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Right now everything feels like a countdown. Last lecture, last seminar, last presentation...It's surreal on so many levels. I have a feeling once this really hits me, I'll be a wreck1, but for now I am pleasantly melancholy and so happy with my memories.

It helps that I'm keeping myself busy2.

1. So before then I need to invest in due South. *makes notes*
2. In no particular order: working on various essays, on tomorrow's presentation; working out on my WiiFit; trying not to get dragged into due South fic; watching the Regeneration film.
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So, I seem to be reading due South fic and panicking about the future. It's all very 2006 around here.

I am desperately tempted to buy the last season of due South as I lost all my original episodes when my first external harddrive crashes (may I take a moment to note that no one ever warns one that this could happen? Oh, no, it's all "back it up on the external harddrive, in case your computer crashes!" but not word one about what you're supposed to do when your external harddrive dies?). I have neither time nor money to get into it right now, and yet it is desperately tempting, because due South is a lovely, happy place for me and right now I miss it. I do love the fic and the fandom, but occasionally, I crave the episodes. I'm particularly wanting "Mountie on the Bounty" right now, or maybe "Odds", or "Say Amen" or "Call of the Wild". I just... so many of the other shows I watch - I'm thinking specifically of Doctor Who and Being Human - are, for all their humour, kind of Tragic and Deep and Meaningful with intentional caps. Whereas due South is nothing in caps, except mayve Awesome, and it moves me and makes me happy and I miss it.

I also have an irrational urge to write Wilde RPS. This is all entirely the fault of Pat Barker and her stupid Regeneration trilogy and it's stupid queer subtext. By which I mean: I am re-reading the books for my "Great War" module; they are possibly actually better than I remember them. The relationship between Rivers and Sassoon, especially, got to me this time, in a way that it didn't the first time I read through it - particularly in the last scene between them, when Rivers is warning Sassoon about the Black Book. Oh my heart! (As an aside, this also makes me go, Oh my heart!: Sassoon’s description of the doctor in 'Sherston’s Progress', lingering as it does on Rivers’s warm smile and endearing habits- he often sat, spectacles pushed up on forehead, with his hands clasped around one knee- suggests that it was more than liking he felt. And privately he was rather franker, telling Marsh, whom he knew would understand, that he ‘loved [Rivers] at first sight.’ Damn it all, Sassoon, I don't want to like you this much.) But the book in general - there are so few aspects of it that don't hit some fiction kink of mine, it's kind of ridiculous. It's one of the few books that manages to make me laugh and think and get ridiculously angry and morose. And I get to write about it. \o/

How, however, does this equal wanting to write Wilde RPS? Mostly, this is Michael Sheen's fault for being in the Guardian so much in the past week. Paired with Robert Ross's presence in Regeneration (hovering in the background like some sort of spectre of persecution), I've had this huge urge to write about Robbie Ross being haunted by Wilde. Why this does not already exist, I do not know, though I must say I am most disappointed by the internet in this instance. It needs writing, because - as we all know - ghosts are really just figments of our own imagination (except perhaps Bob Fraser...) and Robbie would remember him as he was before Reading, even if it hurt; he'd have the laughing, camp Oscar, and it would be inappropriate - the World War 1 raging outside - but at the same time it would be so needed, and it would allow for those things that hadn't been said yet; the apologies that Oscar owed him and he, maybe, owed Oscar.

I have a feeling that at the end of this narrative, Robbie dies. Which brings me right back to why I need to get my filthy hands on some episodes of due South.
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You know you've always wanted to know about Fraser's Thoughts on Yaoi. Oh yes. *giggles*

In other news, of course I'd get a Doctor Who obsession when I really should be writing my essay. At least this time it's Mrs Dalloway and The English Patient which is a far sight better than any Sylvia Plath-inspired blather. Also Mickey is mad love, really he is. And I have a huge crush on...everyone.

But now - essay! I'm going in - wish me luck!
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Okay, so it used to be the problem was writing 2000 words, right? I mean, that was my crisis about this essay. Two thousand words is a hell of a lot of writing, to my mind.

Except now I'm at 1489 and I haven't even started on why the author in is the circle of mutual identification, not to mention my conclusion and all of this adds up to me being well and truly fucked.


