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1. I just had the most ridiculous Easter lunch where, among other things, my cousin tried to drink his own weight in beer to prove that my dad had bought too little (...I know), my brother discussed intimate hair-dos, my uncle decided to declare he's a lesbian, I held a mini-lecture on the uselessness of Derrida, and we concluded that the global finacial crisis is nothing compared to the past couple of seasons for my brothers' football team.

Please tell me that this isn't just my family?

Oh, and we also discussed racism in Disney movies.

2. I keep having World War I related dreams. Not only have I had Siegfried Sassoon's shell-shock dreams (which is awkward enough), but I keep dreaming about trenches and Very lights. I haven't even started my essay for The Great War yet. This, I feel, is not promising.

2a. I have been scribbling notes for my essay everywhere though, and am beginning to regret only have 5000 words for this.

2b. Oh, I went to Dublin with Gemma (which was amazing - good Lord, Irish food!) and we stumbled over the most brilliantly twisty little bargain bookstore right near the university. We were both utterly enamoured of it anyway - and that was before I accidently knocked into a bookshelf and a biography of Sassoon dropped onto my foot - for 5 euros. Now we think it may be a magic bookshop, and wish we'd thought to want the entire Discworld series in hardback (though arguably that would have pushed us over our baggage limit).

3. In an effort to not do any useful work, I am currently working my way through the Tintin series (this is...somehow relevant. Or it will be, since I've managed to get just about everything else I've read and watched recently to be at least vaguely related to World War I - something of a task when it comes to Discworld, but hey, I manage). Naturally, this means that I am also sticking my toe into the fandom, which has fabulous things like this article and this, Ulysses, which is kind of amazing. It's not a big fandom, but hey, the old comics are brilliant enough on their own. Still: oh, internets.

3a. Hey, speaking of fandom, how much do I love that "Mads og Monopolet" (a Danish radio show) had a discussion about Harry Potter slash, wherein all of the commentators were totally awesome about it, and said it seemed like a creative and fulfilling hobby. THIS IS WHY DANISH RADIO IS FOR THE WIN, people. Also, because they discussed porn-for-women, and the brilliance of written porn. ♥

4. I've got the door open, Aerosmith up loud and no one else home. \o/ It's almost summer, you guys!

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Date: 2009-04-09 07:41 pm (UTC)
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1. I think this is only your family, as mine has had no Easter lunch yet. And is not currently suffering from any mental illnesses or concussions that would explain it.


3. I don't know if I should show this article to my cousin, who is a big Tintin fan. I'm not quite sure how he'd take it. :) But seriously funny and awesome. Dude, you have the best links. ♥


4. I know. *twirls* I want to put on a dress and be *pretty*.

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Date: 2009-04-09 08:13 pm (UTC)
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1. I had my suspicions. *nods solemnly*

2b. I WILL. You should go to Dublin any way, t'is fab. There was also a bookstore called "The Winding Stair", which sold gorgeous big print children's books and had an antique gramaphone playing classical music. DO WANT.

3. Probably...not. Some of the responses I've seen from hardcore Tintin fans were...messy. I think there's something about childhood heroes for a lot of people - I have sort of the same response to Lost Girls. Hmm. It is very, very funny though. Particularly about the Catholic thing.

3a. Dude, dowload it! It's part of the highlights episode - uge 25 21-06-08 on iTunes. So funny. (In fact, I recommend the podcast in general.)

4. Me too! In fact, I did. (yay, spots!)

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Date: 2009-04-09 08:38 pm (UTC)
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1. I know, I'm not telling you anything new. ;)

2b. *grabbyhands*

3. I suspected as much. My cousin has a weird sense of humour, though, but I'm unsure of how much humour he'd be able to view the situation with, eapecially since I'm unsure if it's a childhood thing or something else for him.

3a. Downloaded! Although listening will have to wait.

4. Why, hello there, little miss Pretty as a Picture! *twirls you*


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