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I have a truly stupid amount of love for Shadowlands. On one hand, it does deal with many of my favourite themes: English literature, Oxford, repressed longing, Anthony Hopkins being English and repressed1 - it even deals with religion. On the other hand, I don't even like C.S. Lewis that much (okay, lies, I don't want to like C.S.Lewis that much, because of the Susan issue and because, well, I want to think that he and Oxford and Anthony Hopkins are overrated) and it's a Richard Attenborough film2. Also, it seems to imply that to truly love someone, you or they have to die, a theme I normally resent.

And yet, it doesn't even matter what all my other issues are, because that scene where Jack realizes that he loves her and cries in the church makes me cry. I just - I can't even tell you why that scene is so important to me, why it still makes me cry even though I've seen it at least five times now, but it's beautiful. Paired with the marriage scene (oh, my!), it pretty much is all I need in a love story. That, and apparently, middle-aged people.

Which, incidentally, brings me to a question: do you have a preference for a certain age group in your love stories? I'm kind of curious.

[Poll #1391000]

In other news, as of today, I'm 411/7000, and I have a massive friend!crush on Sarah Vowell, and you should too:

1. See also: Remains of the Day (also, read the book!) and 84 Charing Cross (see previous aside)
2. Look, I realize his Oh! What a Lovely War is a good film, but it kind of broke the point of the play (see also: the film version of Regeneration).
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So, my dissertation is in editing and Gemma's gone home after being up for two days (New Year's was really nice - just us, a lovely dinner and watching movies all night. It was kind of *exactly* what I needed), and because of this, I have had time to read a little bit of Yuletide fic. And I have compiled recs!

First, written for me: Seeking Comfort - Fried Green Tomatoes, Ruth/Idgie, R. I got sex and coming together and such a beautiful characterization of Idgie. And a take-charge Ruth, which you know is canon.

And then five (mostly) happy recs to go with:

Becoming a Lesbian: Megan Bloomfield's Guide for Cheerleaders
- But I'm a Cheerleader, Megan/Graham, R. Because I never knew how much I wanted this fic until I read it. Perfect Megan, perfect Graham and, best of all, perfectly the surreal world of the movie. It's just a sweet, happy read, with some laugh-out-loud lines.

The Thin Man Takes a Husband - Donald Strachey Mysteries, Donald/Timothy, R. Hot and plotty and from Tim's point of veiw. A bit sappy towards the end, but then again. It's Timmy.

Tokens of Affection - Hot Fuzz, Danny/Nicholas, R. Christmas-themed without being sappy, and involving the entire precinct, and just ridiculously engaging and charming.

Ribbons and Lace - Neil Gaiman - Stardust, Victoria/Louisa, PG. Just. If Neil Gaiman had entered in Yuletide and written this, I wouldn't be completely shocked. It fits so well and I really like the idea of focusing on Louisa (and also Victoria, since she got ridiculously slighted in the film.) Gorgeous.

On the Doors to Paradise - The Bubble, Ashraf/Noam, PG-13. Okay, first you need to go watch the movie, as this takes place post-movie and I don't want to spoil you. Go on. I'll wait. It is so very much worth the price of the DVD; it has great acting, charming characters and - I don't even know how to describe the plotline, except good, and hot and heartbreaking for so many reasons. Then, come back and read this, and you'll understand that this needs to be canon.

In case you were wondering what I wrote: Names, Navigation and Other Issues Rising Aboard the Caspartine. I still can't believe I wrote Stardust (movie) slash.

And now I really should get to bed, as I am due into work tomorrow. Which should be fun, but at least housemate J and I may be sharing a shift.
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Things that will never get old:

"Well, when I met him, he was working as a waiter in a cocktail bar."

"Well, I started on the floor, then we were sleeping top-to-tail, then side by side and by the end of it all we were spooning. Some mornings I didn't know where he ended and I began."

I love these two a stupid amount. ♥

-- From here
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I have a bottle of coke.

I have a bumper-bag of toffee popcorn.

I have the house all to myself.

I have Shaun of the Dead.


