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1. Exams are done! DONE! No more medieval literature ever, no more restoration, DONE.

1a. Sir Thomas More > everything. sort of.

2. Tonight I am going pretty myself up, put on a dress and take my girlfriend out for steak and wine. Freedom!

2a. And tomorrow, Bean and I are going to get our hair cut short and girly. Yay! This time tomorrow I may even have a fringe. Which I haven't had in two years. That should be exciting!

3. Currently barreling my way through Olli and Christian's story on youtube. Because if Hollyoaks insists on giving Kieron and John Paul another month long break, I need to get my kicks elsewhere (SEND HELP! SEND HELP NOW! THIS SOAP OPERA THING CANNOT POSSIBLY BE HEALTHY) Also This is ridiculously hot and the playlist feature on Youtube is pure, distracting evil.

3a. Oh, German, how are you so silly?

4. Michael Chabon, you guys! He's all pretentious and wordy and I'm kind of madly, madly in love with The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, but particularly Sam, who's all kinds of messed up and repressed and doesn't recognize all the conflicting impulses he has and I just. HEART. It's just so, so good and I'm only 200 pages in.

5. Did I mention the FREEDOM?
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Because I am a genius person, I almost dragged my bed down into the cellar today. I'd been told that the delivery date for my new bed (OMG YAY, new bed soon!) was tomorrow - however, a quick inspection of my email revealed that, actually, my bed isn't arriving until the 4th of June. Hurrah for double checking! (Albeit after I actually stripped my bed and cleaned my room in preparation for the new bed. So smart.)

Speaking of general genius, today was my first exam. It went as these things tend to - I felt like I could have written a lot more than I did, much more coherently than I did, but I feel like the problem is more the format of the exam, than my own performance. Yes, I suppose I could have done more work, but on the other hand, I knew what I was talking about, and I knew how to get it across. Just not in the time alloted to me. So it goes, and I've resigned myself to the possibility of getting a 2.2 for the course. I'm still hoping for a 2.1, but I can accept a 2.2.

The important thing is that now I can forget all about the Restoration period, and instead turn my mind towards my twin loves of Renaissance history and Sir Thomas More. And possibly also to medieval literature and the madness of Margery Kempe, which is proving rather more entertaining than it probably should be.

As if to reward me for surviving my exams, two rather wonderful pieces of fic appeared today on [ profile] jpkieron; clearly someone somewhere loves me, because this is a fandom with notoriously bad writing in it. Blather about the fandom and glee about the source )

Unrelated to anything: I haven't been able to get We Rule the School out of my head for days now. I'm not sure what it is about it particularly that moves me so much, but I can't stop humming it over and over. In general, I'm obsessing over Belle and Sebastian - have been for the past three months, but it's flared up again quite dramatically during my revision and now the song is stuck in my head.

Some notes upon the watching of Eurovision )

Life, you guys. Life.
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1. Kieron's speech on sex, religion and moving with the times is so incredibly lovely.


3. I want an icon that says Gay Catholic Priest Two Times Teenage Boy with Transvestite. Oh, Hollyoaks. Don't ever change.

I have done five hours of note-taking for medieval today, which is quite impressive (for me any way). Perhaps even more impressively, I'm kind of coming around to it. Granted, it's late in the game, but I get points for showing up, right? Also, do I get points for mixing metaphors, there?

Right. Off to do another hour of work and then Feet of Clay as my reward; Discworld is still the best kind of relaxation you can find in book form, particularly Discworld books that include sentences like In which may be found the croutons of teatime, which I need to work into conversation somehow.

(And now, back to Pearl. No. Seriously.)
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You know what? Stargate:Atlantis is still one of my favourite fandoms ever. No, seriously, you see, the cracky and wonderful AUs you find in SG:A are so, utterly perfect for reading during exams.

So! A few recommendations - all AUs, at least partially cracked.

Stuck on You - because your life is not complete until you've read the tale of two ice cubes in love.

I'm not even joking here.

The Epic Tale of Rodney & John, Two Girl Scout Cookies in Love - not only does it do what it says on the box, it also makes me want Thin Mints. And worry about cookie-on-cookie-sex. Something I was not made to ponder.

Wherein Rodney is an English monk and John is Danish - now with extra lit references, making the memory of last term's Old English that much less painful.