Also, there is a distinct *lack* of secondary quoting going on in this essay. It's not that I didn't read a lot of secondary sources, they just don't seem...useful. Really. In conclusion: screwed. But at least it'll be over on Wednesday - that's what I'm holding on to right now. That, and the fact that I'm seeing my dad on Friday, which means I can't kill myself over English now.

Having something to look forward to besides shopping, laundry and sleep is good. Also being able to read something not related to university or, in particular, to this essay. That'll be nice as well.

Meanwhile, Good Omens, Due South and Sherlock Holmes having being rearing their heads and asking for attention lately, which is just weird - I've been relatively un-fandommy lately (which I'm blaming on university) and suddenly, wham! dS is currently being blamed on the fact that I watched Wilby Wonderful with Ros and Catherine this Saturday - proving, by the way, that Wilby makes everyone happy, because even Ros, who's a bit of a cynic, was getting slightly teary because Dan didn't get to 'kiss the boy', as she put it - and discussing Paul-Gross-As-Fraser with Ros. Oh, fandom, how I ♥ you - and particularly dueSouth, one of the few fandoms where the original material interests me as much as the fanfiction (incidently, the others? West Wing, MASH, Sherlock Holmes and Good Omens. And then quite a few things I'm not fandomy about. But they don't count. Neener-neener)

Anyway. I should probably go figure out how the hell I'm going to make my essay work by noon Wednesday. Hm.

ETA: I'm blaming my unholy glee at the Cheers theme song on lack of sleep. That's what it is.

ETA2: I can't tell you what it is about it exactly, but this totally lends credence to my Carrot = Fraser theory. No, really. The look on his face!
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So, because between packing, taxes and trying to do some pre-Uni reading, a girl can get kind of bored. Or something. Anyway, however it may have come to pass, I have recs. Of the DueSouth kind. And tonight, it's all about humour!

How to Speak Canine in Seven Easy Steps - Dief! Dief is such a wonderful character and [ profile] etcetera_cat utilizes him wonderfully here. In short, Dief sets up Ray and Fraser. With all the complications that implies. And it has a sequel, which features Dead!Bob: Six Degrees of Seperation.

The Due South Reunion Movie, Draft 1 - Somehow balancing meta, slash and blink-and-you'll-miss-it RPS, this thing had me laughing out loud for about 10 minutes straight, and giggling for an hour afterwards. Paul Gross and Paul Haggis' first draft for the Due South movie, with commentary.

Untitled Dead!Bob Drabble - Because the man is hilarious. And also because, well, more people need to mock Hamlet.

Identikit: The Musical! - The badfic challenge over at [ profile] ds_flashfiction rendered quite a few hilarious entries - this was one of them. In case, you know, you ever wanted a wacky Due South AU musical (and of course you did!)

It's Like This Old Inuvit Story I Know - I love fics that deal with Dead!Bob, really I do. And this...this is eighteen kinds of good. Dead!Bob visits Ray to make sure that Fraser's making the right choice and, as they're wont to do in dS verse, hjinks ensue.

Gun, with Occasional Kangaroo: A Love Story - Reads like a particularly wacky episode. Somehow, Frannie's obsession with romance novels manages to set of a series of events involving a kangaroo. Spot-on character voices too and includes the whole cast.

Chicks with -- - This fic is amazing. I'm not usually much for genderbending, but this is brilliant. Three dS women wake up with penises.

Green Suede Boots - The Frannie voice in this is so good, it's hilarious. Frannie tries to discover who the woman Fraser's interested in, is, and manages to have an epiphany along the way.

Chicago's Most Wanted - Fraser gets amnesia and thinks he's a criminal. Not only that, but he thinks he's having an affair with the cop who put him away. This story is mindbogglingly funny from start to finish, while still managing to pack a powerful punch, particularly from Ray's point of veiw. It's written by Speranza, which should be a rec in itself, and it has a (small) Sound of Music reference. Go!
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I'm having some trouble keeping my book packing limited. So far on my must-bring list, I have these ). And that's just *now*. I mean, in the next four weeks (26th of September in Leicester, baby!), I'm going to come up with a hell of a lot more. Dammit. And tomorrow I'm going through DVDs, pakcing them up. I swear, I should just use books and DVDs for furniture in my room.