I may also have rented Aristocats, so when I'm too scared to go bed because the zombies will eat me, I can at least spend my insomnia with French jazz cats. Whoo!
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Went to see Prince Caspian yesterday. Apparently I am not subtle in my glee. Also terrible at being quiet - it kind of makes me wonder whether there's anything wrong with my ears. However, that is not the point. The point is:I kind of loved it a lot )

My, how productive I've been today.
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We're having a weird summer period here; it's incredibly hot and humid - perfect for sitting in the park and reading. Which I didn't do today, sadly; I did gain a top score of 191 in Wii bowling, cook Gemma lunch and do two hours of revision though, so my day wasn't completely wasted.

It's been such a ridiculous week - I've been having mood swings all over the place and unable to be happy for more than an hour or so at a time, even though there's nothing specific to be sad about. Work is dull and repetitive; my academic life is currently making me less happy than it normally does; I still haven't finished Critical Theory and I need to start revising for exams. But I've dealt with this before, and - crucially - none of these things are immediately stressing me out. And yet, I'm just - not happy. It may just be a crash period, of course - it feels like it's been ages since I've had one - but that's just a new level of annoyance, because I don't know how to make them stop, all I can do is wait it out. Or possibly it's just a cycle of sadness.

Oddly enough, in my current state this clip is making me very happy:

From Latter Days. Plot lines spoilers.

Not the entire thing, of course (I am not actually a horrible person), but just his smile at about 0:40-0:51; that sense of *happiness* despite everything that's happened to him just does something to me. (Incidentally, I very much recommend the film; I watched it at least partially to satisfy my 'religion vs. love' interest and it definitely deals with that - and quite well, if not entirely to my liking, but that's a different kettle of fish - but it also has some rather lovely supporting characters. And hot sex! So, there's that.)

Speaking of films, I watched Enchanted last night and wasn't as charmed as I expected to be, which makes me sad, because it felt like I should love it - all the other Disney geeks I know adored it. And I can see why, I really can, but there was part of me that kept going "But that's not what my Disney was." I think, in the end, it's a homage and pastiche based on the Disney films of the creators' generation rather than mine, and I wasn't expecting that. It is a sweet film with many redeeming qualities (and some really catchy tunes), but, you know, it wasn't my Disney.
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I finally got my grades back, and by some miracle of demented fate, I have survived unscathed and with two firsts. All hail the mystical grading forces!

Watched Paris, Je T'aime with Gemma last night, which was both happy-making and really interesting. There's something utterly beautiful and intriguing about short films that you don't get in longer films. Also, the films that kept to a strict time frame were often better than those attempting to capture a long period of time; the exception to this being the clip with Miranda Richardson, which was possibly my favourite of the films (although the love-story of the mimes was lovely and Gus van Sant's little scene was intriguing and compelling, and I kind of madly adored Alexander Payne's love letter format, because, yeah. There is still love when you're alone, and, oh, just watch it. It's worth it.) And now I'm vaguely considering doing it - or one of the short films in it - for my Critical Theory essay. Hm. The entire thing is very much recommended, though.

Speaking of things that are recommended: Streets in a World Underneath It All by [ profile] ismenetruth. Really, at it's heart, just John realizing his life is his life, but the tone and the characterization just makes the fic. That and the hints at backstory which intrigues me. Also, Nobel Prise lectures!(Rodney/John, R-ish).

And now, to watch the Daily Show. Yay!
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You guys, Juno makes me want to draw pink sparkly hearts on everything.

And possibly watch more movies curled up against Gemma, with friends throwing popcorn at us and my feet up on the seat in front of me.
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So, today's been productive if not exactly overly happy. I'm kind of missing England. A lot. But apparently being in a...blah mood helps with my productivity. I've certainly managed quite a bit of revision today. Hopefully I can do the last 30 lines of translation tomorrow and then start on my grammar tests, and then it's focus on the literary side from then on. Ugh.

But, for now, I present my Yuletide Recs )

Also, this is just kind of hilarious, particularly this one: 4. Noah Mayer, Classic Self-Denial. Probably the most textbook case in Oakdale, the troubled aspiring filmmaker just needs to be hit with the "Luke Snyder is awesome" stick, and straight man Dusty is just the one to smack him with it.
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So tired.

Assorted Bruce Springsteen notes:

I realize I completely forgot to mention Devil's Arcade in my review of the concert, which is silly, because *damn*, that is Springsteen at it's most beautiful. and the weird thing is, I barely even liked the song before I heard it at the concert, but now - and I need to stress that Bruce didn't introduce it at all - now I understand it. It's beautiful; it's one of those songs that just sneaks up on you. If you want it, I've uploaded it: Devil's Arcade. It's really one of the most gorgeous songs of Springsteen's I've ever heard.

