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Fab things:

1. My room is clean. Or at least tidy. Tidier. Okay, so my room no longer looks like a library threw up over it. Books in organized piles, FTW!

2. I have finished my critical theory essay! Which is to say, I've written 2000 words. Now, to the edit-mobile!

3. Doctor Who! Oods! )

4. M*A*S*H marathons on TV. Hi Trapper ILU. Still. The more I watch the first three seasons, the more the whole "Trapper-is-a-bastard" thing in fandom mystifies me. Trapper's lovely. ♥

5. Yesterday, in my house, we had E's brother and sister, T's sister, Mike and his housemate and Gemma. It was a lot like I imagine having a large ethnic family would be like. Except with a truly disgusting sense of humor.

It was brilliant.



1. Satire and Sensibility essay still stalling at 200 words and still made of fail.

1a. S&S is due in a week before CT. Oops?

2. Morte D'Arthur, presentation on. For Wednesday. I hope my tutor doesn't mind it being all about the War of the Roses and not at all about the book. Because the book sucks.

3. I have to go to work tomorrow. Which sucks. I've applied for jobs elsewhere, but no word yet. I just. I'm so bored and I don't even have nice co-workers to make up for it.

Also, the pay is lousy. Boo.

However, I am going to go and do my presentation now (possibly while watching M*A*S*H) and all shall be well with the world.

Also, did I mention? Becca's back in town! ♥!
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I am looking for things to do until I go back to England, and what better than a meme to fill that time?

Give me the names of two characters and I will tell you why character A loves character B. I might answer with a drabble, a quick bit of meta, or a list, just to make things that tiny bit more OMGSOEXCITING!
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What have I been doing today(1)? Why, I am so glad you asked! I have been reading [ profile] yuletide fic, hanging out on YouTube and listening to my lovely Christmas present music. And here I show you the fruits of all this: A Post in Three Acts.

Act I: Monty Python )

Act II: Yuletide )

Brief intermission: The Tudors Trailer -- I'm a bit...I don't know. I can't decide if I think this is going to be good, or not.

Act III: Music )

Thank you for tonight - we hope you've enjoyed the show!

(And now - to bed! To bed!)

(1) well. Today and the past few days. There are limits to the hours of the day)
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Why must Trapper be so cute and angsty? Why must he, as a character, push pretty much every button I have? Why is season 3 so thoroughly *made* from awesome? The characters are finally *all* there; the relationships have consistency, but are still being explored; they've finally got a somewhat constant balance between the personal and the universal; and it's damn slashy.

All this brought on by the fact that [ profile] cesperanza wrote 38 Minutes, an absolutely beautiful piece of fanfiction that reads like canon. Very much recommended.

Also brought on by the fact that industrialization continues to be boring as hell.
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Oh Trapper.

I suddenly remember why these two are my favourite pairing. There's this scene in Dear Dad, an otherwise very het-centric episode, where Hawkeye is off to perform surgery in a war zone and he tries to say goodbye to Trapper, you know, in case he doesn't come back, but Trapper, Trapper just cannot *deal* and deflects the comment. Hawkeye leaves and the camera lingers a little bit on Trapper who *knows* that this could be it for Hawkeye and just deflected any kind of proper goodbye and it hurts him.

And the hardest thing is the knowledge that Trapper *never* gets to say a proper goodbye to Hawkeye; all he gets to do is kiss Radar's cheek and hope Hawkeye understands, and of course Hawkeye doesn't, because Hawkeye is caught up in his own hurt and he *needs* Trapper, has relied on Trapper to keep him sane and now Trapper is gone. Neither Hawk nor Trapper has anyway of knowing that BJ will be who he is, that BJ will stabilize Hawkeye just as well, if not better than Trapper; all they know is that they've been seperated without warning.

And anyone who says that Trapper is a callous bastard with no regard for Hawkeye? Obviously have never *seen* an episode.
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Stolen off [ profile] myhappyface.

The rules:

1) 13 characters. (We set a limit of 10, then I said "Well, we could do a dozen," then Betty said "We could do a baker's dozen." So.)
2) We stuck with FP characters.
3) There's a built-in cheat: SOs. They get to come along for the ride without being included in the actual list, sort of like in-laws. (Because I made up the rules, and I've always thought that if I get Ray Kowalski, that automatically means I get Ray Vecchio, too.)
4) SOs must truly be SOs - those people you feel OTPish about, or at least see as life-partners/soulmates - what they call someone's "lobster" on Friends. Not just a date or an attempt on your part to get extra characters. This does not mean it has to be a canon pairing or even a fandom-favorite pairing, as long as some circumstance has made them a lobster in your fantasy headspace.

I copied [ profile] myhappyface's idea of talking more about why I ship the characters than why each is my favourite.

Here we go! )
Off the top of my head, I can't come up with more OTPs. I mean, I love Abby, but I can see her with lots of characters. I've got a new-found craving for Izzie/Addison (from Gray's Anatomy), but OTP is going a bit far there. And then there's Dan/Duck, which I did kind of want to write up as well, because I love Dan. And Duck. But I haven't been in fandom that long, I don't feel comfortable talking about it ;)
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Ficathon fic is here. Oh God.

