been paying attention.

If they release the 'Old Friends Madsion Square Garden concert' I don't care how poor I am that month, I am buying it the day it comes out.

School starts again in two days. *sigh* I have mixed emotions about this. On one hand, I really want to get back to school. On the other hand..I'm hella lazy. And I dislike the start of school. I love it much more when we get back into rythm, and the days seem normal length again.

But I can wait to start Social Studies. I've been excited about it basically all summer. Gonna be great. Hopefully.

I should go to bed. Yes.
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Sofie cracks my shit up. I'm reading old LJ entries, passing time till I'm supposed to call Freya (SHE*SHOME!SQUUUUEEEEEEEEE!) and I happened upon this day which still cracks my shit up. Basically, Sofie and I went a little beserk regarding sex.

Discussing why American condoms don't work as well as condoms everyhwere else, and coming to the conclusion that they don't know how to use them. )


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