Also with regards to the concert, I met this awesome guy in the queue to the loos. First saw Springsteen in 1972 in Asbury, NJ, used to live in New York, but had lived in Finland for 25 years. What did we end up chatting about? English literature - he teaches it in Finland. Spent sometime discussing Shakespeare, but most of the time we spent talking about Beowulf. How randomly awesome is that?

Incidentally, I could totally write an essay about the portrayal of romantic friendship in the songs of Bruce Springsteen. This kind of worries me.

Completely unrelated to Springsteen:

I just bought The Sting. ♥♥ Just. Like. The eyefucking! It's like Ocean's Eleven, except somehow even gayer. I feel a rec post coming on.
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You know, the revelation that Dumbledore is gay actually works really well with the overarching theme of love going on in the Harry Potter books - and if it had been made a little bit more clear (though now I need to re-read Deathly Hallows, go team Me!) it would've provided an interesting counterpoint to the overall message that love conquers all.

It's also just cool, 'cause dude. Dumbledore!

Other things that are awesome include Stardust. Claire Danes is pretty and snarky! The romance is cute and believable! The evil characters are...ambivalent! The seven brothers are the best peanut gallery ever! Captain Shakespeare is made from so much win I think I may have clapped when he came on!

♥ Go see it! (It's a Neil Gaiman fairytale - go! go!)

I managed to recover fully from Thursday's mini-depression with help from the always lovely Gemma and - have I mentioned this yet - my housemates and their awesomeness. Seriously, if it weren't for Tom, Roisin and Chris, this term would be a lot less fun. And yesterday was awesome - watched TV most of the day with the house and Gem, went to see Stardust (glee!), went back to Gem's for pizza, The Tudors (love, love, love!) and QI, which is still the best thing on TV.

And today I went shopping while listening to slash fanfiction. Heh.
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Yes I am. I had a crappy afternoon, but it is all okay because of the following things:

- Gemma
- A long, rambling and utterly weird conversation with two of the awesome people I live with
- Chaucer
- This piece of gorgeous, sexy meta about fandom being a queer, female space (yay!). This makes me want to grab a random fandom girl and just snuggle her (incidentally, it's in the folder of my bookmarks called [I want to make-out with fandom right now]. I thought you might like to know.)
- The Ratatouille soundtrack
- I might as well admit it - I'm a little in love with Luke/Noah. But look how adorable and angsty they are! 'I think about you all the time'! Puppies!
- I just made awesome veggie stir-fry
- I have Big Fish on DVD
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I always love when I'm not alone in my madness. Particularly when someone as cool as [ profile] trollprincess joins in the madness. Except now I'm craving fic (except what could be better than the story line, I ask you? Except smut? Maybe?) and possibly to actually be able to watch more than just YouTube clips. Except I'm already way, way too lame - I don't think adding 'soap-opera viewer' to my list of personality traits is going to help me any.

Except this story line is made of AWESOME. Woe.

You know what else is made of awesome? My new moodtheme, by [ profile] feelingalittle. Yay, Bruce! I particularly like the mood icon for touched, though, look at how cute they are. *squishes*

Also awesome? The fact that I am going to see Ratatouille tonight! I haven't been to see a proper animated film in ages upon ages - I can't even remember what the last one was. And I've been so disappointed lately, and I've missed it - missed the glee I get out of it, so I'm both excited and worried it's not going to be any good. And a little ashamed of being such a huge, huge dork about it.

Still awesome also is Natalie and Dana's friendship on Sports Night. My girls!

Now, if you'll excuse me, this room isn't going to hoover itself.
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So. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. One word: awesome. )

It got me eight different kinds of giddy, anyway, and now I'm all excited for Deathly Hallows. I may have to buy it in the airport, because I NEED TO KNOW. I'd use this space to tell you about my spoiler policy, but I'm going to China for two weeks - I figure I'm pretty safe. Plus, if I do buy it in the airport, I'll have read it by the 23rd, anyway. My point being: not bothered. If anyone cares. *grins*

I'm actually getting pretty psyched about China now; I mean, I've always thought it was cool that I was going, but now I'm actually really looking forward to it. I guess I have to be close to something to get really excited about it (except for, like, seeing Sofie. And getting back to Gemma. Personal things, I get excited about way before I should.) Plus 15-hour-long plane ride! I like long trips far, far too much, but there's something so relaxing about them - here's 15 hours where there are no demands on my time. I can read, eat, sleep, walk around, listen to music and not feel the least bit guilty, or like I should be doing something else. Bliss. Even though it's bliss with very little leg room. I don't care! 15 hours of reading.

