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I think there must be some kind of problem with me; I am drawn towards really crappy English TV-shows like, like a magnet draws iron. Or something. And now I'm into Skins, which I am being mocked for by Gemma already, but it's kind of addictive - or certainly, the Emily/Naomi storyline is. I mean, sure, it's just another coming-out story, but it's really well executed and just so...realistic? And Emily such an awesomely sweet character and hot and also, a box of fannies. I kind of - actually, it mostly makes me very, very happy I'm not a teenager anymore, and that I've always been very sure of my sexuality (at least, I've never had doubts about liking fannies. I waver on the male issue).

Also, I've been listening to Mads and Monopolet so much that I'm turning it into a fandom. Skins is preferable to this, as Danish fandoms only end in tears, or rather, in really weird fanfiction scenarios.

Also, also, internets, why so low on Regeneration fanfiction? I want to read more about Rivers and Sassoon, and as my biographies and Ghost Road are in England, I look to the internet. And no help. This, I feel is not fair.
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I announced to the room, as we were watching Eddington and Einstein, that I couldn't see people at Oxford, pre-1930, in their dress without thinking they're gay; approximately a minute later, R announced that Eddington was in fact gay.

I'm not sure what to make of this (except maybe cry - David Tennat is such an amazing actor, something I think I underappreciated when he was playing Who).

I'm faintly annoyed that Eddington & Einstein didn't come out before the [ profile] yuletide deadline; I can't help think you could write some excellent stories inspired by it.

Speaking of [ profile] yuletide (but not my story, which I have yet to start), I really want to get to the archive and see if they have any Donald Strachey fics. Because apparently, the way to deal with dissertation stress is to watch pulp-y gay crime thrillers. It's very entertaining and I massively adore the relationship between Donald and Timmy - mostly Timmy, because he's so sweet and long-suffering. But then again, I always have a thing for the partner. And the films are just - not pointless fluff, exactly, but romps, crime romps, entertainng to watch and not demanding too much energy.

Which is good, 'cause I have very little.

In other news: Warwick kind of fails on a number of levels, and I'm off to Newcastle on Wednesday. Whee!
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1.I can do victory arms on my new computer! See: \o/


1a. Though currently I can't play my West Wing episodes on this computer. Dammit, I want to watch In the Shadow of Two Gunmen

2. I think I may be a little bit in love with everyone in my house after Monday evening. This is mostly good - just being at home makes me happy and calm and like maybe I'm not failing at life - and I do occiasonally need reminding of this - but it's also triggering a little bit of ending-related melancholy. I won't be here next year and that's just weird. And more than a little bit sad.

2a. Also, it makes me think about my Masters and how I don't even know who to get references from. Urgh.

2b. Tomorrow, for Halloween, I am going as Wendy, Gemma is going as Peter Pan, and housemate J is going as Hook.



You know, I've always like Obama, but I never really got the hype - he's a good guy, but he's hardly the saviour of America. And then I watched this tonight. He's still not the saviour of America, but he is lovely. *draws hearts*

4. Fade to Black - proving, once again, that Hot Fuzz fic makes the world substantially better.

5. ♥!

5a. Because y'all are awesome, have Simon Amstell and Stephen Fry flirting. And also Josie Long being adorable.
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I might be slightly (ever-so-slightly, promise!) getting into Merlin. But it's not my fault! It's messing with me with it's pretty characters (Morgana, you guys, she's just so beautiful) and the amazing chemistry they all have (Morgana's mad crush on Gwen, Arthur's thing for Merlin, Merlin's thing for Arthur and Lancelot and hi, this show is slightly, slightly gay) and did I mention the pretty? And it's fun and silly and doesn't take itself seriously, and can you say comfort TV? mmmm.

Also, it produces madly delicious angst like this, by [ profile] thisissirius, who writes wonderfully and is all about the repression and denial and it's possible I have this thing for not giving, denying yourself, and I don't even know what that's about. But I will recommend the fic and the series and demand more femslash. Now!
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Things that will never get old:

"Well, when I met him, he was working as a waiter in a cocktail bar."

"Well, I started on the floor, then we were sleeping top-to-tail, then side by side and by the end of it all we were spooning. Some mornings I didn't know where he ended and I began."

I love these two a stupid amount. ♥

-- From here
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1. I'm possibly going to see Bruce Springsteen in Barcelona. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, because nothing is certain, but. Want so damn badly, particularly because this might be his last ever tour with the E-Street Band and I still haven't seen Patti Scialfa live.

2. You know what? I'm still a little worked up about Doctor Who. Spoilers! )

3. Mock the Week is back on TV! Last night's episode was a little off, but Lucy Porter is adorable, Frankie Boyle is still completely inappropriate and slightly less adorable with his hair cut off, and I'm still oddly fond of the friendship between Frankie and Hugh.