Also, I might - mind you I said might - have been ensnared by Supernatural. I blame conspiracy. Also Due South. I pretty sure it's somehow dS fault; in a case of wacky fandom circles, I bought Margaret Atwood's Stranger Things, four essays on Northen Canadian fiction, which I bought for two reasons: one) it's Atwood ♥ two) Northern Canada? One of the essays is on Franklin? Due South pangs all over it. Now, the first essay is on The Franklin Myth (it really is very, very interesting), second is on Grey Owl Syndrome - but the third? Was on The Wendigo. And what is the name of the second Supernatural episode? Wendigo. So I decided, hey, why not, let's watch.

So I download the episode, start watching and what do I discover? Callum Keith´Rennie was in the episode. It's all very cool. And kinda circular.

And I now in no way want a fic about Fraser and Ray encountering a wendigo on their adventure. Not at all.

Oh! And by the way - I finally have my driver's licence!
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Stolen off [ profile] myhappyface.

The rules:

1) 13 characters. (We set a limit of 10, then I said "Well, we could do a dozen," then Betty said "We could do a baker's dozen." So.)
2) We stuck with FP characters.
3) There's a built-in cheat: SOs. They get to come along for the ride without being included in the actual list, sort of like in-laws. (Because I made up the rules, and I've always thought that if I get Ray Kowalski, that automatically means I get Ray Vecchio, too.)
4) SOs must truly be SOs - those people you feel OTPish about, or at least see as life-partners/soulmates - what they call someone's "lobster" on Friends. Not just a date or an attempt on your part to get extra characters. This does not mean it has to be a canon pairing or even a fandom-favorite pairing, as long as some circumstance has made them a lobster in your fantasy headspace.

I copied [ profile] myhappyface's idea of talking more about why I ship the characters than why each is my favourite.

Here we go! )
Off the top of my head, I can't come up with more OTPs. I mean, I love Abby, but I can see her with lots of characters. I've got a new-found craving for Izzie/Addison (from Gray's Anatomy), but OTP is going a bit far there. And then there's Dan/Duck, which I did kind of want to write up as well, because I love Dan. And Duck. But I haven't been in fandom that long, I don't feel comfortable talking about it ;)
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So, things what are new:

My mother's getting married. I feel like I should be having some big response to this, but I'm kind of non-reacting. I suppose it's because I knew it'd happen sooner or later, and it's not like I pictured her getting together with someone other than Hans, so yeah. It's just a party. And this family really has enough of those for it not to be a big deal (except for my mother, which is cool, because it makes her happy that he asked. And that's neatness.)

Secondly, I'm pretty sure I'm going to accept the place Leicester has offered me. It's a generous offer and is as close as I can get to a perfect compromise. It doesn't have any creative writing elements, which saddens me, but it does have a focus on women's writing, and American fiction, which is what I want, as well as being all-around strong in general English. Its options for history are good as well, and tie-in neatly with their course for English, plus they have American studies, which'll allow me to take courses if I have the time. I think it's the right thing for me - and if it's not, fuck it. I'll be an almost mature student. I can do that.

Unless Reading pop in with a last minute offer. Then I might have to consider that. but I only have until Thursday, and I really want to have a place before everyone else starts their bidding. I'm selfish like that.

Finally, I'm currently reading The Greedy Bastard Tour by Eric Idle, which is hilarious and smutty and sweet in such a odd way. I kind of like the thought that, if Ray and Fraser didn't embark on a grand love affair (which, obviously, they did. Hand of Franklin, sure), they'd be like Eric Idle and Micheal Palin; in the first half of the book, Eric mentions Micheal every three pages or so, just idle wondering (the particular snippet that marked itself in my mind was when Eric was experiencing permanent arousal due to the movements of the tour bus, he wondered whether Micheal might experience the same, atop a camel somewhere). It's not romantic, it's just that he thinks about Micheal a lot, like he's always there, because that's the kind of friends they are. It's very sweet.

And the story of how Eric met his wife is ridiculously romantic in a quite wonderful way.

