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Man, how'd I forget how COMPLETELY AWESOME this movie is?

And by awesome, I CLEARLY mean cheesy and silly and sodamnslashy.


ETA: And no, I do not have time to re-read HISMSV. Dammit!
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For Spring Slash at the Refuge. Jack/David, PG - realizing the obvious

Seeing Past the Trees )
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Meta & Poll about Subtext )

I had something else to say, and now it's all but slipped my mind. Dammit. Anyway, imagine a point here.

Oh! Newsies spring slash assignments went out today, so if I start moaning about fic, that'll be it. Unless it's the RENT/WaT crossover that I can't get out of mind despite having far too much homework and mock exams next week, not to mention my driving theory test (which I totally don't want to do. Dammit, I'm going to fail, because I cannot make the damn stuff stick. Fucking hell.). But fic bunnies work in really warped ways.

As does this WaT episode, by the way.

i am so totally not shipping anthony edwards/george clooney, by the way. seriously. i think i need luka back. george is messing with my mind.

ETA: YAY! The bouncy ball Sony ad is back - best ad ever!


Aug. 25th, 2005 07:04 pm
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I can't quite believe this.

I...won something. Wow. Too cool!


Sorry, now that my moment of GLEE is over with, you may return to your regular schedule.

I, mean while, will be over here squee-ing. And watching Denis Leary.

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Because I'm sure NONE of you are tired of me yet. At all.

*glee* Still in love. Absolutely. And I think I wanna adopt Racetrack - he's much, much too adorable.

Also? If I weren't already convinced that Jack wants David more than Sarah, watching the Delancey brothers' attack would have convinced me. He may pull Sarah up first, but look at him groping checking David out for bruises and such. It's adorable. AND SO OTP-ish. Yesh.

And then there's Sieze the Day, which I love, love, love. Because how can you not FANGIRLISHLY squee at something so DORKY. So dorky. And the co-ordinated dancing and all. Hee, it's too, too good.

ETA: HEY! Tummypat!!
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I'd forgotten how immensely CRACKED OUT the movie was. Dear lord. I LOVE IT. It's so good, I've been doing the all caps thing. All day.

In other news: first driving lesson, yay! Didn't seem as scary as I thought it might be, but then again, I've only done theory so far - wait until I actually have to get into a car and see what I say then. But all in all good. Then a visit to the library to pick up this book I ordered - 'The Fifties'. So if nothing else, I have wikipedia and 200 hundred pages on McCarthy from that book (it's 2400 pages long. Literally. Insanity.)

And guess what the high-level English people get to read while everyone else revises? Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, yay! I win at life! (save for all the homework. Which reminds me. Anyone wanna write an eight page paper on the EU? No? No one? Bah! No sense of fun!)

And, okay, because I have to mention it again: NEWSIES!! Yay!! And it's the DORKIEST movie ever. No seriously. I couldn't keep a straight face through Carrying the Banner (or Christian Bale's dancing in Santa Fe. Guess who isn't a musical kid?) but it's SO GOOD. So incredibly good. And SO SLASHY. I mean. I remember it as slashy, but holy mother of christ. SO GOOD. Mmm, yeah.

And yes, Jack/David otp. So much. Because the angst and the staring and the fact that they. can't. keep. their hands. OFF each other. It's so, so good. No coherence. At all.

Also? When you open it in InterActual, the menu-board at the bottom becomes a Disney monorail. So much squee. It's ridiculous.

And I have this horrible impulse to try and *learn* the dance to Sieze the Day. Obviously I should not be let near musicals unsupervised.

So good. So much slash. So cute. Oh, and [ profile] queenitsy - I see what you mean about Blush - are they apart at all?!

<3 So happy. So bouncy. Probably not healthy. So full of SQUEE!


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