3a. Frankie Boyle's coming to Leicester! This is in fact even more ideal than going to see him in London, because this way I can totally stalk him! I don't have to invest in train tickets. Whoop!
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You know, you mention to your friends that you may have a slight crush on a TV personality, and suddenly you find yourself implicated in plans to kidnap said TV personality and do - how did R word it? - wrong things to said personality. It occurs to me that sanity is quite thin on the ground in my house. Also that I didn't have this problem when I was geeking out over QI - no one ever accused me of wanting to kidnap Stephen Fry.

(Still: HEE, I'm going to see Frankie Boyle live in December!)


My dissertation has taken another turn, but this time I think it will stay, for the simple reason that what I've proposed this time fits thematically with what I've been doing so far at university (for, obviously, continuity is important as an undergraduate and there's no sense in branching out or trying something new. Right.) So, the current proposal: Escape and the engagement situation in post-modern literature. Which also has the advantage of being tangentially related to my submitted title by way of fairytales.

Speaking of the future and academia, I've been reading Virginia Woolf's The Common Reader. It's a collection of essays, and as with all Virginia Woolf's writing, I am filled with envy and awe when I read it. She is so damn smart and persuasive and elegant. Furthermore her writing is filled with a justification of its own existence - everything she writes, it seems, defends why literature is an art, why it's important. And her essays are helping, really, making me feel like maybe I've got something worthwhile going here, that perhaps I can do something worthwhile with my degree.


Also, I've actually been doing some writing. One finished story, one at 2,000 words and holding and, uh, a Narnia fic that I wasn't going to write currently holding at 700 words. And an essay on reading. I'm particularly geared up about the essay, because it's easy going, fun to write and think about. I'm not sure it's the most useful of my writing projects, but it may yet be the most exciting.


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Is there any version of your future that involves us living in peace and harmony? - one of my favourite moments from Mock the Week, for your viewing pleasure.

Also! Doctor Who: Midnight )
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So, while Gemma was at home I planned to the following:

1.Start work on my dissertation.
1a. Get books out of the library
1b. Start reading my supplementary texts

2. Email my supervisor and have my dissertation question approved.

3. Email my department to see if changing special subjects is possible.

4. Write something.
4a. New Year's Resolution fic.
4b. Road trip story that has been stuck in my head for about a year now.

5. Do laundry.

How many things did I manage:

4a. New Year's Resolution fic. [started, and it is crap]

5. Do laundry. [had run out of socks]

Now, you might point out that Gemma isn't back for another day. To which I might point out that it's 5 am and it's light outside. I'm going to say Thursday's a bit of a lost cause, you know.

My uselessness, it frightens me. Although I do have an excuse today, as I had to distract a friend during preparations for her surprise party (though part of this was sleeping up against her for an hour) and I spent a lot of time with R, who is moving to France next year. So.

Still. Ask me how many Mock the Week episodes I've watched?
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My holiday so far has been imminently productive! However, Stephen Fry has a podcast, I've watched five episodes of Mock the Week (I kind of ridiculously heart Frankie Boyle and Hugh Dennis), two episodes of In Treatment (so good, and Gabriel Byrne!) and I managed to set off the fire alarm with my cooking.

Also, I'm shamefully addicted to Classic FM, and am having a weird fangirly period with modern classical music. For example, today I heard a symphony version of 'Who Wants to Live Forever', with new music and overarching themes, and was very charmed. Beyond that, they play 'Summertime' and Grieg's 'Wedding Day at Troldhaugen' approximately once a day, and this makes me happy.

One day, I will actually achieve something.

(Also, I now have pills to modulate my dizziness. YAY!)
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1. Morte D'Arthur would be infinitely more amusing to read if I were allowed to edit it as I read. There would be a lot of comments along the lines of: "Too much tell, too little show", "irrelevant to the plot", "repeating how much Gawain likes fruit eight times is just annoying" and "character development - look it up".

It is entirely possible that I am a terrible English student.

2. My dad and I have watched four hours of How I Met Your Mother today. We watched two hours yesterday. We are maybe a little bit hooked. (Also, my dad keeps going "The women! They have *hips*! When did they start allowing women with hips to be on TV?" which is very amusing. And, indeed, the women on HIMYM are really, really gorgeous. Mmmmmhmm.)

Also, the show is just awesome. And mostly angst-free! ♥

3. I've been having a huge craving for more Being Human the last couple of days. Why isn't there more? *dispairs*

4. I've managed to double book just about every day this holiday and so haven't managed to do a lot of things I should have done. Like book a time for my hair. This is becoming a bit of a crisis.

5. 10 days to Paris! 10 days until I get three completely work-free days! This should be de-stressing, except right now I'm kind of worried it won't be as awesome as I want it to be, or Gemma won't like it as much as I hope, and just, flail! And then I realize that it's three days with *Gemma*. How can it be anything but awesome?

5a. Well, it won't be awesome if I don't exchange my money. Like, before I leave Denmark, where I can do it without have to pay an exchange fee.


6. Also, am going down to Becca's in eight days. It's kind of weird - being at uni, I very rarely actually see people's, you know, former homes and meet their families and all that. I'm oddly excited about that. Also, going to church!

