Dec. 30th, 2008

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Where's my DVD, Amazon? I was promised a DVD today, and I upheld my part of the cosmic bargain - 5219 words, baby - and now I want my boykissing. NOT ON AMAZON!

Speaking of my dissertation - it's still sans conclusion, which is fun. I figure it's easier to edit first and then, when I'm really sure of what I've actually written, my conclusion will be easier to write. Right? Someone back me up here? I am a bit worried that I will have to lose something important to make room for my conclusion - or, rather, I'll have to lose one of my pet points. Or some of the theory - I love all my stupid sociology notes.

However! Today I have to entertain R (and possibly cook dinner, which seems like a lot of work right now) and then tomorrow's New Years, so unless I burn the midnight oil again like last night, I won't be doing any work until the 2nd. Hmm.

Now! To email Newcastle and ask if an English degree is good enough to do gender studies. Busy busy, people!
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This quote is just. It's about Steven and Bruce and I'm sitting here with the biggest stupidest grin on my face because THIS. THIS IS SO WHAT THEY ARE.

i. I made this icon a few days ago, and it might have to become my new default. That is how much I love it. Their stupid faces, you guys! I just. They are vital members of a legendary rock band, and they are both fifty-something, and they are also a couple of sparkly "BFF" necklaces away from being a pair of thirteen-year-old girls.

ii. I think my personal canon is now that they're both wearing said necklaces under their shirts. Bruce bought them, obviously.

From here

(and now I must go warm up by dancing around to Bruce Springsteen turned up way high.)

ETA: AHAHAHAHAHA! See also this performance of "Thunder Road", where, after the kiss at the end, he pumps his fist in a sort of "GO TEAM INTERRACIAL HOMOGAY ROCKSTARS! :D"
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