Speaking of stories and new, [ profile] midsummer2006 has fics up. For all your Canadian fic needs.


Aug. 11th, 2006 03:40 pm
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I feel the need to rec the cuteness that is (Insert your own title here).

It's written for [ profile] ds_flashfiction, for a badfic prompt, but it's just hilariously adorable. Teenage!RayK, RayV and Benton, writing notes back and forth in highschool. It's all very dorky, and sweet and the letters are really well done, graphically. I particularl like the one with cheetos.

Go read!
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I really, really want someone to write a story about how Ray and Fraser end up going to the movies with Thatcher and Turnbull in the beginning of Say Amen. Because you know there's a story there.

Also, despite what this icon may indicate to some, I'm still a Manchester fan. I just like the song.
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God. Ray, baby, I love you a whole lot.

The ending. I think the ending *broke* me. It's not even that sad, it's just Fraser looks so, so lonely, particularly after Bob and Fraser's conversation about lonliness, where it's so obvious that Fraser really is terrified he'll end up lonely the rest of his days, and then Ray is *there*, being exactly what Fraser needs right then. The way Ray just...Look, it's not like it's a whole big thing, but Ray just picks up on Fraser's mood, and the way he says, "it'll be alright", in this really, really lovely, concerned voice, coupled with the hand on Fraser's back is just exactly the kind of understated *love* that was necessary for the end of the episode.

And yeah, I don't care, call it friendship, call it big epic romance, Ray loves Fraser. I'm not even sure he's aware of it at that point (Fraser is certainly aware of the strength of his friendship with Ray, though I don't think he knows how much he needs Ray yet), but it's *there*. Right there, in the end of the episode.

And I'm not creating a timeline of Ray/Fraser. I'm really not.

I'm also not turning [ profile] lattara's drabble request into a big, long, sappy story with femslashy undertones. Because that would be weird.

I mean. I'm hardly in fandom any more. *shifty eyes*
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I think part of my completely irrational love of Dr. Longball is due to the fact that it's Welsh, and I may love Welsh just a little bit, because he's completely made of awesome. Seriously, Welsh makes me happy, in all his grumpy, snarky, sarcastic, worn-out, irritated glory. As does Dr. Longball EVEN THOUGH IT'S UTTERLY POINTLESS. I mean. Ray in a poncho and in a baseball uniform. BASEBALL. The damn doppelgangers, which just leaves a WIDE OPEN SPACE for crossover potential with Wilby Wonderful. Then there's Thatcher's double hitting on the nearly naked Ray (a bonus in and of itself), and Thatcher's double is just hottest thing ever. Did I mention the baseball uniform? And the fact that Turnbull's doppelganger is totally cruising Ray? And that Ray and Fraser have a conversation about baseball? And that it fills me with GLEE?

The whole stupid episode makes me happy. I mean. It's not a big emotional episode. Or a big slashy one. Or a super-interesting one. But the GLEE.

Also the team in question is called the Hawkeyes, and it's totally a shout-out.

My Top Five Due South Episodes )

FANDOM OF JOY, people! Of GLEE! In conclusion: Yay! Also, perhaps, that I should not be allowed to post after 11 pm.
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Okay. Here's the thing:

I really, really like Francesca. She's such a funny, sweet character, and I love her subplot in Odds, how serious she is about the academy thing. But in the fandom I haven't stumbled upon a lot of fic concerned solely with her.

However, the two fics I have found are beautiful.

My favourite is A Glorious Revolution for a number of reasons, the obvious one being it's femslash. The other being that it's a wonderful, amazing portrait of Frannie; it let's her be her weird, confident, ditzy self and, at the same time, shows her as this vunerable woman who wants to be loved, who wants to be happy. The pairing is Frannie/Maggie, and the author does a wonderful job of showing us how the two women come to fall in love in a very natural way, so natural that you have no problem believing it.

Then there's An Officer and a Gentleman, a Welsh/Frannie fic that just *works*. It builds slowly, lets the relationship develop, and illustrates how Frannie and Welsh both have changed since COTW, and how they've remained the same. The Frannie in this one is a grown-up woman, but she still has Frannie's vunerability and quirkiness. It also manages a balance between humour and poignancy, which is really moving. And then it has lines like this: he was handsome, kind, good with kids, and Italian. Furthermore, he showed no signs of being unduly attached to any of his male friends.

