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Three crying jags at work is NOT ON, hormones. And I am choosing to blame this on hormones and possibly the beginning (or end - it would kind of explain the past three months, fucking hell) of a mini depression. It is certainly not a reaction to the fact that Gem has to work back at her parents' three more days than she said, because that is so incredibly ridiculous and I am so fucking tired of being exhausted and sad all the time, you guys. I get annoyed and angry at the stupidest things and getting up to go to work seems like the worst thing in the world. And it's not on and needs to stop.

So! In an attempt to focus on things that are good:


This song. More Bruce Springsteen for great justice.

2. Gem and I went to see Wall-E. I can't even begin to tell you how happy making it is. Seriously. *hands madly* It manages to be even better than Ratatouille and the scene where Wall-E and EVE play around in space in THE BEST SCENE EVER THE END.

(However, possibly best seen with someone to cuddle/hold hands with. Because you will want to hug someone to share the immense GLEE you will experience)

3. Uh...Oh! I've ordered Persepolis and Spaced, the first of which I've wanted to see forever and a day, but due to living in the stupidest excuse for a big city ever, have been unable to and the second of which features Jessica Stevenson and Simon Pegg and pop culture references. Score.

4. I am madly, stupidly addicted to the Anne of Green Gables series right now. It's fun and easy and happy and just what I need. Sadly, I've read the first two and managed to mess up my order so I now have book four and five, but not three. NO MATTER! I have ordered Anne of the Island and soon all will be well.

5. I have sweet potatoes soup bubbling in the kitchen. I have missed cooking soups and stews.
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So, I was browsing today in my favourite bookshop and stumbled across this. I promptly dragged it (it's huge and has a slip-cover and is hardback and, you guys, seriously) over to the in-store coffee shop and started browsing. And man, it's beautiful, it really is. So many pictures, and so many old pictures (it kind of weirds me out how nice Steven looks with long hair. Also how much Bruce occasionally looks like a woman). And it's full of quotes, including one which almost exactly echoes a sentence in the story I've been writing. This amuses me way too much.

(I may have sort of bought the book. From Amazon, of course - in the bookshop it was 469 kr, and I do not have that kind of money for a book. Still. On one hand, unnecessary purchase. On the other hand, pictures! And fold-outs. I'm a little bit in love)

Speaking of things that amuse me, incidentally, I've spent a more-than-sensible amount of time pondering whether any of Bruce's performances made onto TV in the 70s/80s and if so, did the kiss with Clarence make it on, and if so would that be the first instance of a m/m interracial kiss on American TV? This is totally a valid point to think about, I feel.

Also! At the bookstore, I did end up buying The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck, which I read this afternoon - I've read a couple of the chapter before in the Donald Duck comics (I may be wrong, but I think the whole thing was serialized in Denmark in 1997 during one of the anniversaries), but it was brilliant to read through it all at once and see it unfold properly. It really is an amazing piece of work and hugely entertaining, and it freaks me out a little how connected I am to these characters, you know? Like, I was picking up on all the stupid in-jokes and recognizing characters before they were identified. And it was emotional - I got a little choked up when Scrooge leaves Scotland for Duckburg, and also when the family storms out (of course, then there's the whole Donald thing, which. DONALD!).

Also, how awesome is Hortense? She's not a character with a lot of page-time, but she's such a character, I was incredibly endeared to her from the start. And she kicks ass! She's totally almost-scarier than Scrooge himself (or Buck. Snerk). And of course, Huey, Dewey and Louie at the end are ace.

Both this and the immense amount of Springsteen I'm listening to had got me thinking about American identity, which has got me reading A Home at the End of the World and thinking about identification in that. Which means - drum roll, please - I have started my dissertation! This is exciting for me.

ETA: I am ridiculously endeared by this one moment during The Rising tour DVD during Ramrod, when Bruce is being a total dork and Steven just looks at Patti like, he's your husband. It makes me laugh, don't judge me.
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We're having a weird summer period here; it's incredibly hot and humid - perfect for sitting in the park and reading. Which I didn't do today, sadly; I did gain a top score of 191 in Wii bowling, cook Gemma lunch and do two hours of revision though, so my day wasn't completely wasted.