Restoration Hardware - where Rodney's working at a university and John is fixing the hole in the roof. Did I mention the university setting? And how much I love that?


Unrelated to SG:A, but related to exam stress and getting rid of same: It's not the sneaking around I get off on, it's you and other immortal lines from possibly the happiest episode these boys have had since they first kissed. Also, I am far, far too excited about the spoilers - people finding out! Admitting they love each other! Choosing between the Church and their relationship! Possibly being outed on the cover of a magazine! It's so damn soapy, and I just. CAN'T STOP WATCHING. Not even a little bit.

If you see my sanity around, send it back? I think I've lost it completely.

Also lost and wanted back? My social skills. What little I have seems to go out the window when I'm studying for exams, and can I just point out that my displacement issues? HUGE. I can't get stressed out about exams, but I can get stressed out about fictional characters' political affiliation and The Apprentice. I lead a special life, you know. A very special life.
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My first exam is in 15 days. Ask me how much revision I've done.

Actually, don't. It's too depressing.

Speaking of academia, our special subjects have been assigned, and I'm doing 'Ibsen' in my first semester and 'The Great War' in my second. 'The Great War' was my first choice, so I'm pretty much overjoyed (Regeneration essay, here I come!), but as for 'Ibsen', I'm kind of disappointed - even though I shouldn't be, it's my own damn choice. I was just so into my first choice - 'Coming of Age in America' - because I'm all about narratives of adolescence, and I love American literature (in fact, at times I think I prefer it to English, certainly for historical contexts) and I wanted so badly to do Catcher in the Rye again, not to mention A Home at the End of the World, so. I don't know, it's just that the themes of adolescence - sexuality, identity, familial relationships, all that jazz - that's what I'm interested in, besides writing and storytelling as general themes (my second year essays, let me show you them). But at least with Ibsen, I can feel superior about being able to read the plays in the original. Not that I'm arrogant in the least. Or anything.

But, seriously, Catcher in the Rye. WANT.

On the bright side, I have finished my critical theory essay (seriously, I feel like I've been writing it forever now. Still, I'm okay with how it turned out, even if I'm not expecting anything special - it's a very straight forward, conventional essay, and I know some people are doing amazing things with theirs. It was fun to write, so who cares, really?); I have sorted out my economics for this month and, hopefully, next month as well; I've requested time off work for exams; I just had a delicious lunch with Gemma and the sun is still shining, which always helps. Life, on the whole, is pretty amazing.

Except for the special subject thing, the exam thing and the fact that my mother has bought a new puppy and I'm not at home to play with it. That's growing up for you, right?

Also, these spoilers for Hollyoaks are cheering me up, as is this clip from Brothers and Sisters. Oh, boys!
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1. So, yesterday I may have shrieked 'IN A CONFESSIONAL' loud enough for everyone in my house to hear me.

But, really - talk about ticking ALL my boxes. The confessional scene! The awkward no-we're-not-having-a-personal-conversation-in-public conversation! "I've never wanted anything so much"! Also, hello Kieron's collarbone! And hi, the kiss at the end? BOYS! GAH!

(I'm totally ignoring the first conversation they have, because it's silly. Very silly.)

2. Yesterday I went out, got drunk and had fake lesbian interaction with my Bean and K from our course. T'was awesome and needs to be repeated. (Have I mentioned that I love my coursemates? And that Bean and I are possibly the weirdest people in the world? In a good way. And that I HAVE NO SHAME? It's not good. Except for the part where it is.)

3. Exams? What exams? *whistles*

3a. Essays? What essays?
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Real Life:
Last night, I sat around with some of the coolest people I know and discussed politics, Disney, the state of the world, the beauty of maths, literature and the importance of stories, childcare, feminism and university lecturers. Then I went dancing and managed to be a complete dork on the dancefloor with my girlfriend and my best friend. All in honour of Gem's birthday.

It was awesome. It made me feel very much the proper student.

Also making me feel like a proper student is the fact that I still haven't written my essay, due in a week, and instead of writing it today, I am going over to Mike's with my housemates to watch Mulan.

I love my life, you guys.

Political Life:

Open Source Boob Project - because having random strangers touch my breasts is an empowering experience. Right.

Everything I want to say has pretty much been said, but just. Ugh.

Fandom Life:

I don't follow the storyline any more, but this kiss?