And tomorrow I'm over at Signe's to watch the last six episodes of Band of Brothers. You guys have no idea how much I've had to sit on my hands so I didn't download the damn episodes. I am not good with waiting, and I want to see the rest so bad. Like, yesterday. But instead I've been searching for World War II related books for my holiday. It's like indulging in Band of Brothers by proxy! Also, possibly nuts. But I am picking up Gravity's Rainbow from the library tomorrow, so some good did come out of it all! (And seeing the show! YES!)

Now I'm off to see if I can make crazy story of Doom (currently coasting at 15.000 words, oh god) work. At all.
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Well, I was in a good mood right up until I failed to fall asleep last night. And today's just gone from reasonably mundane to bad in a slow, gentle swerve.

In short, I am not down with life. I've been seesawing up and down emotionally since I got back to university, but my mind seems to have made a decision to stay on the negative curve today. Glorious. I hate Mondays.

My iPod is broken - it won't turn off, not even if I pause it and leave it, so I either need to get it to a repair shop (of which there are five in the entire United freakin' Kingdom) or restore to factory settings - definitely something I want to do. This is my shortest lived iPod yet, which is vaguely fucking impressive, considering the last one lasted four months. Seriously, what is with me and the damn things?

Then my seminar today...ugh. I'm so, so tired of having these stupid seminars where getting a discussion going is like pulling nails. Our teacher'll ask for an opinion, and everyone will sit and stare at their hands; I'll answer, or the teacher will ask someone for an answer, and then we start over. God. What are these people doing at university? They don't want to have an opinion, or speak in public, or write essays, or read these "boring" plays. Oh, and opposing another student's opinion? Terrible form. We're all just supposed to agree with each other, even though some of the opinions ventured have no logic to back them up and have nothing to do with the play, and I'm sick of it. Participate, dammit! We've yet to get through an entire play, just because people won't fucking talk. Ugh.

On the bright side, I've got Disney songs. This makes me happy. It also makes me want to write an essay about "growing up Disney", an analysis of the growing up that happens in the Disney Renaissance films, how growth is symbolized, etc. Disney, the outsider and the engagement situation. That sort of thing. And speaking of the Renaissance films, has anyone else noticed how radically different The Lion King is from the other films of the period? It's actually rather weird.

Also, apparently tonight I'm playing rugby. Which should be interesting. Until then, my headache and I are going to bed.
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What have I been doing today(1)? Why, I am so glad you asked! I have been reading [ profile] yuletide fic, hanging out on YouTube and listening to my lovely Christmas present music. And here I show you the fruits of all this: A Post in Three Acts.

Act I: Monty Python )

Act II: Yuletide )

Brief intermission: The Tudors Trailer -- I'm a bit...I don't know. I can't decide if I think this is going to be good, or not.

Act III: Music )

Thank you for tonight - we hope you've enjoyed the show!

(And now - to bed! To bed!)

(1) well. Today and the past few days. There are limits to the hours of the day)
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If someone sat down one day and decided to write and direct a movie solely for my benefit, they'd still have a hard time coming up with a way to hit more of my kinks than V for Vendetta. Just. Yum. With the wordplay, and the theme of the V's, and the man vs. the idea discussions, and V's realization that he's not part of the new world, and the dystopia and the lesbianism and Natalie Portman being gorgeous and just. If this film was sex, I wouldn't be able to *walk* tomorrow.

And I know it's not as smart as it wants to believe it is. And yes, I realize that it probably ruins the genius of the graphic novel. But still. All my kinks people! All of them!
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You know what the world needs, though? Four Weddings and a Funeral fic about Charles, Fiona and Matthew at University. Being taught by Gareth. Extra bonus points for having Matthew seduce Gareth (or, hey, vice versa, I'm not picky at all). Cherry and whipped cream for including Fiona's fifteen minutes of lesbianism. I'm just saying.