It's been such a ridiculous week - I've been having mood swings all over the place and unable to be happy for more than an hour or so at a time, even though there's nothing specific to be sad about. Work is dull and repetitive; my academic life is currently making me less happy than it normally does; I still haven't finished Critical Theory and I need to start revising for exams. But I've dealt with this before, and - crucially - none of these things are immediately stressing me out. And yet, I'm just - not happy. It may just be a crash period, of course - it feels like it's been ages since I've had one - but that's just a new level of annoyance, because I don't know how to make them stop, all I can do is wait it out. Or possibly it's just a cycle of sadness.

Oddly enough, in my current state this clip is making me very happy:

From Latter Days. Plot lines spoilers.

Not the entire thing, of course (I am not actually a horrible person), but just his smile at about 0:40-0:51; that sense of *happiness* despite everything that's happened to him just does something to me. (Incidentally, I very much recommend the film; I watched it at least partially to satisfy my 'religion vs. love' interest and it definitely deals with that - and quite well, if not entirely to my liking, but that's a different kettle of fish - but it also has some rather lovely supporting characters. And hot sex! So, there's that.)

Speaking of films, I watched Enchanted last night and wasn't as charmed as I expected to be, which makes me sad, because it felt like I should love it - all the other Disney geeks I know adored it. And I can see why, I really can, but there was part of me that kept going "But that's not what my Disney was." I think, in the end, it's a homage and pastiche based on the Disney films of the creators' generation rather than mine, and I wasn't expecting that. It is a sweet film with many redeeming qualities (and some really catchy tunes), but, you know, it wasn't my Disney.
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Q: Is there anything better than new books?

A: Time to read said new books, preferably with coffee, a blanket and Gemma.

In a fit of possibly Valentine's Day related madness, or possibly just plain madness, I bought myself Un Lun Dun which I've wanted for maybe six months now, and features sentient umbrellas and Cloud Atlas maybe possibly mostly for its cover and the way Gemma looked and me when she found it and said, 'you'll love this book.' (One does not doubt the Gemma when she makes these pronouncements. She is always right.) And then today, my books for uni arrived - Robinson Crusoe, Gulliver's Travels and Evelina, all for six pounds (yay for Penquin recyclables.)

Of course, I have to read Crusoe by Thursday, I still haven't really started my passage analysis (two pages of handwritten notes does not equal a coherent piece of work, self!) and the language part of my critical theory module is fascinating, but hardly something you can half-ass (if you look very closely, children, you can see the exact moment when trying to describe words using words makes Chris's head explode!) so I need to focus on that (and not think about Bahktin and The Realm of Possibility, because any analysis of that book will only end in tears) and I'm currently writing three things as well as trying to edit two stories.

This really should be more stressful than it is. Life really is kind of awesome.

Also, I watched Ratatouille with Gemma last night, and the ending is pure distilled joy in DVD form. I'm still all a-glee. Oh, Paris!
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I always love when I'm not alone in my madness. Particularly when someone as cool as [ profile] trollprincess joins in the madness. Except now I'm craving fic (except what could be better than the story line, I ask you? Except smut? Maybe?) and possibly to actually be able to watch more than just YouTube clips. Except I'm already way, way too lame - I don't think adding 'soap-opera viewer' to my list of personality traits is going to help me any.

Except this story line is made of AWESOME. Woe.

You know what else is made of awesome? My new moodtheme, by [ profile] feelingalittle. Yay, Bruce! I particularly like the mood icon for touched, though, look at how cute they are. *squishes*

Also awesome? The fact that I am going to see Ratatouille tonight! I haven't been to see a proper animated film in ages upon ages - I can't even remember what the last one was. And I've been so disappointed lately, and I've missed it - missed the glee I get out of it, so I'm both excited and worried it's not going to be any good. And a little ashamed of being such a huge, huge dork about it.

Still awesome also is Natalie and Dana's friendship on Sports Night. My girls!

Now, if you'll excuse me, this room isn't going to hoover itself.
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I don't really mention it often enough, but real animated movies like they made 'em when I was a kid are the best things ever!