Ridiculously hot. I mean. *fans self*
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No, seriously, why won't Critical Theory work? I thought I had it, but, as is becoming the theme of this stupid break, I was wrong. It's kind of stressing me out to a ridiculous amount - I so want this essay to work, to be all those things we were told it was supposed to be: original, thought-provoking, off-the-beaten-path, something that doesn't necessarily have to be a traditional text: a film, a picture, a non-fictional text. And the only idea I've come up with so far that I can make work? The Book of the Duchess. OH YES THAT'S REALLY EXCITING. I'm supposed to be smart. I'm supposed to be able to do this, and yet my mind is completely blocked. It's partially because I'm pretty much a gender/queer theorist fan at heart and I've already done an essay on those theories, so all my ideas in that direction are utterly pointless, but that really shouldn't mean that I can't think of anything for psychoanalytic criticism or post-colonial. Work, brain. Work.

Also not helpful is my brain informing me that the reactions to yesterday's episode of Hollyoaks is a really good example of interpretive communities: Craig/John Paul shippers tending towards reading the episode as a declaration that there will never be anyone except Craig, whereas John Paul/Kieron shippers read the episode as John Paul saying Kieron could be the one who helps JP get over Craig. Add to that the discussions of whether or not there's chemistry between John Paul and Kieron, which also split down shipping lines and, well. It could be an interesting essay, particularly with regards to the vehemence with which the two parties disagree - a very striking illustration of how there's no text except the one we write in our heads. Or possibly an example of shippers gone truly crazy; that's the beauty of theory, it can be both things at once!

However, since I can't write that, maybe I should get my brain to focus on something I can.

Or I could go pack, and focus on the fact that I'm going home tomorrow, which means seeing Gemma - I can't even explain, two weeks seems like it's been forever. It's going to be so good to go back; don't get me wrong, I love being in Denmark and when I'm not here, I miss my family and Copenhagen and everyone, but Leicester's home. And Gemma, I miss Gemma, I miss having her typing in the background, or reading while I read, or napping with her and just, hi I miss being part of a couple. Which might be a little sad. Though, to be fair, I also just feel more like me in England - I'm part of Gemma♥Marie, Becca-and-Marie, my house, my seminar groups, I belong in England. And I have people I belong with here, I have friends, but it's not the same. It's weird.

And now, really. Packing.
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The end of this clip just reminded me why I'm a total sucker for these two. The part where you can see their lips silhouetted? Hi, I'm in love!

My heart, you guys. My little, flaily, fangirly heart.

(Also reminding me why I love these boys? "You still look fit to me" and the hug at the end of the race. Oh, boys)
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If I were ever to write a television show, it'd probably be the dullest thing ever: all the characters would be more-or-less normal, everything would always turn out happy and all the drama would be incredibly boring day-to-day things, with occasional big dramas that none-the-less wouldn't affect any of the favored relationships of the show.

It would be a 45 minute, less dramatic version of Friends. Except, obviously, better.


Mar. 11th, 2008 02:08 pm
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Meep. *cries and cries and cries* Kieron, my poor, poor boy. And John Paul, oh god, John Paul. I just want to hug them both. So. Bad.

I'm vaguely worried how much this storyline is just hitting all my kinks, so much so that when I saw Kieron praying I may have made a very high-pitched sound that only dogs and small children can hear. And then the conversation - oh god, the conversation. And also, yes, when Kieron mentioned God testing him, I'm so glad that didn't go where I thought it was going to.

And now I really should watch the next part of this episode, except I'm afraid they're going to break my boys even more, and I'm not sure I'm emotionally prepared for that.

omg, why am i so involved in this story line? Also, my fic is totally been jossed, but I don't care because Kieron just broke my heart into tiny, tiny pieces.

ETA: re part 2: Oh, Kieron! *flail*
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Dear Self,
You are not allowed to write fanfiction. You have far, far too much stuff to do.

No. Seriously.

I don't care how much it hits your kinks. Jesus.
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Hollyoaks is currently more engaging to me than Torchwood.

Something is wrong with the world, I tell you.
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So, today's been productive if not exactly overly happy. I'm kind of missing England. A lot. But apparently being in a...blah mood helps with my productivity. I've certainly managed quite a bit of revision today. Hopefully I can do the last 30 lines of translation tomorrow and then start on my grammar tests, and then it's focus on the literary side from then on. Ugh.