7. Critical theory has just become awesome again. Seriously, Freud's essay 'The Uncanny' is possibly the best thing I've read in CT this year outside of gender and queer theory (and more interesting than certain aspects of those theories, as well). I am now in the novel position of actually wanting to write my essay.

It's quite a strange feeling.
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I made a really, really undignified noise just now, scrolling down my friendspage to read this on [ profile] crack_van: Pairing: Dick Winters/Lewis Nixon.

Speaking of things that give me glee and Winters/Nixon, I want to reccomend After Rain, a Band of Brothers vid which is just *beautiful*. [ profile] thefourthvine recced it as part of her happy-making post, and it is. I've watched it a few times now and each time, by the end, I'm just sitting there smiling. Even the song (which is wonderful) makes me smile. Go, request the password and *see it*.

Also, my torrent of Much Ado About Nothing finished downloading; it is still hilarious and remains my favourite of the Shakespeare Re-Told stories. It's also my favourite play of the one's down, but that's neither here nor there. Macbeth is really the best executed of the four, but I don't know. There's just something so *appealing* about Much Ado.... It doesn't hurt that Sarah Parish, Damian Lewis and Billie Piper are all made from awesome and pretty.

And now, I am going to go pack some more and maybe panic about my finacial state just for a change!
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It's been raining and raining and raining; despite a thunderstorm earlier today, the rain has not abated. It's making me feel funny; on one hand, it makes me feel cosy and cuddly, on the other, it makes me miss Gemma. I'm currently cuddled up in Gemma's romm watching television, wearing Gemma's teeshirt and my brand new Converse - shoes I've been wanting for about a month or so now, brown patent leather with green stitching, just purchased yesterday - all of which is embuing me with a peaceful feeling. Of course, that may be the chocolate talking, and possibly the fact that I've just re-watched Kiki's Delivery Service. It's a very sweet film about a 13 year-old witch during her apprentice year away from her family, and it's just so very *sweet* and childlike and makes me feel all warm inside. Even as it makes me miss Gemma. Then again everything does.

I think it's at least partially because I am arriving at yet another big End; the end of my first year, the end of life in university accomodation, the end of Gemma and I's little cocoon, the end of seeing Ros and Mike every night, the end of living near everyone I want to see. It's weird and not at all pleasant really - I have a horrid feeling that it's going to be my highschool graduation all over again, except without my dad to take care of me. I don't know. I just can't stop thinking about it, and it's colouring everything, and it makes me want to grab on to every little moment. I've loved this year, loved everything, the ups and downs and even my stupid mini-depression in later Novemember/early Decemember. This has been basically what I wanted from this year, and I'm all kinds of sad about giving it up.

But enough emo - tomorrow, Jack returns on Who! I really liked Blink though it terrified me stupid; it was a beautiful episode, and Steven Moffat can have my soul, if I ever get it back from Human Nature/The Family of Blood. Oh, Who, how I love you! I am currently discovering the joy of the Eighth Doctor (his companion is a man! they're clearly in love! yay!), so Doctor Who and I? Still going strong. And Jack's tomorrow, which'll be awesome. Hopefully. It is Russel T Davies, and I'm not sure how much faith I have in him. Still.

Other gleeful things: since the end of exams, I've read four books: A Room of One's Own (Virginia, oh Virginia!); The Boleyn Inheritance (Very good; I get really annoyed when people call the series romance novels, when they are in fact political-historical dramas from a female perspective. I spy a paper in this rant.); The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (Still not sure I like this. It's a very simple book and it felt too simple for me - too simple to deal with the complexity of the Holocaust); The Dream Life of Sukanov (an absolutely amazing book about art and creating art; but also about the choices we make and what makes life worth living; about compromise; about what we give up and what we keep; about what is important. Which incidentally ties it into my current book The Time Traveller's Wife, which is beautiful and sad and makes you want to believe.) All but The Boy... come heartily recommended and, interestingly, all but one of them are recognizably post-modern, something which leads me to think this may be the area of my focus when the master's degree rolls around.

Final thing of glee (best for last): went to London yesterday. It was awesome! Gem and I watched The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged) which was hilarious; we saw people perform opera live in Convent Garden; a finger puppet frog prince fell tragically in love with Gemma after she transformed him from frog to prince (okay, maybe I was the one controlling the puppets - still!); we had coffee and we got 20% off books at Waterstones. Oh, London!

Tomorrow: Star Trek marathon with Cathrine and Dr. Who! Yay!
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It is a truth universally acknowledged that it doesn't matter whether I ship slash, het, threesomes or incest, my pairing will never become canon. Even when it is bleedingly obvious. ARGH! The pairing even got a nod on the show, only to get shot down again (well, two nods if you count MY FAVOURITE MOMENT OF THE SHOW EVER. Uhm. Okay, possibly one of my favourite moments, as the show is awesome, but still. Gnah. I thought I was going to cry, which only proves, as Gemma says, that I am very, very silly.)

Cut for the Vicar of Dibley, spoilers for every thing )

In other bad mood seems to have abated somewhat, which is excellent. I'm crediting Monday/Tuesday. Mmhm.

In other, other news: this language project can go fuck itself.


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