(No, I have not been watching Disney movies all night. I have no clue what you're talking about.)
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Hello, and thank you for your patience during the hiatus. We now return you to your regularly scheduled 4th season.

Oh, and for reasons unknown to even the author, this is done in titles; however, you will not notice a single LJ cut.

Various and assorted asides pertaining to my vacation, fandom and politics

Notes regarding politics (and a diverse range of one franchise)

Bear in mind that these were written by a girl zonked out on painkillers, gatorade and quite possibly too little sleep. Also, that I am quite possibly the least objective person in the known universe. And my family isn't a tch better.

I hate that people seem to regard being Liberal as a bad, bad thing. Because, would we actually go anywhere if the whole world were Conservative?

I don't understand why people prefer Edwards. I love Kerry, from the few interveiws and clips I saw while over there (in between the terrifying amount of Law and Order I watched while ill; as it happens, everyone on SVU is either attractive, terrifyingly awesome or both, but on CI the protagonist (who's name I forget because well, painkillers) is the most irritating, arrogant, pissannoying man known to the world. And to top it off he's ugly too. But SVU? Marvellous show. They should show it here. At other times than 4 am or whenever)...errr, point, point? Right, Kerry. I like Kerry. I find him intelligent, committed, rather dry and sweet. Edwards speaking gives me the jeebies. He's nice-looking, nice-sounding and I like his stance on various issues, but when asked he evades answering and sounds just a little too smooth sometimes. Though he is cute.

Bush is annoying, asshat-ish and a complete prat in all other ways as well, but his ending at the debate, when he talked about his family? Made him seem more real, more sympathetic than anything else I've seen him do, ever. None-the-less, he's an idiot and needs to stop harping on education when he underfunded the NCLB-act. And no, wanting more money for schools doesn't make you screamingly liberal. Moron.

The comment about Kerry-voters being queers, communists and terrorists (what's the name of the guy who made that comment?), while very amusing, obviously comes from someone listening to the Jerry Falwell school of McCarthyism for the 21st century. At least it makes Republicans look rather bad.

Which, by the way, was another thing I was going to note: 'How to talk to liberals if you must' (Ann Coulter) is possibly the most idiotic thing I've heard of. I'm wildly, passionately liberal, but I still realize that Republicans aren't all the anti-Christ (They cannot all be Rupert Murdoch, after all) and I don't mind talking with them. Hell, some of my best friends are Republican! (Ed note: Not really true, but my gran is married to one, and Meredith is dating one. So maybe by proxy).

Random Encounters

I got into a friendly arguement with a cab driver, who said the gap between my teeth was sexy, over the politics of George Bush. He was totally sweet, took half of the fee off when he heard I was a student, offered me a free cab ride if I ever came back to Washington, very corteous. And no, he wasn't trying to put moves on me; he was much older than me and wearing a wedding ring.

On the train down to Va. I talked to this kid, my age, who talked some serious shit and then got into a conversation with a man about principles, that ended with him telling me that we are in end times. It was all fun and rather good opportunity to people-study, but I don't think I'll be taking Amtrak anymore. Because the last half hour where the kid kept propostioning me was way strange.

Why Disney is Still the Coolest Thing Ever

Because their new ride, 'Mickey's PhilharMagic'almost made me cry. It's one of their 3D gimmicks, involving various Disney songs, including songs from The Little Mermaid, Aladin, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and Fantasia. I don't know why, it just made me think about the movies, and when I was younger, and England and just sigh.

Disney also rocks because they sold me my adorable Kermit the Frog doll (Be afraid Sofie, be very afraid).

Why I Suck

I didn't tell Meredith about Freya or my sexuality, despite having multiple chances to do so. Yeah. Instead I regaled her with tales of my ongoing Alan Alda thing which she (strangely) supported. My weirdness is starting to spread.

Fun in Small Town, USA

There was a Seafood Fest while I was in town. In our small, vair, vair conservative town. I lent Meredith my Kerry/Edwards pin, wore my own Friends don't let Friend Vote Republican one, and then we went to the fest, headed straight for the Kerry/Edwards booth, donated two dollars each and received stickers and more pins.

