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For a in many ways bad day, today really made me realize how much I love my department and my university and my stupid lecturers. I (somewhat inevitably) ended up crying in my seminar today, and so my lecturer (awkwardly, my favourite lecturer ever, who was my first tutor in first year) pulled me aside, and basically did everything he could to make life easier for me - he gave me an extension on my essay, told me not to worry about falling behind on reading, and assured me that I could catch up - and then he basically all but ordered me to seek help, and reccomended me a doctor. And it was just so stupidly nice to have an adult telling me that I'd be okay; I really appreciate the support I get from my friends and all, but it's different having an adult tell you these things.

So now I'm embaressed that I cried in front of a lecturer, and yet oddly happy, because, well, my university is lovely.

(And today I really wanted to talk about the awesome that is Being Human and the comfort food that is Star Trek, but instead, have more of my crazy!)
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