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You know, the revelation that Dumbledore is gay actually works really well with the overarching theme of love going on in the Harry Potter books - and if it had been made a little bit more clear (though now I need to re-read Deathly Hallows, go team Me!) it would've provided an interesting counterpoint to the overall message that love conquers all.

It's also just cool, 'cause dude. Dumbledore!

Other things that are awesome include Stardust. Claire Danes is pretty and snarky! The romance is cute and believable! The evil characters are...ambivalent! The seven brothers are the best peanut gallery ever! Captain Shakespeare is made from so much win I think I may have clapped when he came on!

♥ Go see it! (It's a Neil Gaiman fairytale - go! go!)

I managed to recover fully from Thursday's mini-depression with help from the always lovely Gemma and - have I mentioned this yet - my housemates and their awesomeness. Seriously, if it weren't for Tom, Roisin and Chris, this term would be a lot less fun. And yesterday was awesome - watched TV most of the day with the house and Gem, went to see Stardust (glee!), went back to Gem's for pizza, The Tudors (love, love, love!) and QI, which is still the best thing on TV.

And today I went shopping while listening to slash fanfiction. Heh.
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I have no Harry Potter. I have peaked at the ending of the book, however, but no Deathly Hallows for me so far. That is what the airport is for. However, I wish everyone else'd finish - my friendslist is far, far too quiet and I haven't heard from Gemma, which I am currently blaming on the book (on the other hand - it is only 11 there. I need to get my head around the time difference). Not pleased.

Also not pleased with the fact that I am the only one in my family to have packed. For tomorrow. When we're leaving at 10am. But I'm sure my family know what they're doing. I hope. Really, I'm just kind of proud of myself, since I managed to squeeze everything I'm bringing, save for a pair of trousers and my shampoo into the small suitcase I usually use for carry-on. Oh yes. I am bad-ass, I tell you! Of course, my actual carry-on is already now showing some signs of lacking space, particuarly since I am planning to fit laptop and Deathly Hallows in it. Oops. Why is it I always do that? Seriously. The thing is, I can't think what to take out. I suppose it depends on whether we're going to Shanghai or Beijing first. Hm.

Despite my grumpiness, this is actually supposed to be a goodbye post. So, have a great two weeks, try not to destroy the internet while I'm gone and I'll miss all of you! Oh, and happy birthday [ profile] phoenixwish - I won't be here to say it on the day, but I hope you have an amazing day.

Now, I'm off to clean my room. And bug Mikkel about packing. ♥!
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So. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. One word: awesome. )

It got me eight different kinds of giddy, anyway, and now I'm all excited for Deathly Hallows. I may have to buy it in the airport, because I NEED TO KNOW. I'd use this space to tell you about my spoiler policy, but I'm going to China for two weeks - I figure I'm pretty safe. Plus, if I do buy it in the airport, I'll have read it by the 23rd, anyway. My point being: not bothered. If anyone cares. *grins*

I'm actually getting pretty psyched about China now; I mean, I've always thought it was cool that I was going, but now I'm actually really looking forward to it. I guess I have to be close to something to get really excited about it (except for, like, seeing Sofie. And getting back to Gemma. Personal things, I get excited about way before I should.) Plus 15-hour-long plane ride! I like long trips far, far too much, but there's something so relaxing about them - here's 15 hours where there are no demands on my time. I can read, eat, sleep, walk around, listen to music and not feel the least bit guilty, or like I should be doing something else. Bliss. Even though it's bliss with very little leg room. I don't care! 15 hours of reading.

And tomorrow I'm over at Signe's to watch the last six episodes of Band of Brothers. You guys have no idea how much I've had to sit on my hands so I didn't download the damn episodes. I am not good with waiting, and I want to see the rest so bad. Like, yesterday. But instead I've been searching for World War II related books for my holiday. It's like indulging in Band of Brothers by proxy! Also, possibly nuts. But I am picking up Gravity's Rainbow from the library tomorrow, so some good did come out of it all! (And seeing the show! YES!)

Now I'm off to see if I can make crazy story of Doom (currently coasting at 15.000 words, oh god) work. At all.
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I currently in love with Homophony, an artwork series inspired by Band of Brothers. I just watched the first four episodes with Signe yesterday and unsurprisingly I am in love. World War II, the horror of war, and close-close male friendship? Yeah, like I'm not going to go for that. Incidentally, if you count Doctor Who icons as well, I have ten war-fandom-related icons. I. Err. Am not entirely sure what this means. But, back to Band of Brothers: it is actually amazing, and very much recommended - if nothing else, then for Winters and Nixon who are seriously married (they're the ones in my icon (key words: &I'll help you find your way home) and in the art pieces.