I don't want to read it. What if it's dissappointing? What if it's not anything I like? What if it's so amazing I'll feel ashamed of my own writing and never want to write again?

OMG teh pointless angst.

I will read it before I go to bed. Anything else is ridiculous.

EDIT OMG!: Go read this. It's mine! My own! My preciiiiooooouuuus....[Actually written by [ profile] katiemariie]

So yes. I am pleased.
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Okay, I'm stuck. How on God's green earth am I going to get these two characters to kiss? I know what happens afterwards, I just can't lead it up to that point.

Okay. Fuck this. I have 8 more days, I work best under pressure and it's not worth the headache right now.


I have to work Monday, Wednesday this week, both kids. Hell. I mean, I love them both, but I do live for the Thursdays, when it's just Jonas, because he is much less trouble to deal with. Sebastian is a sweet kid, but he's also six and spoiled rotten. He's stubborn as get all out and...well, probably an awful lot like me at that age, sans the geekish babbling. Well, apart from the part where you could more or less stick a book in front of me and keep me occupied that way.

Gotta teach the kid to read, that's the answer ;) Still, tomorrow I may be able to make time for sme of math, finish it at home, get it out of the way. I can do the other paper Tuesday, as well as studying for geography, and then I can study math Wednesday. Game plan.

Speaking of games, the Red Sox won against the Cardinals 11:9, first game. Very awesome. I need an icon that says "I support the Orioles [logo] and whoever beats the Yankees [Red Sox logo]". Just because baseball is totally awesome, and I can actually see it here now, albeit at an insane time of night. That's what I did last night - watched the game with my dad. It was good.

For random notes, Ceasefire and Crisis are still two of the most amusing, slashy episodes. And also, Crisis makes me want to write exactly what happened at all those "slumberparties". I mean you've got your Trapper/Hawkeye (of course), Henry/Radar (gen or no, really)and ...well, Klinger/Mulchahy, I guess. Which would be interesting. All you need is to throw a little Frank/Margret and hey, there's a fic that needs to be written! How did Frank and Margret deal? I'm assuming with lots of small susply tent trips, but hey, one could embelish.

On a completely different tangent the hug scene in the Sentinel episode about the drug, Golden? The way Jim just holds Blair so tenderly? Yeah. *ded*

I am random and I am going off to do Spanish.

No, really.
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Ergh, ergh, ergh. I have two pages of lead in and -boom- when I get to the actual forming of the relationship, I have nothing. Nothing. And on top of that? I seem to be writing Hawkeye/Trapper into the story. Which wasn't requested at all.

Am cleary inable to do this.

ETA: From's MASH overveiw's list of kinks:

13. As a child, Hawkeye had an imaginary friend named Tuttle, sex with Tuttle would difficult to plan out but interesting

Why do I suddenly want to write a Hawk/Trapper/Tuttle fic? Have very clearly been sleeping too little and spending too much time in front of the computer.

17. Tent 1 holds Figure A, Figure B, and Figure C. Figure A and Figure B have been courting for quite some time. One night, while Figure C is asleep, the need rises and Figure A and Figure B make sweet love on Figure A's cot.

I've read this. Figure C ended up passing them lube.
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Well, at least I've started Danish, right? *looks wistfully at fic!muse in the corner, pouting*

No, I know. Back to work I go, and after that beta work, and after that ficathon and after that, maybe I'll try sleep death my fic. *le sigh* Why is the best ideas come when you literally have no time and/or energy.

Completely unrelated, but when did the army start issuing wax? I'm only asking because Hawkeye's amount of chest hair varies an awful lot - and he has *none* in Dear Dad...Again, despite having some in the pilot and Henry, Please Come Home. You'd think, as a surgeon and all, he'd have better things to do than worry about that. Hm, maybe it's one of Trapper's kinks.

All right, all right, I'm going, I'm going.
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I am lame, but I do have a point. Go me.

First things first: Julie's drabble, Remus/James; Chocolate; Lazy; Bedroom (became dormroom, sorry!)

Moping (PG) )

Hope you liked!

Secondly, yet another meme
Where it finally comes clear that I may have gotten over my Trapper-hate and moved, so to speak, to the other end of the perimeter )

I think I shall go try and finish my other dogtag drabble, the one that actually involves, god forbid, smut. I scare me too.

Is it bad that I'm wondering whether or not some has already signed up for Hawk/Trapper on [ profile] ship_manifesto? Will someone please inform my brain that we are booked until Christmas, more-or-less?
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Before I wander of to get some much needed sleep, I need to do two things:

Firstly, inquire whether anyone knows if there's a Discworld book in the Witches series, post-Carpe Jugularam (sp?)