I may have just been imagining the look of outrage on peoples faces. Probably not though.

Why You Should Go See 'Shall We Dance'

It has Susan Saradon and Richard Gere. This alone should make you want to see it. However, if it doesn't? The storyline is decent, the romance and, somehow, honesty of the relationship, coupled with the dancing makes for a good, romantic, sweet time. Plus it's established relationship-bringing-back-the-happy-we-still-love-each-other kind of sweet movie that I adore. Too many people make movies about young people falling in love, or older people falling out of love.

Also, cute gay subplot ahoy!

Why the New York Times Rocks More than You

Because, while commenting on the vortex that is the current West Wing, they slipped in this offhand comment: will the love between Leo and the president ever be consummated?

It's official and everything! Hee! (This made me crave West Wing, of which I watched some of the older (s1) episodes while in America, so I put on ItSoTGM. So much adoration and love and dear God, why isnt this reality?)
Complete Article

Why I Should Possibly Consider English as a Major

Had a minor fit in Planet Hollywood when [1]They didn't bother to capitalize Indiana Jones on the big screen and [2] I realized that the menu said Planet Hollywoods Famous Fajitas. Seeing that missing apostrophe? See it?

My dad then went on to completely mispronounce fajta and quesadilla.

Random Endnotes and Recs

My girlfriend is an exquiste, intelligent, amazing, snarky, wonderful, adorable person, and I don't tell her that enough.

You all rock. Just so's you know.

There is not enough Trapper/Hawkeye in this world, and now there is even less since Anne Marsh is down again. *sniffles* This is very cruel, and therefore all of you should rec me stuff.

Tonight I am going to a birthday for someone I don't particularly like. I am mostly doing it because it's an opportunity to excersize my willpower. Also because I couldn't think up a good excuse fast enough.

I have way, way too many books, in-so-far that I've had to put all my new ones (all 15 of them) in my suitcase because there is *no* room anywhere else. However, I won't stop buying them anytime soon.

I am the owner of a fedora. Joy!!

The Red Sox beat the Yankees and there was much rejoicing.

And there was much rejoicing.

And then there was even more rejoicing, because, hey, the Red Sox beat the Yankees.

Reccage (which sound like wreckage when pronounced. Coincidence? I think not!)

Sherlock Holmes:

This isn't a completely new fandom for me (it's quite possibly The Oldest Fandom in exsistence); boredom drew me in this summer. However, it has now appeared on [ profile] crack_van and there was much rejoicing.

My first rec has lovely Holmes/Watson slash, wonderful characterization and what might just be the best written femslash sex scene. It's so sweet, descriptive, wonderfully hot and it just feels *right* because it perfectly describes the sensations.

It also has romance, intrigue, plot, Victorian history and perhaps best of all - it has Oscar Wilde.

An Ideal Husband by Irene Adler

My second to put this? It has Holmes disguising himself from Watson as a way of amusing himself during a slow period. But it's much more complex than that because Watson knows. And it's excellent. And sexy. Dear God, it's sexy.

The Maiden Voyage of the Tiresias

The Sentinel:

I've always largely ignored The Sentinel - it's a difficult fandom to access from here, having no DVD's, the show is never shown on Danish televsison and it's undownloadable. However, yesterday I had a craving for slash (well, you try to cope with only 3 fics, see how you do) and The Sentinel was there.

And now I'm sucked in.

The first story is just hot. Possibly hott. But don't just take my word for it, go here to see what various other people have said (my personal favorite is [ profile] gothphyle's comment: -- Asbestos underwear couldn't survive the melting inferno that is "Out of Whack".

Out of Whack truly is hot, but it's also sweet, adorable and awkward.

This story amuses me, but it's also very down-to-earth and sweet in it's innocence(ish). It has adorable, lovable characters, humour and sweetness. Go read.


Okay, I am done. I think. Though all of you should go download 'Hurricane Eye' by Paul Simon and 'Something so Right' same guy. They're both just amazing.

I really am done. Swear.


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