She paid attention to that now.

ETA: Bonus [ profile] ds_flashfiction rec: International Woman of Mystery - Frannie meets someone familiar in London.
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Every time I watch Call of the Wild and it gets to the part where Fraser blows Vecchio's cover completely out of the water and RayK just *breaks* - I lose it. I start whimpering. And Fraser - Fraser's an idiot. I love the guy, but he's an *idiot*, because he doesn't get it.

Or at least, he doesn't get it until the whole "if you'll have me" part, but still. Fraser! Attention! It's a good thing. I know your world's going all weird and pearshaped as well, but still.

And the whimpering lasts until Ray and Ray's little discussion, and then the whimpers come right back when Dead!Bob says goodbye, because this episode just hits all my emotional kinks - not knowing who you are, partners, love, child-parent-relationship and it's funny to boot, and it just *gets* to me.

Speaking of things that get to me: Eight Weeks - Because it's Ray's mother, picking up on clues to the new woman in her baby's life through his laundry. It's extremely well written, a third person veiw on a relationship (which makes me happy), and just beautiful.

Ray had done his own laundry.

Except he hadn’t, because he hadn’t washed his clothes, only his sheets.


He hadn’t done that since he’d been a teenager, having wet dreams over Stella…


ETA: Dolphin boy? Hee!
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I would appear I have a suspender kink.

And a women-in-long-johns-kink.

And, best of all, a jealous Ray kink.

All is good here in the due South fandom, I think.

ETA: Well, fuck *me*. Jealous, protective, caring Ray with a huge crush? Such a fucking kink. And the way Fraser looks at him? Well, scrape me off the floor.
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So I've been reading Discworld today, or rather, I've read Men at Arms and Feet of Clay and for whatever reason I now want to write Ray-is-a-werewolf-fic. Oh c'mon - Carrot and Fraser? Tell me you don't see the parrallels. The voice, the ability to convince everyone of everything, the obliviousness?

Also, Ray would be an awesome werewolf. Stop staring at me like that.

It's possible that I'm still suffering from trauma related to yesterday's shopping trip. I really shouldn't go shopping when I *know* what I want, because then I won't go home until I've got it, which results in me wandering to-and-fro in Copenhagen for six hours, chasing after a pair of jeans (strangely the easiest thing to find - and I never find nice jeans), a bra (which amoung other fun things got me a run-in with H&M's assistants. "Do you have this bra in [size]?" [disbelieving gaze] "Noo - I'm sorry, but a girl of your...size...should perhaps look somewhere else." Well fuck her, because I did finally find a bra.), a pair of sandals (and why in hell am I suddenly a size 39 when usually I'm a 41?), two very nice shirts (yeah for flowy shirts!) and gifts.

Six hours. Six hours. I almost had a breakdown in Magasin (a department store); Celine Dion alternating with techno, eight million women looking for shoes, jeans, dresses etcetera at cheapest possible price, with humid warmth clinging to everything and one dressing room to share - at one point, sitting down, drinking some water and turning up Keeping the Faith on my iPod became nessecary so I didn't either breakdown or start yelling.

But I was successful and buying shoes was an experience - apparently the newest fashion is shoes-to-invade-Troy-in. I wish I'd brought my camera, because seriously, these shoes, sandals with thick straps, sort of like these. I was weirdly tempted to buy them, except sanity took over and reminded me that I wanted shoes I'd actually wear. But the sandals-for-invading-Troy were an experience.

And now I'm off to watch some Due South before I go to bed. Driving test tomorrow. Cross your fingers for me.
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I. There are no words.

This is pure, cracked-out brilliance. Seriously. Sound of Music crossovers should be absolutely mandatory for every fandom.
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Two very short notices:

1. Christina, you are the best. Thank you very much for the gift - I look forward to reading it! *snuggles you*

2. Also? Likewise made me cry. I'm not quite sure why, exactly, but I do know that it's just the thing if you've boiled over on exams and need something sweet and just *right* to keep you going. F/RK, dS (a new fandom? Why yes. *hits head continually on walls*)


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