Secondly, rec this. It's Sleeping Beauty, by [ profile] autumnalis and it's M*A*S*H. But don't let that scare you off, because this is one of those fics that really shows why I, personally, read slash. It's the subtext. Sidney Freedman (semi-resident phsychiatrist of the four-oh-double-seven) comes up for a poker game, only to find the dealer, Hawkeye, has been sedated (mostly by accident. We think). It's a quiet piece that doesn't do much in terms of plot, but it studies the characters interaction, and the subtle signs we have a tendency to show. It reads very true to the show, to the characters and I love that Hawkeye isn't really the focus (twentyfour season one episodes and you see if you don't want Hawkeye sedated, even just for a few minutes). And, in the end, it's really all about the subtext, the small things.

Snippet )

Oh, and it's Hawkeye/Trapper. But mostly Trapper.

Actually, there is one more thing - anyone want to give me book recs for next week?

Actually, one more thing (wow, I suck at numbers today) - Jutlandia was an actual ship, right? A hospital ship in 1951? 'Cause I have this idea, but if it isn't, well my idea wouldn't really work.

I might maybe, you know, actually research it myself.
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Heading Jutlandwards. Hopefully, will return with fic, Danish essay and a reveiw of The Terminal. Maybe even a better mood ;-)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, see you Monday.

Oh, Tess? Six days, yay! I go, singing low, bye bye blackbird.

- Hee, I love defensive!Trapper in Yankee Doodle Doctor. And the dancing...the dancing!

Sugar's Sweet, so is She...(slash meme) )
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Is it just me, or does this seem like the coolest idea for jeans ever?

Should quite possibly be reading Spanish, but have pretty much already read the scenes I need to - should maybe try reading them aloud though, improve my pronounciation.

Oh. Downloading episodes today, I came across a M*A*S*H ep named George dealing with the discharge of a gay man beaten by other memember of his unit. I don't know why it continually surprises me to see positive gay images on 70's-80's show, but it's just...I'm so used to the abuse that gets tossed around today even, and it must have been much, much worse back then. I realize the gay images of then were much more de-sexualized than they are today (though I still think Will on Will & Grace takes the prize for that. I think a great deal of us have just given up on him ever getting anything remotely like a boyfriend), but they are positive images. George wasn't portrayed as flamboyant, or weak. He did, in a way, blame himself, and he did seem resigned to hiding himself forever, but at the same time, he wanted to get back to his unit to prove himself, to prove to his unit that gay didn't nessecarily equal weak, or sissy. And the way the characters dealt with it was interesting as well - Frank, the unsympathetic character, was of course morally outraged, but Hawkeye, Trapper and Henry, the characters we're supposed to sympathize and like, were more affronted by Frank.

It's an interesting glimpse of history. Remember, this was in '73, which amazes me, even if M*A*S*H is a reasonably liberal show. I realize George was a 1 in 100 character, maybe even a PSA of sorts, but it still makes me happy to see a character like him.
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Sadly, I mistook my schedule. There is no Spanish tomorrow, there is only history, English and math. This saddens me greatly.

Anyways, moving right along. Got paid yesterday, also got a raise. This means, in Chris!World, that it is time to shop. Unfortunately, I'm in eight different minds about what to by, so I hereby present, Poll!

Poll, because you know you want to help me )

This is really just a spammy post, because, as you may have noticed me=nothing to say. So instead I'll spam with pretty, pretty icon:

I wish I had an extra iconspace for this. *sigh* I'm getting so addicted to M*A*S*H right now, it's worrying me. Except for the part where it's totally not. The fact that I like Trapper/Hawk, however, does. But they're so cute and shippy and just awes. So adoring and cute. Did I mention cute? But none-the-less, my OTP is still BJ/Hawk. And I am going to have to go read something non-M*A*S*H just to clear my brain now. I should go finish my math
Random meme )

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Dad: You've heard about McGreevey?
Me: Yeah
Dad: Catholic.
Me: Yeah. Man, the Catholic Church, I dunno.
Dad: That's where the action is!

My dad, ladies and gentlemen.

I just watched M*A*S*H for the first time in 38 episodes. Man, I love that show, even if I do miss BJ in the early episodes. *sigh* I guess McIntyre is tolerable, and I need my fix.

Also: Watching movies + writing fics/fannish stuff = weird miswritings. Like Starsky and Garfunkel. Or Sam and Frosh. Or Chloe and Lavender. I have made all of these mistakes. Really, thats one way of indicating I have too many fandoms.

Had an interesting English class, too. Mostly because I spent most of the time explaining gay history. Can a day that includes explaining 'faggot' the nonexsitence of lesbians in Victorian mentality and Sappho truly be bad? I was amused, and hopefully I educated. (Was also outed to a third teacher. This makes physics, bio and English. Hm hm. Of course, chances are my English teacher guessed. I mean, it's not like writing four essays and giving a speech about gays and gay rights wouldn't give him hints or anything.)

Also watched ER. Was the one before Carter enters rehab. And Carter/Benton? So dating. So dating. Also, british woman? <3 And in the current version, the girl from Bend it Like Beckham who I have in complete crush on is the cast. Yay!

All right, I'm out. *dead*


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