Also cherries and whipped cream for anyone who can get me an mp3 file of John Hannah reading "Funeral Blues".

And that's actually more-or-less all I have to say, as I am not in the mood to talk about real life right now. Except to say this:
I am making a mental list of those who are snickering, and even as I speak I'm preparing appropriate retribution.
and this:
I will kill people today, Leo. I will kill people with this cricket bat, which was given to me by Her Royal Majesty Elizabeth Windsor, and then I will kill them again with my own hands.
and finally, this:
No. No "however". Just be wrong. Just stand there in your wrongness and be wrong and get used to it.
That's life, folks.
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Why must my mind go to the bad place? Why? There is no need for a wacky The Queen AU where Elizabeth II has an affair with Tony Blair with parallels to Elizabeth I's affair with the Earl of Essex. WTF, brain. WTF.

Also, Cecil and Francis Walsingham did not have a clandestine affair, brain. Shut up. Even if Cecil and Pygmy are the neatest people at Elizabeth's court (save, of course, for the glorious Queen herself. Uhm. Is my geek showing? *tidies*). Seriously, though; they were the best advisors Elizabeth could have wanted and - though I do believe Elizabeth's political savvy is often undervalued - they played *such* a part of why she became one of the greatest leaders England's ever had. (Walsingham and his spies, of course, were also important, but Cecil is shinier and, err, perhaps a little more ethically acceptable?)

In shallowness, Helen Mirren has the most amazing eyes. All liquid and depth.


In less inherently pointless news, am seriously sick. Well, not seriously, but I am weak and coughing and I can't *eat* anything and I can't sleep but am tired all the time. In short, am flu-y and want it gone. But am turning in early tonight in the hopes that it will help.

Also so I can get up early enough to catch a bus that'll get me to University on time; the buses have a horrible tendency to not show up in the mornings; and if they do show up, to be full. This means that to be in at 9:30, I have to queue up at 8:30-ish.

Of course, buses would not be required if I hadn't, promptly after recieving my bike Sunday, punctured it on Monday. Brilliance.

However, I do now have my books, my DVDs and a set of truly glorious sheets; they are all blues and greens and purples and huge, even around my rather big duvet, so lying down in them feels rather like being engulphed in a sea of cotton. It makes me happy, particularly since the set of covers the University gave me made me feel like I was living in a hotel room. And these sheets and covers are a gift from my dad, which both helps and doesn't help with the homesickness.


I am beginning to realize that University reading should be driven by interest and a click of some kind. At least for history. Which means I'll be geeking Plantagenets and nationalism in England. For the Win.


Finally, I seem to have aquired a newspaper habit. Hurra for the Guardian, that pretentious, snobby, leftist, intellectual, subjective newspaper, which gives me student discounts. Yay!
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So, because I haven't been to the movies in ages, I went to see The Queen with Cathrine today in the Leicester Odeon, which was great fun; we Time-Warped at the bus stop. It was quite, quite awesome. Cathrine has a startlingly high-tolerance for my weirdness and let's me sing, dance and *glee* all over the place. It's quite, quite wonderful - she's great fun.

But that is neither here nor there - the point is the movie.

A Review of the Queen: Or how Chris finally found an odder pairing than Jesus/Judas )

Also, TORCHWOOD trailer before the movie! Oh, be still my heart. How cool does that show look? Doctor Who meets Criminal Minds and all lead by Capt'n Jack Harkness. Oh yes please. I went to see Rocky Horror Show Friday (and it was amazing - I even got up and time-warped)and Rocky looked like a bleached John Barrowman, which set off Doctor Who pangs - and all this was made worse by the fact that I invested in Hey Mr. Producer which also stars Barrowman (and his, uh, hips).

Though he is upstaged by JULIE ANDREWS who shouldn't be as hot as she is; Bernadette Peters, glorious as always; Stephen Sondeheim and Andrew Lloyd Webber; Judi Dench, who can *sing*; and the wonderful, the hilarious, the *brilliant* Tom Lehrer, singing Poisoning Pigeons in the Park. I'm quite overcome with glee.

A short RL update: am sick, am slightly stressed, am poor, am at times homesick and lonely, but am overall happy and pleased with life.


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