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Five down, two to go. Booyah. Nice to see some female faces at school today, though; I've been cooped up in the house with my dad and Mikkel and, for about eight hours a day, David, who was studying English with me, and it all got a bit testosterone-y in the end. So yay for getting out of the house and yay for girls and women and yay! for the exam being over.

So, what else is new? Ah yes, in a crushing defeat of the Danish right wing, lesbians and single women now have the right to insemination. All of the government ministers chose not to vote - or rather, were ordered not to, so as not to make it seem like there was conflict within the government. Good times all around.

In fandom-y news, I may have to concede your point, Holly; the director really is hot. And I don't know, she's just hot. And her hair cut! And really, really green eyes, and just the way she *works* with the team, and manages to kick ass - without being Mary-Sue-ishly right all the time. Yay for Madam Director and her awesomeness. Added to that, Criminal Minds in sucking me in, because I need a new fandom. And because I'm not already spending all my time re-reading the Canon, fangirling NCIS, re-reading my Discworld books and what's the other thing? Oh, yeah, studying. But still, it's an hour a week, quite entertaining, and I have a huge crush on Elle. Not to mention I'm finding Morgan and Reid's bantering kind of cute in a wow-Greg/Nick-ish kind of way.

And tomorrow, Jutland calls! I will go there armed with books (oh, Amazon? We're breaking up. Two books from cost me *less* than one book sent through Amazon. I'm so disappointed.), my new cellphone (finally!) and digital camera (yayayay!). So even if studying is driving me nuts, it's not all bed.

♥ for you all.
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A little post-Switch squee:
How cute are Ziva and Abby? No, seriously. And so obvious! Puzzles! And Abby's slight smile, and Ziva's grin, and suddenly you just *know* that they're going to be *friends*, but at the same time it's going to have a flirting undertone and that undertone is going to be so. damn. cute. They are so OTP.
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Meta & Poll about Subtext )

I had something else to say, and now it's all but slipped my mind. Dammit. Anyway, imagine a point here.

Oh! Newsies spring slash assignments went out today, so if I start moaning about fic, that'll be it. Unless it's the RENT/WaT crossover that I can't get out of mind despite having far too much homework and mock exams next week, not to mention my driving theory test (which I totally don't want to do. Dammit, I'm going to fail, because I cannot make the damn stuff stick. Fucking hell.). But fic bunnies work in really warped ways.

As does this WaT episode, by the way.

i am so totally not shipping anthony edwards/george clooney, by the way. seriously. i think i need luka back. george is messing with my mind.

ETA: YAY! The bouncy ball Sony ad is back - best ad ever!
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I need a tread mill. I went running today, and found that, for the first time, I enjoyed it, but it's just cold and now that both iPods have died, it's a little boring. A treadmill? Would fix this. And I need to lose weight, because I completely fell off my diet in Febuaury and am failing to get back on it, and I can *feel* that I've put weight back on, which just sucks, particularly since the school galla is April 1st. And makes me feel like crap - but then again, so does dieting. I can't win. *grumps*

In less woe-is-me news, going out tonight! Woot! Going to a concert with Rasmus and some of his friends (seems a recurring weekend theme these days) so that's kind of nervewracking - new people! Eeek! But Rasmus' female friends generally are friendly, normal-ish people, so not as nervewracking as last weeks meet and greet with the greater gay population of CPH. If only I wasn't so tired.

So, what else? Oh! Ziva/Abby is starting to look like a viable NCIS pairing, yay! I never want to have to sit through three hours of religion ever again, please. I am so incredibly sick of politicians talking about "the way the tone used to be", as if politics ever was all noble intention. Oh, and the most awesome thing about the Oscars, save Clooney winning? The 'cowboys are straight' segment. HEE!

Still sleepy.

Does anyone know where Tess is? Haven't seen her in a while...
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Oh! How I love the internet. If you just search long enough, you can find whatever you want.
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So, I'm starting to get addicted to NCIS (vaguely predictable due to earlier flirtations with JAG and CSI, I suppose), particularly since it comes on right after The Simpsons every day now. I know I have some older NCIS fans on my friendslist, so the question is this: I'm not the only one who think Gibbs and Tony are ever so slightly married, right?


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