But, for now, I present my Yuletide Recs )

Also, this is just kind of hilarious, particularly this one: 4. Noah Mayer, Classic Self-Denial. Probably the most textbook case in Oakdale, the troubled aspiring filmmaker just needs to be hit with the "Luke Snyder is awesome" stick, and straight man Dusty is just the one to smack him with it.
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I. I just want to squish their little faces. Seriously! How are they so ridiculously cute? "Spend Christmas with me!" Boys! BOYS! So cute!

(erhm. this is really an entirely silly thing to be watching when the Gem is, oh, in a different country)

(Also! What is with soap opera boys right now? YOU GUYS I DON'T NEED A FANDOM!)
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Youtube is evil.

Also I'm back in Denmark. How about that?
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Yes I am. I had a crappy afternoon, but it is all okay because of the following things:

- Gemma
- A long, rambling and utterly weird conversation with two of the awesome people I live with
- Chaucer
- This piece of gorgeous, sexy meta about fandom being a queer, female space (yay!). This makes me want to grab a random fandom girl and just snuggle her (incidentally, it's in the folder of my bookmarks called [I want to make-out with fandom right now]. I thought you might like to know.)
- The Ratatouille soundtrack
- I might as well admit it - I'm a little in love with Luke/Noah. But look how adorable and angsty they are! 'I think about you all the time'! Puppies!
- I just made awesome veggie stir-fry
- I have Big Fish on DVD
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I always love when I'm not alone in my madness. Particularly when someone as cool as [ profile] trollprincess joins in the madness. Except now I'm craving fic (except what could be better than the story line, I ask you? Except smut? Maybe?) and possibly to actually be able to watch more than just YouTube clips. Except I'm already way, way too lame - I don't think adding 'soap-opera viewer' to my list of personality traits is going to help me any.

Except this story line is made of AWESOME. Woe.

You know what else is made of awesome? My new moodtheme, by [ profile] feelingalittle. Yay, Bruce! I particularly like the mood icon for touched, though, look at how cute they are. *squishes*

Also awesome? The fact that I am going to see Ratatouille tonight! I haven't been to see a proper animated film in ages upon ages - I can't even remember what the last one was. And I've been so disappointed lately, and I've missed it - missed the glee I get out of it, so I'm both excited and worried it's not going to be any good. And a little ashamed of being such a huge, huge dork about it.

Still awesome also is Natalie and Dana's friendship on Sports Night. My girls!

Now, if you'll excuse me, this room isn't going to hoover itself.
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I possibly have a job at a sweet shop - all I have to do is jump through an irritating amount of hoops which will eventually allow me to acquire a National Insurance number and all the tax paying privileges which go with it. Glee!

Even more gleeful - guess what I'm doing on the 8th of December? BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN AND THE E-STREET BAND. In Forum, which is *tiny* and it is going to be SO AWESOME. Incidentally, how did my father get these tickets? He had the entire office he works in stop working and call the ticket office - between them (about 50-odd phones) they bought 19 tickets. And one of them is mine. BOOYAH!

University has finally started and my time table is utterly fucked; Monday, Tuesday, Friday, I have one lecture/seminar - on Thursday, I have five hours and am in until 5 pm. WTF, I ask you! Particularly since I have two seminars and a workshop, which means I can't just half-ass it. And Wednesday's my favorite night out, too. Boo! Still, it is quite an open schedule, which I suppose is something, right?

The house of immense geekitude (you don't want to know how much Star Trek and Doctor Who merchandise we own ) continues to be lovely, even though I feel a bit spread thin between here and Gemma's and also, due to a drunken mishap a week and a half ago, my favorite housemate and I are quite awkward with each other. Still, on the whole - I have a lot of Star Trek and plenty of geeks and that makes me ridiculously happy.

Speaking of ridiculous and yet happy-making...I'm slightly addicted to the Luke/Noah story-line on As the World Turns. I am so ashamed! *hides* But it's dramatic. And cute with the longing, and the don't-want-to-want-you-ness and the Evil!Dad plot point and just *hands*. It's like all those slash harlequin novels - all around goodness, man. (Even though they call it 'Nuke' and man, that just freaks me out. So wrong.)

Finally, I think there may be something in the coffee I've been drinking, because my hormones. Man. Let's talk about overpowering.

Or let's not. Because it is getting borderline embarrassing and I can't seem to stop. *locks door and hides*


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