The art also makes me ache for Gemma. It seems even breathing makes me miss her. Dammit, where is Sofie when I need her? (Answer: the continent)

Word count for today: 1,564 today, 8,256 in all.

On my way out to see Harry Potter and then to see "Rigtige M├Žnd" with my Dad!
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Oh God, this story is not even half done and it's already two-thousand words longer than anything else I've ever written. I. I think I'm slightly in shock here. And I managed to exceed my word count again today (I'm trying to do a thousand words a day; today I did 1,964). I don't know why I'm so motivated about this particular story, except perhaps that it's been lingering in my head for almost four years now, and this is the first time I've been able to see the entire thing and get it to make sense. Still. Scary as all hell. Particularly since I'm just writing and writing and I don't know if it's any good at all.

Meanwhile, why can I find anyone who wants to go see OotP with me tomorrow? Argh! Stupid people and their jobs and their holidays and living in other countries.

also, people talking about the non-exsistence of global warming are pissing me off. what would be the POINT of lying about something like that? seriously? stop being morons. please. for my sanity's sake.
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I'm really supposed to be writing, even if it's just to make sure that I keep my discipline and so this day isn't a complete waste of time. Instead, I'm reading band!slash and listening to music and wondering if I'm having a teenage-revival. I was a teenager consistently for all of six months when I was 13, and maybe three months in America; the rest of the time, I've been an insecure 35-year-old, or five-year-old, depending on time and day. Except now I'm feeling like a teenager. And not a particularly old one, like maybe 15 or 16? Maybe it's just because I'm listening to Fall Out Boy (who are awesome, but also remind me of my 13/15-year-old self; this was not my most functional period, so why I like FOB so much is a little beyond me. Except for the aforementioned awesomeness, and also their songs titles.) And maybe because I'm re-reading Harry Potter and loving the teenage elements of it, where before I've always wanted the children's book side. And maybe because I'm writing again, which I haven't done in ages, and I'm writing like proper long original fic, which I haven't done since, uh, 16? (Wow, it's actually longer than I thought.)

Also, my posts are full of emo, and Gemma is accusing my music taste of being the same. And what better way to prove that I've rapidly descended into teendom?

I'm beginning to think Gemma is right and I think too much. I blame all the free time I have! And now, I am going to go finish this fic and then write my thousand words, dammit!

And also keep listening to Fall Out Boy, because, really - love.
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So, it turns out that I can still get books out of the library here in Denmark, yay! Which means I've been on the traditional raid today, which rendered me with, most importantly, Carol by Patricia Highsmith (famous for being the first lesbian novel with a happy ending - or, as she puts it, a hopeful ending) and The Night Listener by Armistead Maupin, both of which look really good, even though Carol is currently depressing me.

I'm keeping that at bay by also re-working my way through the Harry Potter series - having fallen head-over-heels back into it after reading the sixth book a week ago. I'll admit, part of it is missing Gemma, who's a huge fangirl, but part of it...I'm a huge fan of cosy and well known, and the sixth book is both cosy and well-known, even as it is dark and creepy; just, as opposed to for example the fifth book, the sixth book has Harry, Ron and Hermione acting so *normal*, acting like life isn't just a fight against Voldemort, like maybe there's other things - the sixth book makes me believe in a life *after* the Great War, where OWLS and NEWTS and who plays Quidditch is important; where who you love is important. And I like that a lot more than the doom-and-gloom ignorance of book five.

Also, I may have a slight crush on Hermione/Ron. And Harry/Ginny - I think it's the scenes-from-another-life thing, really. ARGH! Send help - I've become a het shipper!

Speaking of scenes-from-another-life, I'm re-watching Human Nature/The Family of Blood. Oh, season three! Such promise, and then...I don't know. I still can't figure out if I like The Last of the Time Lords all that much;spoilers )

However, no one can take the greatness from these two episodes - and particularly Human Nature only gets better when re-watched. And dammit, I want Latimer fic. And John/Joan fic. And meta. Dammit, I love these episodes, I really do.

Apart from all that? Back in Denmark for a while now - it's not as weird as I'd dreaded. Yay! Still missing Leicester though, and everyone in it. I look forward to going back - but while I'm here, I'm enjoying seeing my family and friends.

Also, my grades came in - a first overall; and the second highest grade in all of my English courses save History of the English Language, where I have the highest grade. Take that, UCL!
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Everything you never wanted to know about me and fandom )

Everything you never wanted to know about me and age )

My brother just made me the best smoothie I ever had. How sweet is that?


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